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Event NameDespicable Me
Join us for a thrilling experience in the vast world of Despicable Me! This event promises to take you into the surreal universe of Gru, full of minions and their unpredictable antics. Experience the unique combination of comedy, adventure and warmth that sets this world apart. Take part in exciting activities to build your squad of Yellow Loyalists! Solve mind-boggling puzzles, explore Gru's mysterious lair, and watch your favorite minions dance and chat innocently. Immerse yourself in the enchanting depiction of scenes from the film series about friendship and courage. Don't forget to check out our exclusive look at some interesting behind-the-scenes facts and insights into the making of Despicable Me. Come join this exciting journey and create timeless memories. A day of fun, laughter and lots of Despicable Me awaits!


Mean Me is a cute and exciting animated universe revolving around a main character named Gru. Gru, a not-so-evil "evil genius" who helps with his tiny, an army of yellow, cute minions, he sets out to rule the world, but often saves the day, unwittingly turning from villain to hero. This universe is full of excitement, laughter and warmth and offers the perfect mix of humor for adults and children. Audiences fall in love with the super villains' soft side and the unexpected heartwarming moments that balance out the outrageous comedy.

The series explores themes of family, friendship and redemption through hilarious stories. Gru's growing bond with his three adopted daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, as well as his blossoming romance with Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde, add emotional depth to the universe. A special mention goes to the henchmen, who are endlessly entertaining despite their goofiness and steal the show with their outrageous antics, making Naughty Me universally loved and appreciated.