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General Info

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AwardsKids' Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie
GenresAnimation, Family, Comedy
Music ByPharrell Williams
TaglineSuperbad. Superdad.
Edited ByPamela Ziegenhagen-Shefland
Film NameDespicable Me
StarringSteve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Elsie Fisher
Directed ByPierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Produced ByJohn Cohen, Janet Healy, Christopher Meledandri
TranslatorNot Applicable
Budget in USD69000000
Release Date2010-07-09
Running Time95 minutes
Screenplay ByCinco Paul, Ken Daurio
Content RatingPG
Distributed ByUniversal Pictures
Original TitleDespicable Me
Box Office in USD543113985
CinematographyJulien Soret
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUkZFetWYY0
World Premiere Date2010-06-20
Production Company NameIllumination Entertainment
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.illuminationentertainment.com/
Despicable Me is a stunning animated film that takes us inside Gru, a super-villain who plans to steal the moon, something no villain has ever done before. Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, is put to the test when his sinister plans are thwarted by three charming orphan girls. The girls look to him as a potential father figure, a role for which he is initially ill-prepared, leading to some humorous and poignant moments. Packed with high-tech gadgets, mischief and laughter, this roller coaster is a fun watch for kids and adults alike. Despicable Me's unique blend of comedy, action and emotion has made Despicable Me a beloved franchise.


Despicable Me is a 3D animated action comedy that takes you on a hilarious journey from rogue to hero. The film introduces viewers to the character of Gru, initially portrayed as a despicable villain whose mission in life is to prove that he is the ultimate master of evil. It has a massive underground lair, a host of loyal yellow henchmen, and an arsenal of high-tech gadgets.
Gru hatches a grandiose plan to steal the moon and unleash a wave of inspired entertainment. But there is a twist when three orphaned girls enter Gru's life. Against all his menacing thoughts and hard stares, Gru's frozen heart melts as he is unprepared for the warmth and care these little girls always provide.
The story uniquely shows how love and affection can change the hardest heart. A nuanced narrative interspersed with timely humor makes the film accessible to audiences of all ages. The film's success spawned many sequels, proving that even the most "despicable" characters can become the heroes of their own story.



'Despicable Me' "film" screenshots
'Despicable Me' "film" screenshots
'Despicable Me' "film" screenshots
'Despicable Me' "film" screenshots
'Despicable Me' "film" screenshots


In the heart of a charming suburb, a seemingly ordinary house hides the lair of the world's most famous villain, Gru. Armed with a battalion of strangely hilarious henchmen, Gru embarks on elaborate heists that aim to outdo every villain in the world. But his reputation is threatened when a new adversary, Vector, brazenly steals the famous Egyptian pyramid.
Competitive Gru quickly plans to regain his status as the main villain by stealing the moon. To help with his plan, Gru adopts three orphans, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Initially seen as mere pawns in his plot, the loving and energetic girls begin to tear down Gru's gloomy facade. Strict and strict, Gru's heart melts and his bond with the girls grows stronger, despite his original intentions.
As he races against time to wither and steal the moon, Gru is faced with a puzzle. He must choose between his dream of evil grandeur and his newfound love for his adopted daughters. When the girls were captured by Vector, the return of the girls was the price of his heist on the moon. But in a thrilling twist of fate, the once cold-hearted villain chooses love over ambition. With the help of his loyal henchmen, armed with a camera, cookies, and guns, Gru rescues the girls, leaves his bad life behind, and finally assumes the role of a loving father. The film ends on a heartwarming family note, turning it into a story of redemption, love and the unexpected joys of parenthood.
With wonderfully developed characters and a captivating plot, Despicable Me is a rollercoaster ride of laughs, action and emotional depth.


Despicable Me is a creative collaboration between the American animation studio Illumination Entertainment and the French animation studio Mac Guff. The lion's share of the original animation and design work was done by Mac Guff artists in France. They aimed for a balance of realism and cartoony glamor in the film's visual style. Chris Meledandri, founder of Illumination Entertainment, helmed the project with an expert hand, having previously worked on such popular animated films as Ice Age and Horton's Who! at his former company, 20th Century Fox.
The character designs were equally international in scope, mixing American and French techniques and sensibilities to create a cast of cute and quirky characters. The design of the film's beloved followers was conceived by supervising animator Pierre Coffin, who also served as one of the directors. Coffin came up with their own unique language that combined elements of English, Spanish, French and the absurdity that added to their appeal.
The show also featured a loud voice. With the talented Steve Carell leading the charge as the voice of Gru, it brought a level of quirky humor that pushed the film outside of conventional animation territory.
Integrating and combining these various inputs into a cohesive and attractive final product presented several challenges to the production team. However, the end result was an animated masterpiece that appealed to audiences of all ages around the world. The film's success speaks to meticulous planning, exceptional creativity and extraordinary teamwork in the production.


Despised Me is an immersive journey of laughter and emotion that premiered in 2010. July 9 Produced by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, the film has been acclaimed for its compelling storyline, endearing characters and humor since its premiere. screens. It focused on the life of Gru, a villain with a twist. With Steve Carell's voice bringing Gru and the moonlit thieves' storyline to life, involving a number of minimally articulated and comically delivered yellow henchmen, the film quickly found its place in the hearts of viewers.
However, not only Gru and his minions received public recognition. The film accurately portrays the protagonist's transformation from supervillain to caring father as he adopts three orphaned girls. It's a twist on the story that has appealed to audiences of all ages. The film also performed well at the box office, being among the highest grossers of 2010. movies and started a successful franchise. From merchandising to sequels and even theme park rides, Despicable Me has definitely made its mark. The successful combination of cartoon aesthetics, comedy and heartwarming storytelling set a new standard for future cartoons.


Upon its release, Despicable Me received mostly positive reviews from both critics and audiences. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an 81 rating out of 191 reviews, with an average rating of 6.8/10, indicating a solid success. Critics praised the film for its heartwarming story that didn't shy away from the charm of its eccentric characters. They praised Steve Carell's performance as Gru, stating that his comedic performance gave the villain a unique and humorous edge.
Although some critics felt that the plot was a bit formulaic, the witty dialogue and funny antics of the Minions provided enough entertainment. These pill-shaped yellow creatures quickly became bright stars for their high humor and charm.
In addition, the animation quality was praised for its vibrancy and attention to detail. Despicable Me's box office performance was just as impressive, earning over $546 million. The film was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature and won a BAFTA Award for Best Animated Feature, cementing its status as a leader in the genre.
Although the film was primarily aimed at a younger audience, the film also successfully targeted adult audiences with its combination of humor and sophisticated jokes. Overall, Despicable Me is remembered as a wildly entertaining film that appeals to audiences of all ages.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of the Despicable Me film series was profound and widespread. Described as light-hearted and family-friendly animation, the films transcended the boundaries of their genre and left a large mark on modern society, influencing aspects of popular culture, language and fashion trends.
First of all, the series has captivated viewers with its whimsical characters, especially the cute capsule-shaped Minions. These characters became so popular that a standalone movie, Minions, was created. They have become a well-known symbol of the series and are making their way into the digital world as meme templates, videos and even as stand-alone emojis. Especially during Halloween, there is an increase in the number of children and adults dressing up as these strange characters.
Also, movie catchphrases have permeated the larger cultural lexicon. The very term "No Me" is now mostly used as a playful self-deprecation, and phrases like "Banana!", "Great!" and "Down!" they are integrated into casual conversation, showcasing the franchise's linguistic influence.
Additionally, the morally ambiguous yet endearing character of Gru has inspired moviegoers around the world to embrace authenticity and queerness. His evolution from supervillain to caring father to secret agent shows that change is possible and has a relatable and powerful message that resonates with a diverse audience. In conclusion, Nobody Me has established itself as more than just a series of cartoons. It is a cultural phenomenon that has inspired, entertained and connected people around the world. The creative approach, unique character designs and heartwarming stories have left a strong cultural imprint, strengthening the bond of today's global community.