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General Info

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Alternate NameAggie
Character NameAgnes
The protagonist of the Despicable Me franchise, Agnes is the youngest of three girls adopted by Gru. Charming and always optimistic, Agnes melts hearts with her innocence, joy and unwavering belief in the existence of unicorns! Her strong spirit and sweet, wide-eyed observation of the world around her make her an endearing character for the animated series. Unaware of Gru's despicable actions, Agnes' unconditional love becomes a motivating factor to become a loving father. Her journey from longing orphan to becoming a beloved member of Gru's unusual family conveys a positive message about the transformative power of love and family.


One of the most beloved characters in Universal Pictures' Despicable Me, Agnes is an innocent, cheerful and incredibly beautiful girl. With her sweet talk and unwavering optimism, Agnes brings a sweet and charming demeanor to the series. Her adoration of unicorns, evident in her famous line “It's so fluffy, I'm going to die!” has captivated and touched the hearts of millions around the world.
Adopted by Gru, the world's greatest villain turned loving father, Agnes and her sisters Margo and Edith embark on a beautiful journey of love, family values ​​and unconventional family life. Agnes's love for everyone in her life is unwavering, acknowledging Gru's softer side early in the series and constantly surprising him and others with her gentle innocence. His belief in the world of fairy tales and his sheer determination to find his unicorn add a unique element of magic to the otherwise villain-filled world of Despicable Me.
Agnes seems to be the embodiment of fiery love and naive simplicity, and is completely at odds with her surroundings. In this series full of action, humor and tender moments, Agnes' character is a constant source of warm and fuzzy feelings, just like her favorite cute unicorn.


The youngest of Gru's three adopted sisters in the acclaimed Despicable Me series, Agnes is full of joy, love and a passion for all things cute and frivolous. With her big sweet eyes and deceptively innocent cornrows, Agnes brings a sense of wonder and innocence to the screen that easily wins hearts.
She approaches the world with a positivity and charm that can surprise others, especially her more down-to-earth sister Margo. Her innate belief in the goodness of others may seem naïve to some, but time and time again it allows Agnes to see the best in every situation and ultimately play a key role in solving many crises.
Agnes is best known for her boundless love of unicorns, considering them the most majestic of creatures. His enthusiasm for these mystical beasts stems from a wide-eyed wonder at their beauty, strength, and majesty that captures his courage and imagination.
Candy is another great love of Agnes's, and she treats every sweet, especially Gru's homemade cookies, with an adorable and infectious delight. She is also known for her ability to melt the hearts of even the most hardened villains, including Gru himself, with her innocent sweetness and extremely precocious wisdom.
Although often protected by her sisters and later by Gru, Agnes is no delicate flower. He embodies bravery, standing up for his family or dealing with bullies with startling brutality. Deep down, Agnes is a beacon of pure, unwavering love and sincerity, teaching us that you can wear your heart on your sleeve and see the world as a place of wonder and magic.
Despicable Me's Agnes is much more than a little girl who loves unicorns and candy. It is a testament to the enduring power of love, honesty and joy in a world that desperately needs them. Unwaveringly sincere and infectiously cheerful, Agnes reminds us of all the magic that exists if we dare to imagine it.

Creation and Development

The early idea for Agnes came from the heads of the creative team at Illumination Entertainment. Their vision was to create a memorable child character that would not only drive the plot, but also act as a catalyst for change in the main character, Gru.
Her development stage included a series of drawings that slowly shaped her character, from hair to cute clothes. Agne is recognizable by her round face, large expressive brown eyes and a ponytail on her head. These qualities make her a childlike embodiment of innocence and kindness. Not a single detail was forgotten in Agnese's work. For example, her affinity for unicorns was designed to reflect her sincere and innocent nature. His famous line: "It's so fluffy, I'm dying!" has become one of the catchphrases of the Despicable Me franchise, attracting audiences around the world.
The character of Agnes was further developed by Elsie Fisher. Fisher was rightly chosen as she was able to embody and convey the purity, enthusiasm and love that Agnes has for life despite the hardships. In addition to his visual and vocal qualities, his personality has been carefully groomed. Agne is characterized by her optimism, charm and warmth, despite the initial tragic circumstances, the loss of her parents. The makers made sure to include these traits in every scene she was in, making her a beloved figure among the audience.
The character of Agnes successfully proved that her role goes beyond just the cuteness factor. Her innocent love and admiration for Gru went a long way in making him more relatable and likable. In conclusion, the creation and development of Agnes is truly the result of careful design and thoughtful storytelling that aims to bring to life a charming, endearing and heartwarming character that has captivated millions of viewers around the world.

Character Profile

The youngest of three sisters in the Despicable Me universe, Agnes is an adorable burst of innocence, bravery, and a boundless love of unicorns. This little powerhouse will impress you with her cute big glasses that only accentuate her lively and expressive eyes. Adorned in her knitted dresses and fluffy hats, her signature appeal lies in her quirky fashion sense, which perfectly reflects her unique spirit.
As a character, Agnes acts as a strong pillar of positivity, undeterred by a cynical outlook on the world. She has an unwavering belief in miracles and the magic of existence, which is constantly reflected in her fascination with myths, fairy tales and, of course, unicorns. Affectionately fearless, she is often the driving force on adventures, making her mature beyond her years. But her pure, childlike giggle never betrays her true age and sheer innocence, making you instantly fall in love with her vivacious personality.
Agnes's unconditional, instinctive love for Gru acts as a powerful force, slowly chipping away at his wrinkled, angry facade, eventually revealing a tender heart. He fiercely defends his adoptive father and displays a fierce courage that is inspiring.
In essence, Agnes is the epitome of wonderful paradoxes: a seamless little bundle of courage, unwavering faith and big dreams. Bold but kind, sassy but innocent and petite but powerful, she paints an inspiring vision of the wonderful mysteries of childhood.

Story Arc

Although Agnes is one of three girls adopted by Gru in the Despicable Me universe, her storyline is a joyous, funny and heartwarming journey. Known for her love of unicorns, she is the youngest and bravest of the sisters. His wide-eyed wonder and unwavering belief in magic and myth make for fascinating and lively stories in the series.
In the first film, Agnes, with her innocent appearance, pushes Gru's transformation from villain to loving father. Despite Gru's initial resistance, his heart is melted by Agnes' unwavering love. The heartwarming moment when Agnes is delighted to receive a stuffed unicorn at the carnival symbolizes her infectious joy, so much so that it convinces Gru to use his little gadgets for success.
The character of Agnes develops a lot in Nobody Me 2. Here, Agnes's enthusiasm plays a very important role in fueling Gru's difficult love for Lucy. Agnes' belief in fairy tales and her insistence on having a mother ignites an emotional arc that moves the audience. Agnes' adoration of Lucy is also nicely reinforced when Lucy rescues her from danger in the climax. In Despicable Me 3, Agnes' unwavering belief in mythical creatures leads her and Edith on their own adventure in search of unicorns. This adventure, which symbolizes his great faith and determination, follows a comical and enchanting plot. True to nature, sweet to the heart, Agnes's reaction to the goat's search for what she believes to be a unicorn hits all the right emotional notes.
Overall, Agnes's plot, while fun and seemingly naive, deftly portrays themes of faith, unwavering love, and the magic of childhood innocence. Her character emotionally drives the story in the Despicable Me universe, cementing her as a beloved entity in the hearts of viewers.

Cultural Impact

One of three young girls adopted by Gru in Despicable Me, Agnes has brought her adorable wide-eyed innocence into popular culture. His unique ability to find the good in everyone, even in supposedly evil villains like Gru, resonated with audiences.
In addition to her contagious optimism, Agnes is also known for her love of unicorns, which seems to have increased the popularity of these mythical creatures. His expression "It's so fluffy, I'm dying!" it has been referenced numerous times since the first Despicable Me film, has become the stuff of internet memes, and has even been printed on various products such as t-shirts and mugs.
As for her role in the Despicable Me universe, Agnes was instrumental in the development of Gru's character. Her love and trust in him, despite his flaws, helped transform him from a hardened villain to a loving father. Also, the characterization of Agnes as a believer in the possibility of good and magic encouraged viewers, especially children, to look at such a hopeful and positive perspective.
In the end, Agnes not only entertained with her charming looks and charming lines, but also inspired many with her unwavering positivity and unwavering faith in the goodness of others.


Agnes is a vibrant character who leaves a lasting legacy in the Despicable Me universe. Determined, she's known for her warmth, charm and boundless optimism, providing a wonderful counterpoint to Gru's initially petulant demeanor. He happily embraces Gru as his new father, and his unconditional love plays a major role in his transformation from villain to devoted father.
Agnes' fascination with unicorns highlights her innocent imagination and is a leitmotif throughout the series. His belief in mythical creatures embodies the childlike wonder and unfulfilled dreams that adult characters lack, recalling the enchantment of childhood. Finally, his expression: "It's that simple!" she transcended the film franchise to become a popular culture icon, reflecting her unabashed enthusiasm and fun.