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Lucy Wilde

General Info

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Job TitleAgent
Knows aboutSecret Agent
Character NameLucy Wilde
Member of OrganizationAnti-Villain League
Having turned from an atypical secret agent to Gru's loving wife in the Despicable Me universe, Lucy Wilde is distinguished by a peculiar sense of humor and unyielding wit. She has fiery red hair and turquoise, and she has high-tech lipstick guns and purses. This passionate, funny and slightly disturbing Anti-Villain League agent is never without her signature turquoise rain jacket. Lucy's partnership with Gru, hired to help bring down an elusive villain, leads to a sweet romance. Her fierce loyalty and empathy make her a beloved and perfect character for Gru's unusual family. Lucy is an entertaining force who brings light and action to the show in her own way.


Lucy Wilde is an energetic special agent of the Anti-Villain League who later became the wife of the former supervillain Gru. Lucy was brought to life in the Despicable Me universe and is known for her vibrant and quirky personality, which is as vibrant as her red hair. In Despicable Me 2, she is initially tasked with finding and recruiting Gru, who they need to help track down a powerful new villain.
Lucy is a gunsmith and proficient with a variety of tools, from lipstick tasers to flamethrower nacho sombreros, which belies her seemingly silly demeanor. During his missions, he continues to demonstrate his skill and resourcefulness in the face of danger, proving that he is more than capable as an operative. Despite her fighting prowess, she is outgoing and friendly, and has a flirtatious side when interacting with Gru. Their relationship slowly evolves from professional communication to mutual respect and love, which is a heartwarming storyline in the series.
Lucy is unwaveringly loyal to those she cares about, evidenced by her unwavering support for Gru, her love for their children, and her dedication to the mission. She has an absolutely searching spirit that resonates with people of all ages, making her a beloved character in the Despicable Me series. Lucy Wilde displays a combination of strength, intelligence, humanity and hilarity, adding depth and complexity to her animated universe.


Spirited special agent of the Anti-Villain League (AVL), Lucy Wilde is an energetic and passionate individual whose determination is matched only by her will. In fact, Lucy's first meeting with her future husband Gru was rather unconventional when she showed him off at her daughter Agnes's birthday party. The more we got to know Lucy, the more it became clear that her original and exaggerated introduction perfectly reflected her personality.
Born in America, Lucy traveled the world as an undercover AVL agent. With his wit, skillful handling of gadgets and advanced martial arts skills, he plays an important role in the fight against the forces of evil and contributes greatly to the success of AVL. Although determined and tough when needed, her stubborn and playful nature shines through, making her a lovable person.
Lucy is admirable not only with her passion and dedication to her work, but also with the fact that she manages to balance her dynamic work life with raising the three sweet girls she adopts with Gru: Margo, Edith and Agnes. Lucy's maternal instincts and genuine love for girls are evident and add to her charm.
Despite her tough exterior, Lucy is a compassionate person with a beautiful heart. She truly loves Gru and their daughters and is more than willing to change her adventurous lifestyle for them. Their family's happiness is her priority and she often goes out of her way to make sure they are safe and happy. As a character, Lucy Wilde proves that one person can lovingly wear many hats, be it a devoted mother, a loving wife, or a skilled secret agent. It shows us that with determination and love, anything is truly possible.

Creation and Development

A beloved character from the Nobody Me series, Lucy Wilde was introduced in Everybody Me 2 as a quick-witted and rebellious agent of the Anti-Villain League and future wife of Gru. Lucy, voiced by actress Kristen Wiig, brought a new dynamic to the sequel and has been an integral part of the series ever since.
Lucy was created to give Gru's character more depth and contrast with his brooding and aloof personality. Franchise writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio wanted Lucy to be fun, sweet and eccentric to further develop Gru's character journey and his transition from villain to family man. Wes Anderson's work inspired the character's childlike innocence and whimsical whimsy. The animation team faced challenges in creating Lucy's physical appearance. The goal was to make her appear approachable and friendly, but also professional and effective, as she should be against rogue cops. Hence his iconic long turquoise coat and sunglasses. Her orange hair was a creative choice because it made her stand out and added to her personality.
Finally, voicing Lucy was a crucial step. Kristen Wiig, who previously voiced Miss Hattie in the first Bad Me film, was cast because she brought the same level of energy and eccentricity to the character as the creators had intended. Her natural comedic timing helped bring the whimsical character of Lucy to life and captivate audiences around the world.
The creation and development of Lucy Wilde as a character has been done with great attention to detail, or if you will, "despicable" detail. The result was a unique and fitting addition to the Gru universe that marked a new direction for the series' story. With such innovative concepts and developments, one can only imagine what the creators of Despicable Me have in store for Lucy's character arc in future sequels.

Character Profile

Introduced in Despicable Me 2, Lucy Wilde is a brave and hardworking secret agent who works for the Anti-Villain League (AVL), an organization dedicated to fighting global villains. Lucy's personality is as fiery as her red hair. Lively, enthusiastic and extremely funny, Lucy plunges into Gru's world like a tornado and is sure to change everything.
Lucy is determined and very driven, with an adventurous spirit that matches Gru's hidden bravado. His wildly unpredictable nature makes the otherwise menacing Gru interesting and intriguing. She's also compassionate and objective, knows when to calm down or when to fly, and has a great balance of patience and confrontation when dealing with the bad guys.
He is smart and intelligent and often uses his ability to think quickly to solve complex problems. Her innovative gadgets, including a lipstick taser and her own spy machine, demonstrate her eccentric charm and efficiency as an agent.
Lucy is a great contrast to Gru's cynicism. Despite his attempts to remain sullen and indifferent, Lucy's persistent kindness and unwavering positivity eventually break down the walls around Gru's heart, making her the perfect match for him. Lucy's communication skills are evident in her relationships, especially with Gru's three daughters, as they quickly accept her as a mother figure. His love for the girls is evident – ​​he risks his life to protect them. She truly is a central figure in the Despicable Me universe, bringing heart, fun, and femme fatale glamour.

Story Arc

Lucy Wilde, a dynamic and energetic undercover agent of the Anti-Villain League (AVL), played a central role in the Despicable Me universe. His character arc is a wonderful cocktail of strength, charm and humor, laced with fire and an indomitable spirit.
When we first meet Lucy in Nobody Me 2, she has to recruit ex-villain Gru into the AVL to help defeat a powerful new enemy. Lucy initially appears as a hyperactive and stubborn cop with a love for her job and a passion for justice. But beneath her shiny exterior, she's a smart and cunning cop with a gadget-filled lipstick device that proves she's a master of her craft. Her personal life takes an exciting turn when she develops feelings for Gru. This romantic subplot adds warmth and sweetness and adds depth to her character. Eventually, Lucy becomes an integral part of Gru and his daughters' lives. The evolution from a fun and eccentric secret agent to a generous mother and wife shows her versatility and creates a character arc that is not only about career growth, but emotional maturity as well.
His character continues to evolve in Despicable Me 3. Continuing her life with Gru, Lucy takes on the role of mother to Gru's daughters. This change brings out the caring and loving side of Lucy, further enhancing her compassion.
Lucy Wilde's character arc is an intriguing balance between a vigorous professional life and gentle personal growth. Her journey illustrates the importance of adaptation, courage and love, making Lucy an extraordinary character in the Despicable Me universe.

Cultural Impact

Since her debut in Despicable Me 2, Lucy Wilde has become one of the main characters in the franchise, making quite a cultural impact. As a positive female role model, Lucy has empowered audiences around the world. His bright and lively persona, balanced by his unerring spy skills, provide an exciting and dramatic contrast.
Lucy Wilde has a unique sense of humor and extraordinary courage that resonates with both young and mature audiences. He emphasized the importance of preserving individuality and being aware of one's unique quirks, essentially promoting individualism and self-acceptance among viewers. Also, Lucy's relationship with Gru paints a fresh picture of love and friendship. Their story deviates from the typical tale of a prince saving a damsel and instead presents a balanced relationship of mutual appreciation and respect. This dynamic has been praised for breaking stereotypes about gender roles in animation and cinema.
Lucy's signature fashion sense with a turquoise coat, polka dot dress and designer sunglasses has also made her mark in the fashion industry, inspiring a wave of cosplay and influencing children's costumes.
Overall, Lucy Wilde's character defies typical expectations of women in cartoons and adds depth, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture and the discourse of gender representation in media.


Agent Lucy Wilde's transformation from a seemingly clumsy but capable Anti-Villain League agent to a devoted wife and mother has left an evocative legacy in the Despicable Me universe. Her dedication to her profession became evident when she was tasked with bringing Gru back to the fold. Despite the initial difficulties, Lucy used her quick thinking skills to ensure they completed their mission. Throughout the movies, she shows that she can give a lot to those she loves, especially girls, and even Gru, whom she marries. His journey from cop to loving family member makes for a heartwarming story and proves that change can happen even in the most unlikely of circumstances. Lucy Wilde is remembered for taking on any challenge with her unique quirks and infectious optimism. Essentially, his legacy is his tenacity, empathy and ability to positively inspire change. His character not only adds a new dimension to the story, but also leaves an inspiring message to the audience around the world.