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Borderlands: Unconquered

General Info

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AuthorJohn Shirley
GenresScience fiction
Book NameBorderlands: Unconquered
PublisherGallery Books
Release Date2012-09-25
Number of Pages352
Original TitleBorderlands: Unconquered
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.simonandschusterpublishing.com/gallery-books.html
Borderlands: Unconquered is a thrilling adventure set in the anarchic world of the legendary Borderlands video game series. This story of courage and determination takes us through a space where danger lurks around every corner of the otherworldly wasteland of Pandora. Filled with quirky characters, wit, wild creatures, and plenty of loot, the story captures the essence of the Borderlands universe. Our heroes face ruthless marauders and deadly creatures as they battle power-hungry corporations to uncover the riches hidden in Pandora's heart. Saga is a thrill ride with twists, intense combat, drama and hyper-turbo action. For fans of the Borderlands games and those who enjoy an intense and action-packed story, Borderlands: Unconquered is sure to please. Prepare to journey through Pandora, where chaos reigns and heroes are formed in the face of adversity.


"Borderlands: Unconquered" is a fascinating story about the merciless and chaotic world of Pandora. The storyline triumphantly highlights the unique blend of humor and horror that Borderlands is known for. Charting a harrowing path through the wastelands, the book follows a group of intrepid bounty hunters as they face relentless challenges to track down an often elusive and terrifyingly powerful alien species: the Skags.
When Pandora seems to run out of surprises, the planet reveals hidden and undisturbed sectors full of dangerous aliens and terrifying secrets. The book captivates the reader by painting vivid portraits of courageously flawed characters, complemented by carefully woven suspense and high-stakes adventure. Borderlands: Unconquered offers a new interpretation of Pandora's unique landscape, shifting shape between an unforgiving battlefield and a planet waiting to be discovered. The story is an intriguing mix of deliberate strategy, unpredictable skirmishes, and unexpected friendships that grow amidst the chaos.
Witness the unfathomable dimensions of Pandora in this fiery tale where survival is a treacherous game played only by the invincible. Expect the unexpected and get ready for an exciting journey through the dystopian and eccentric world of Borderlands.


Borderlands: Unconquered explores the wild chaos that engulfs the borderland of Pandora. Our protagonist, Roland, and his crew of tough and adaptable people must face internal and external elements in order to survive. Vividly depicting the planet's unparalleled wildlife and ruthless pirate-like inhabitants, the book unfolds on an adventure that is terrifying and unforgettable.
As Roland's team tries to deal with the daily dangers of Pandora, they find themselves embroiled in an evil corporation bent on exploiting the planet's resources. The plot thickens when they learn that this company has no qualms about destroying anyone or anything that stands in their way to resource dominance. Roland and our team of vault hunters are tenacious warriors, resourceful to the core. The events of the story reveal the dark and witty sides of these characters, revealing their deepest fears and unparalleled strengths.
Battling the relentless terrain of an enraged Pandora, wild creatures, reckless criminals and cold-blooded, impersonal corporatism is no small feat. However, Roland's team manages to overcome it all and leave a mark on the harsh landscapes of Pandora.
Borderlands: Unconquered weaves a story of courage, perseverance and survival. Each chapter reveals the high challenges of frontier life and introduces readers to a chaotic, action-packed world where trust is rare and survival is an achievement. It is a biting picture of the love of freedom and the efforts of people and communities to defend their homes.


Set in Borderlands: Unconquered, the Expansion novel delves into the wild and fascinating universe known as the Borderlands. The book aims to expand the story of the game series and provide more context and background to the events that have become beloved by gamers around the world. Immersion in a world of lawlessness is achieved through impeccable writing and attention to detail.
As with the Borderlands games, the book leaves no stone unturned and explores the various factions, characters, and locations that are hotbeds of chaos and opportunity in the universe. Author John Shirley has a lot of work to do to translate the game's fast-paced energy and expansive world into the written word. But with his knack for creating vivid scenes and creating complex plots, he is definitely up to the task.
Shirley manages to keep the essence of Borderland and deliver a story filled with the action, drama and humor that the franchise is known for. We see it in the shootouts, the tension behind every deal, and the absurd situations that characterize Borderlands.
Despite its radically new format, Borderlands: Unconquered remains true to authenticity, preserving everything from the game, including massive weaponry, terrifying creatures, various outlaw clans, and iconic characters. It's a painstaking process that ensures the book stays true to the story while the franchise keeps the narrative fresh. But this painstaking creation process is well worth the effort, and the result is a truly compelling piece of literature that immerses the reader in the heart of Borderlands. With this narrative triumph, the Borderlands franchise remains unbeatable in literary adventure.


Borderlands: Unconquered is an exciting dive into the heart of the Borderlands universe, an uncharted realm full of unique characters, dangerous creatures and untold stories. Set against the harsh and unforgiving walls of Pandora, this gripping tale tells the thrilling exploits of four tenacious Vault Hunters.
Unconquered is not only an exploration of the landscapes of the Frontier, but also an in-depth study of the psyche of its inhabitants. The plot is infused with dark humor and rich character that will appeal to both die-hard fans of the Borderlands franchise and newcomers alike. A clever mix of action and suspense allows readers to experience the thrill of each adrenaline-pumping encounter and the fear of impending danger.
The story immerses the reader from the very beginning, skillfully weaving together the stories of the rough-hewn inhabitants of the planet and their constant search for the legendary Vault. The Vault Hunters - Lilith, Roland, Mordecai and Brick - are beautifully drawn in all their rugged glory. Every fight they engage in, every situation they face is covered in narrative depth and tension. Their sole purpose - to remain unconquered in a world that is a perfect breeding ground for rivals - is the basis of the story.
The writers effectively capture the unique tone of the Borderlands franchise, giving the characters a depth often lacking in game-related fiction. The book is visually liberating, and as you read it you can almost experience the desolate expanse of Pandora, hearing the battle cries and watching the fiery volley of gunfire. Borderlands: Unconquered is a unique storytelling experience that deserves a place in the library of not only game lovers, but also those who appreciate well-written science fiction. It's a testament to the enduring charisma of the Borderlands franchise and an exciting new chapter in a rich tradition.


"The Release" is an exciting segment in Borderlands: Unconquered. Set in the wild universe of the infamous Borderlands game franchise, this novel takes its readers on a thrilling rollercoaster ride of intense battles, unimaginable horrors, and incredible discoveries on the dangerous alien-infested planet of Pandora.
Release introduces a dangerous new dimension to the multi-layered story, creating an increasingly immersive atmosphere of tension and anticipation. The talented author John Shirley masterfully creates a vivid picture of this dystopian world, its treacherous inhabitants and the brutal reality that our characters face. His intense action sequences combined with moments of unexpected humor and good-natured camaraderie leave the reader hooked and wanting more. In this part of the book, the determined heroes prepare for an epic showdown with their nefarious enemies. Struggling with their personal pasts and the inhospitable environment, the protagonists prepare for a confrontation that will leave a mark on Pandora's history. Their resilience against unimaginable odds highlights the spirit of survival and resilience, showing the essence of the human determination to thrive against all odds.
Launch is a segment where relationships are tested, battles are fought, secrets are discovered, and heroes show up in the most unlikely of ways, leaving readers in suspense. For those steeped in the history of the Borderlands universe, Release offers an exhilaratingly wildly entertaining dive into an immersive dimension of this complex and relentlessly chaotic world.


The Borderlands: Unconquered book was a definite hit among fans of the Borderlands video game franchise. The release was met with excitement as it finally gave fans a chance to dive deeper into the wonderful world they've grown to love.
The book's strength lies not only in its faithful depiction of the Borderlands universe, but also in its solid production. Readers loved the nuanced portrayal of Salvador, a character familiar from Borderlands 2, and appreciated how the book managed to capture his raw strength and brave attitude while peeling back the layers to reveal a complex personality.
Additionally, the book's plot has been praised as an emotional journey that never loses its grip on readers. He takes them into a whirlwind of intrigue, battles and unexpected revelations that put them in their place. But the unexpected depth and rich world-building really set it apart. It not only expands on the existing story, but also introduces new elements that add even more intrigue to the Borderlands universe.
Despite being written for a video game franchise, it is an amazing work of science fiction in its own right. It's a great introduction for those unfamiliar with the franchise, while also offering something new and exciting for veteran fans. In short, Borderlands: Unconquered effortlessly captures the essence of the Borderlands universe, making it a must-read for any fan of the franchise and a pleasant surprise for sci-fi readers in general.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Borderlands: Unconquered is surprisingly impressive considering its universe's origin in the gaming world. This sci-fi novel transcends cultural barriers and offers plenty of the sermons, camaraderie, and dark humor that the Borderlands franchise is known for, appealing to many readers.
The book's colorful characters reflect the eccentricities of the game's characters, each with a unique story, strength, and humor that challenge each other and build relationships in ways that resonate with readers from all walks of life. Stretching the boundaries between the absurd and the heartfelt, Borderlands: Unconquered captures the essence of what makes the Borderlands universe fascinating: the complex relationships in a fractured world.
Drawing on and building on existing knowledge of the Borderlands universe, it bridges the gap between sci-fi gamers and readers, creating common ground for fans of both mediums. This expanded the influence of Borderlands' story beyond the confines of gaming, inviting a wider audience into the unique universe.
There's also a comedic take on the dark subject matter, which is an important aspect of the Borderlands brand. With themes of survival, sacrifice and chaos, the book uses humor as a key coping mechanism, a refreshingly relatable approach that humanizes the wastelands of Pandora. The book, like the games, despite the difficulties, embraces the chaos with a smile, adding a connection to readers of all ages.
The cultural resonance of Borderlands: Unconquered extends beyond the pages. It illustrates how a video game universe can successfully transition into another medium without compromising its humor, character diversity, and complex relationships. In doing so, it unites disparate fan groups and reaffirms the importance and impact of video games on popular culture.