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Bank of Evil

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Location NameBank of Evil
The Bank of Evil, also known as "the former Lehman Brothers", is a major financial institution in the Despicable Me universe. This is the place to go for all the bad guys who need money for their evil plans. This bank is known for financing some of the most notorious deals involving notorious criminals like Vector and Gru. Using the most advanced security systems and anti-fraud banking services, Evil Bank perfectly meets the nefarious needs of its customers. Despite its shame, the bank maintains an air of professionalism and its staff are in suits. The physical store, adorned with a large skull-shaped crest, is a testament to the evil of which it was a part. Please note that this bank does not support any heroism, only dishonest actions.


Housed in a huge and terrifying Dracula-style castle, the evil bank (formerly Lehman Brothers) in the Despicable Me universe is a massive institution that caters to the richest and most daring supervillains. Known for its strict security measures and constant confidentiality, the Bank of Evil is the go-to institution for any established villain in need of financial support for his nefarious plans.
Dominated by black and gray tones, the interior of the sofa is as cool as the reinforced exterior. The cavernous spaces, suffused with bursts of cold, hard light, create an atmosphere of terrifying power. The bank offers safes to store various weapons and ill-gotten gains, making it the perfect haven for super villains. The staff, all impeccably uniformed and eerily calm, offer personal advice on everything from loans for doomsday devices to investing in nefarious schemes. Despite its tough exterior and intimidating customers, the bank, like any other financial institution, maintains a kind of professional facade.
Synopsis: With its oppressive architectural grandeur and mysterious atmosphere, the Bank of Evil is the quintessential financial hub for ambitious criminals who make sure they have the financial resources needed to carry out their evil plans. It's no surprise that Gru, a career supervillain, is a regular.


Formerly known as Lehman Brothers, the Bank of Evil was an important presence in the Despicable Me universe, acting as the main financial institution that provided loans to various villains and their evil schemes. Nestled in the silent shadows of an evil dungeon, the history of this institution is as intriguing as the exploits of its patrons.
Going back, it is unclear when the Bank of Evil was originally established. But it is said to have existed since the evil world laid its foundations. In his early years, he was known for covertly financing cunning and ambitious schemes, often providing large resources and advanced means of destruction at the request of his clients. in 2008 the infamous global financial crisis forced Lehman Brothers, in typical bad bank form, to officially declare bankruptcy, forcing the bank's operations to go completely into the shadows. As a result of the crisis, the Bank of Evil began to specialize only in financing nefarious companies, which paved the way for a boom in which they were the only lenders to known criminals around the world.
During the events of Despicable Me, the Bank of Evil put huge funds into Vector's evil plan to steal the pyramid. But their most important business deal was with Gru, the bank's most prestigious client. At first, the bank refused to finance Gru's moon theft scheme. However, they eventually reconciled by buying a shrink ray.
The Bank of Evil, despite its heavy involvement in dark operations, has had a dramatic impact on the course of nefarious activities around the world, making it an indelible part of the history of the Despicable Me universe. The past remains shrouded in mystery, well-kept secrets, and monumental heists, making him both an enigma and a legend in the villain world.


Originally known as Lehman Brothers, the Bank of Evil plays a central role in the criminal world of the Despicable Me universe. Located in an unknown remote location, a huge monolithic institution is the main financier of all the villains' evil schemes. The architecture of the bank, built of austere dark stones and tall piercing towers, reflects his imposing rule and intentions.
The Bank of Evil is known for financing large-scale and expensive evil projects. The high risk associated with these infamous firms is no deterrent to this institution, as they clearly aim to support bad intentions, hence their slogan "Formerly Lehman Brothers." Despite its nefarious activities, the bank conducts its business with a strange professionalism and discretion, in order to maintain the secrecy of its transactions.
Their clientele consists of the world's most famous villains, with Gru being the most famous. Gru asked the bank for financial support for his dream project: to steal the moon. The bank found the plot promising and only agreed to reject Gru later due to the emergence of a new potential client, Vector.
Manipulation aside, the evil bank exhibits a strange organizational culture. The relationship between the bank and angry customers is kept strictly formal, using an unexpected combination of traditional banking methods such as filling out complex forms and high-tech means of communicating with customers.
Thus, the bank of evil is a witness to the unscrupulous actions of the outlaw world in the Despicable Me universe. The bank's activities and transactions reflect the uniqueness of the evil world: dark but comically absurd.