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General Info

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Job TitleSuper-villain, Jelly manufacturer, AVL agent
Knows aboutInventing, Leadership
Alternate NameFelonius Gru
Character NameGru
Member of OrganizationAnti-Villain League
A prominent figure in the Despicable Me universe, Gru was initially introduced as a villain but noticeably transforms into a beloved father and hero. Known for his humorous accent, Gru is known for his plans to dominate the world. But the arrival of three orphaned girls - Margo, Edita and Agnes - changes his life in a way he could not have foreseen. Gru transforms from a sullen and stubborn bad guy to a devoted and self-sacrificing father who makes unexpected sacrifices for his new family. The presence of these girls brings out the soft side of Gru that was previously hidden under his vulgar appearance. This drastic change in him shows the huge impact of love and family in someone's life, even someone as dark and evil as Gru. This villain-to-hero transformation makes Gru one of the most beloved characters in the Despicable Me universe.


Gru, the iconic character from the Despicable Me universe, is a fascinating mix of villainy and benevolence. Gru, once the world's greatest villain, is recognizable by his flair and distinctive scarf, but beneath this cunning criminal exterior lies a heart of gold that is revealed as the story progresses.
Originally known for his evil plans, from stealing the moon to creating a legion of minions, Gru's character changes dramatically when he adopts three girls from an orphanage. The rebellious charms of Margo, Edith, and the ever-beautiful Agnes reveal Gru's deep-seated kindness and love, feelings he was unaware of.
Adapting to the role of fatherhood, mixing his bad past with his newfound love, Gru emerges as a unique character in an animated film that resonates deeply with audiences. It symbolizes change and the constant struggle between the past and the present, constantly reaching for a future he never thought possible.
This unlikely hero, with his unconventional family, including henchmen and Dr. Nefario, continues to disarm us with his charm and humor. Gru is not just any character, but a celebration of the wonderful unpredictability of life, a reminder that it's never too late to change. His multifaceted personality paints the real challenges of parenthood and shows how a sense of family can reinvent a person's life, making Gru unforgettable in animation.


Gru, whose full name is Felonious Gru, is the main character of the Despicable Me series. His origins trace back to a small suburb where his dream of going to the moon was born. Despite his many rejections, Gru has remained gritty, embodying the spirit of determination and a never-give-up attitude.
Conceptualized as a famous super villain, Gru has an unusual and impressive personality. He does evil deeds with a heart that eventually turns to compassion and kindness. In the beginning, he was determined to outdo all other villains by stealing the moon, a grand, bold, and unique ambition.
However, the turning point in Gru's life was not due to successful criminal exploitation, but due to three orphaned girls - Margo, Edita and Agnes. At first he takes them in as pawns for his evil schemes, but soon develops a strong bond with the girls and turns into a loving father. Their innocent love and affection melt away Gru's stern exterior, revealing a kind gentleman and caring father.
Over time, Gru retires from life as a rogue and embarks on a new journey as an agent of the Anti-Villain League. His transformation is remarkable as he uses his creative genius and tenacious nature for noble deeds without losing his unique charm and wit.
Most notable are Gru's servants, loyal workers and companions who have always been there for him despite his mischievous antics and love of bananas, adding humor and lively energy to Gru's journey.
Gruo's character captures a dynamic and exciting journey from villain to hero, showing the world that change is indeed possible. His transition from world-class villain to loving father and law-abiding citizen is not only funny, but also heartwarming, making Gru an unforgettable character in the world of animation.

Creation and Development

The character of Gru from the Despicable Me universe was heavily influenced by the comic "villains" of classic cinema. It's an amalgamation of countless tropes: the stupid fool, the mad scientist, and the hardened criminal with a heart of gold. Its creation was a painstaking process to ensure that it struck the perfect balance between fun and sweetness for both children and adults.
Gru was originally envisioned as a caricature of a menacing, towering figure shrouded in a long coat and scarf. However, as the plots became more complex, he gained more depth and fragility, completing the "villain" archetype. The animator attributed his appeal to the controversial layering of features; he is rude but affectionate; he is cold-hearted but also thoughtful. His masterfully crafted physicality combined with Steve Carell's voice gave him depth and personality.
Steve Carell's voice helped develop Gru's character. A talented actor, Carell has developed a unique Eastern European Russian accent. It added humor and instantly connected with audiences around the world. Its development did not end with creation; continued through the series Despicable Me. As the films progressed, the character of Gru delved into fatherhood and the ensuing tug-of-war between his life of crime and his responsibilities as a father. This phase was clear for his growth from a cold-blooded villain to a loving father, giving his character more complexity and relatability. Here, the character of Gru helps highlight universal themes about the transformative power of love and family and how it can tame even the most despicable of us.

Character Profile

Gru, the protagonist of the Despicable Me franchise, is a former super villain who turns into a super dad. This likable character, voiced by Steve Carell, is a lot of complicated people. She has a deep Eastern European accent and an umbrella-shaped torso, accentuated by slender legs and a pointed nose.
Although Gru started out as a villain, he was never truly evil. The adoption of three orphaned girls, Margo, Edita and Agnes, changed his outlook on life. Their gentle innocence and genuine love melted away the cold stiffness that enveloped his heart, slowly transforming him into a loving father. He eventually gives up his life of crime, but those habits and instincts come in handy from time to time, especially when he goes from being a thief to fighting bad guys.
Gru's love of cookies, candy, and all things sweet coincides with his evolving character: sweet and lovable. His company with the yellow pill-shaped Minions adds fun and humor to his character. Although they often mess things up, their loyalty to Gru is unquestionable. All in all, Gru's transition from brooding villain to loving father and protector of the world is heartwarming. His character embodies the traits of courage, intelligence, and thoughtfulness that underlie his tough exterior, conveying a profound message that it's never too late to change and that everyone has an innate goodness.

Story Arc

Gru, a prominent character, has a split personality. On the one hand, he has a reputation as one of society's most despicable supervillains. But in his private realm, Gru is a lonely and unusual character with an empathetic heart who longs to fit in. Gru's life takes an unexpected turn when he introduces three girls into his world, a stark contrast to his brutal and technocratic world.
The first part of her story witnesses her character transformation as she adopts the trio of Margo, Edith and Agnes. Gru's rough exterior melts away, transforming him into a gentle and protective father figure. The young girls reveal Gru's ability to feel and care for others, marking his transition from stone-hearted villain to loving family man.
But such true transformation is not without its challenges. As Gru emerges from his dark world and faces his inner demons, he struggles along the conflicting paths of devoted father and determined supervillain. The struggle between her former reputation and her changing role as a father strengthens her character and reinforces her qualities as a relatable and inspirational figure. Gru's storyline continues in Despicable Me 2, where he is brought out of retirement by the Anti-Villain League. This external demand conflicts with his new familial responsibilities, leading to many conflicts and humorous situations.
Throughout Gru, his love for his daughters and his growing distaste for thieves are the two pillars of his evolving character. This transformation, complete with fun interactions with the henchmen, brings his character to life, making him an unforgettable part of the Despicable Me universe.

Cultural Impact

Since his release in 2010, the character of Gru from the Despicable Me franchise has had a significant cultural impact. Voiced by acclaimed actor Steve Carell, Gru, the super villain turned adoptive father and hero, has become a widely recognized symbol of love, rehabilitation and self-improvement.
Gru's unique accent, eccentric behavior, and frequent use of fancy words (particularly "gorls") have made him a popular subject for memes and comic material on social media platforms. His distinctive look - bald, long nose, and constantly wearing a striped scarf and shawl - has become iconic and is often imitated in cosplay and fan art.
In addition, Gru's unconventional but sincere relationship with his three adopted daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes, is honored for its portrayal of adoptive families and non-biological parents. Gru's transition from rogue to heroic and subsequent journey forward in subsequent sequels was both captivating to audiences and significant in popular culture, demonstrating the idea that it's never too late to change for the better. This in turn made Gru an attractive role model for many.
Finally, Gru's character also had commercial implications, with sales of Gru-related products (including Minion-themed toys, clothing, and even Minion-themed Twinkies) reaching astronomical levels. Crucially, Gru's impact goes beyond the screen, affecting real-world perspectives and behavior around the world.


Gru's legacy in the Despicable Me universe is one of redemption and change. Originating as a super villain, his story arc took a transformative turn when he adopted three orphaned girls. Their love and innocence helped soften Gru's hardened exterior, and the focus of his life shifted from world domination to a loving father. His malevolent tendencies were gradually replaced by devotion to his family, signifying character growth. Despite his past, Gru was able to use his cunning mind and various gadgets forever, eventually becoming an agent of the Anti-Ash League. His journey symbolizes how people can change their history, let go of their negative past and move towards a brighter and more meaningful future. So Gru's legacy is his message of stepping out of the darkness, embracing change with an open heart, and emphasizing the power of love and family. This makes Gru, despite his eccentricities, one of the most admired figures in the Despicable Me universe.