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Dragon's Valley

General Info

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Faction NameDragon's Valley
In the grand and mysterious universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom, Dragon's Valley, there are a number of extremely powerful and extremely loyal cookies. Nestled between towering cliffs and fiery rivers of lava, it is a land of rugged beauty and the brutal strength of its inhabitants. Dragon Valley is ruthlessly ruled by the indomitable Dragon Cookie, a leader known for his courage, fearlessness, and unwavering devotion to his country and people. Protected by a mighty flaming dragon, the Dragon Valley Cookies live a life of adventure, challenge, and camaraderie in the fiery spirit of their homeland. Each member helps preserve the legacy of Dragon Valley, from the hardened Chili Pepper Cookie driving through dangerous terrain to the amazing Custard Cookie III deciphering ancient writings. A visit here inspires respect and admiration, an unforgettable testament to the courage, resilience and spirit of these unique cookies.


The Dragon's Valley faction of the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe is a vast realm of unknown secrets and dangers. Home to the ferocious Dragon Cookie and his fiery companions, this land is enhanced by a distinctly oriental feel, with towering dragon statues, traditional temples and cherry blossom trees lending the landscape an air of grandeur.
The people of Dragon Valley have incredible strength and are respected for their courage and determination. Dragon Cookie rules with a benevolent but firm hand, ensuring the safety and well-being of his subjects. Known for its stark contrasts, Dragon Valley is a place where the fearless brave fire and the cookies brave enough to form alliances with them are rewarded with great strength and warrior glory. The sense of community is strong: the cookies who live here are not natives, but brave warriors, bound by mutual respect and a shared commitment to protect their home from all threats. Ruled by the virtues of honor, courage, and camaraderie, Dragon Valley is more than just a faction, it's also a test of courage, a call to adventure, and a testament to the undying spirit of cookies everywhere.


Dragon Valley Faction Cookie Run: The Kingdom is a land of history and legend. This kingdom is known as the home of the scariest cookies and is ruled by Dragon Cookie, a brave and noble leader. Nestled among the fragmentary ruins of past battles, Dragon Valley has visual evidence of its cookie-cutter history.
Many centuries ago, an ancient dragon descended on the peaceful lands of the cookie world. As a result of the devastating attack, Dragon Cookie was created through a mysterious transformation, with the unwavering power to protect his land. Since then, this heroic figure has become a symbol of love, courage and fortitude, which led to the formation of Dragon Valley.
Dragon Valley is characterized by the resilience and ruthlessness of its inhabitants. Cookies here are not only tied to a geographic location, but also share collective memories of heroic tales and perseverance. Each cookie contains a spark of powerful dragon power that determines their behavior and abilities.
Glimpses of its troubled past can be seen in the colossal statues and crumbling architecture that characterize the valley's landscape. The majestic halls echo the stories of the brave Cookies who fought against various threats and formed the foundation of the unique culture of Dragon Valley.
Today's Dragon Valley is an enclave of warriors, scientists, and artisans, each contributing to the faction's strength and diversity. With strong defenses, a ruthless spirit, and a vibrant community, Dragon's Valley is a massive faction of Cookie Run: Kingdom that carries the legacy of an ancient dragon and embodies the spirit of heroism and resilience.

Notable Members

Member #
Rye Cookie
Squid Ink Cookie
Almond Cookie
Sea Fairy Cookie
Dark Enchantress Cookie
Dragon's Valley Queen


Dragon's Valley is a fascinating geographical location in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. A vast landscape filled with dynamic and vibrant flora and fauna, it embodies the natural habitat of numerous dragon cookie clans. The valley is surrounded by towering mountain peaks whose structures seem too precise to have formed naturally. The active volcano emits fire and drenches the air with a warm, smoky glow, making for a spectacular sight, especially at sunrise and sunset.
Deeper into the valley you will find crystal clear streams with a beautiful melody. Magical waterfalls with pure water spilling into sparkling lakes are one of the many unique geographical features of this area. The lush green forest that spans the deep valley is home to the region's willow and dragon fruit.
Dragon Valley has a wide variety of ecosystems due to its various topographical elements. Every corner of the valley hides a surprise for explorers. The holistic combination of rich natural beauty and ancient and mysterious dragon history makes Dragon's Valley one of the most extraordinary regions in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. Beauty, vastness and mysticism invite every brave cookie to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Legacy and Impact

The Dragon Valley Faction left an important legacy in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe, influencing the course of the story and its characters. As one of the oldest factions, their wisdom and knowledge have shaped the standards of the Cookie Run universe.
Their legacy is not only historical, but also current. The Dragon Valley Faction's trademark Dragon Flame, symbolizing courage and honor, has become a popular symbol among cookie fans around the world.
The influence of the Dragon Valley faction can also be seen in the distinctive characters they have created. These characters, such as Dragon Cookie and Fire Spirit Cookie, are known for their strength, courage, and determination. They embody the values ​​of the Dragon Valley faction and inspire other characters in the game.
In addition, the Dragon Valley faction also influenced the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe due to their unique architectural style. Their intricate red and gold design became an iconic part of the game's aesthetic, influencing the design of other buildings and cities in the game. They left an indelible impression and continue to fascinate audiences with their majesty and adventurous spirit. Shaping the game's story, characters, aesthetics, and even fan culture, the legacy and influence of the Dragon Valley faction extends far beyond Dragon's Valley itself. They remind us of the power of courage, honor, and resilience, and make an indelible contribution to the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe.