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General Info

Minions logo
AwardsNominated for Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie
GenresAnimation, Comedy, Adventure
Music ByHeitor Pereira
TaglineBefore Gru, they had a history of bad bosses
Edited ByClaire Dodgson
Film NameMinions
StarringSandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, Jennifer Saunders, Pierre Coffin
Directed ByPierre Coffin, Kyle Balda
Produced ByChris Meledandri, Janet Healy
Budget in USD$74 million
Release Date2015-06-17
Running Time91 minutes
Screenplay ByBrian Lynch
Content RatingPG
Distributed ByUniversal Pictures
Original TitleMinions
Box Office in USD$1.159 billion
CinematographyJulien Soret
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eisKxhjBnZ0
World Premiere Date2015-06-11
Production Company NameIllumination Entertainment
Production Company Website URLhttp://www.illumination.com
In Minions, we step back in time to see the adorable and comically chaotic evolution of the minions, our beloved yellow minions from Despicable Me. This film follows their journey from the dawn of time, their irrevocable need to serve the most despicable master they could find: the dinosaur, the caveman, the pharaoh; they all did. However, their clumsy ways often lead to the untimely death of their hosts. The minions are lost and out of control in the frozen wasteland until smart and brave Kevin, along with rebellious Stuart and cute little Bob, decide to venture out into the world in search of a new evil boss. Their search leads them to Scarlet Overkill, the world's first supervillain. Minions is full of wit, heart and lots of banana-loving craziness. Explore this exciting journey and enjoy all the confusing adventures of the minions.


From the creators of Minions, Minions is an inventive and playful story that delves into the hilarious exploits of everyone's favorite little yellow minions. Set before meeting Gru, the Minions have been around since ancient times and serve the most despicable villains. Narratively driven by the minions' search for the perfect villain to serve, the story is filled with humor, heart and plenty of Minion villainy.
The film takes place on an exciting world tour that takes the minions from frozen Antarctica to 1960s New York and finally London, where they face their biggest challenge yet - saving the entire minion race from annihilation. Along the way, they leave a trail of comic mayhem that is sure to delight audiences of all ages. At its core, Minions not only explores the love dynamics of a tribe of minions, but also ponders the universal search for purpose and identity. With lovable characters, memorable lines and top-notch animation, Minions is a timeless, fun adventure worth watching again and again. Whether you're a longtime fan of the Despicable Me universe or a newcomer, this film offers a compelling experience that will blow your mind and keep you coming back for more.



'Minions' "film" screenshots
'Minions' "film" screenshots
'Minions' "film" screenshots
'Minions' "film" screenshots
'Minions' "film" screenshots
'Minions' "film" screenshots


Minions is a fun exploration of our adorable amorphous yellow minions from the Despicable Me series. The plot delves into the origins of these creatures, which are believed to have evolved from single-celled organisms, their sole purpose in existence: to faithfully serve their most despicable masters.
Set in 1968, 42 years before their encounter with Gru in the main series, the minions feel directionless and depressed after many failed attempts to serve evil masters, including a T-Rex, an Egyptian pharaoh, and even Dracula.
Three brave henchmen - Kevin, Stuart and Bob - embark on a mission to find a new evil master. Their search leads them to The Villain, a convention of villains where they meet Scarlet Overkill, the world's first super-villain. Falling in love with his strength and attitude, they decide to make him their new boss. Scarlet asks them to steal the royal crown of England, promising them to become her best henchmen if they succeed in the mission.
In the course of this mission, they unwittingly become embroiled in a crucial battle for the throne, which reflects their unwavering loyalty and resilience. On their journey, they encounter some hilarious and unexpected twists and turns that show how minions are capable of creating madness and mayhem wherever they go.
The film ends on a hopeful note, setting up a compelling sequence of events that unfolds in Nobody Me. With the humor and heart of the franchise, Minions is a charming prequel that will entertain audiences and enrich the screen universe they've grown to love.


If we look closely at the production stage of the Minions movie, it was as complex and elaborate as any high-end animated film. The idea for the film came from the audience's palpable love for the favorites of the "Weird Me" series. The film's producers, Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy, saw the potential and got to work.
A team from Illumination Mac Guff, an animation studio in Paris, France, was invited to animate the film. The animation team worked tirelessly to improve the look of the Minion world. Having each henchman have a different personality despite having a very similar appearance required a lot of creativity and precision from the team.
The talented Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin directed the film, with Coffin himself voicing the Minions and creating that unique and misunderstood dialogue we've all come to love.
Composers Heitor Pereira and Pharrell Williams brought the henchmen to life and composed the live score for the film. Music was one of the charming elements that brought the audience into the anarchic world of our little yellow creatures.
All the hard work behind the scenes resulted in a movie that was wildly popular, broke records, and had everyone saying, "We love Minions!"


in 2015 In July, the world was treated to a new wave of laughter and excitement with the release of the highly anticipated animated comedy Minions. A spin-off of the critically acclaimed Despicable Me franchise, this standalone film goes behind the scenes of the cute and mischievous minion characters.
A journey of discovery, the film follows the minions' evolution from single-celled yellow creatures at dawn to their ultimate goal of serving the evil Scarlet Overkill. Fans gained new insight into these beloved characters and their insatiable appetite for despicable acts.
A perfect blend of comedy, adventure and heart, Minions has captivated audiences of all ages, broken box office records and entered the annals of popular culture. With the minions' unparalleled success, it's clear that these strange yellow minions are in the spotlight, paving the way for more evil minions.


Minions received a mixed reception upon its release. But it certainly struck a chord with the younger audience, most of whom were completely enthralled by the strange, banana-loving creatures. On the other hand, critics were divided about the film.
Some praised the main characters for their playful charm and the humor they brought to the table, while others argued that the appeal of henchmen in the No Me franchise was due to their role as sidekicks and their jump to main roles. in their arms. -Off might have been too much.
Minions was an unmitigated success when it came to the box office. The film grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing non-Disney animated film at the time. This financial achievement reflected the franchise's strong fan base and the broad appeal of its characters, even as they carry the weight of history on their little yellow shoulders.
Although Minions did not receive universal acclaim, its commercial success and the enjoyment it brought to its core children's audience ultimately underscored its triumph. The Minions have earned a place in the hearts of moviegoers with their innocent charm and tongue-in-cheek humor, ensuring their longevity in the animated realm.

Cultural impact

Minions has had an undeniable cultural impact since its release in 2015. These adorable yellow characters have evolved from the beloved Despicable Me franchise to become pop culture icons that are easily recognizable around the world. Even before their stand-alone movie, Minions already had a huge following, having appeared in the previous Nobody Me movies.
The influence of Minions on popular culture cannot be understated, which is most evident in its marketing of products such as toys, video games, clothing, and numerous consumer products. The language of Minions, also known as "Minions", has permeated the linguistic landscape, especially among children. This charming and unconscious, albeit incoherent, language plays a large part of their appeal, reflecting their playful, mischievous and benevolent nature.
Despite their comical antics and incessant chatter, henchmen are synonymous with the universally admirable traits of loyalty, teamwork, and unwavering optimism. In addition to entertaining the audience, the film "Henchmen" also provided unlikely examples who, despite many obstacles, always remain positive and do not give up. In turn, the Minions injected world culture with a much-needed dose of joy, laughter, and fun.
The influence of minions on animation as a genre itself is also discussed. The success of Minions proved that characters originally created as sidekicks can also be the center of attention and entertainment in a feature film. This has the potential to change the way characters are created and developed in animation, creating a wider variety of leads that diverge from traditional prototypes.
In conclusion, the cultural impact of the Minions franchise is far greater than its box office success. Its influence is felt in popular culture, merchandise, language, and perhaps the future of cartoons.