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Faction NameNecromancers
In the dark world of Diablo, necromancers, also known as priests of Rathmos, play a vital role. Led by their prophet Rathma and the primordial dragon Trag'Oul, they strive to maintain a balance between the forces of life and death. Their powerful powers range from commanding the undead to manipulating the forces of life and death. With the help of curses and bot spells, they maintain balance between the planes of existence. Abilities like poison and bone magic make them a formidable force to be reckoned with. Infamous for their ability to raise the dead, they can raise skeletons and ghosts from corpses to serve their will. Despite their macabre abilities, they are not evil; their main role is to ensure that the cycle of life and death continues without interruption. Necromancers are the embodiment of human will and resilience in the Diablo universe.


Within the confines of the Diablo universe, necromancers, also known as priests of Rathmos, exude an aura of mystery and awe. Hailing from the peaceful jungles of Kehjistan, this order is committed to a fundamental cause: the harmonious balance between life and death. In order to balance this essential dichotomy, they apply not only their learned wisdom but also the art of powerful and unusual magic.
Necromancers have great respect for the cycle of life and death, emphasizing the role of each in the natural evolution of the Earth. To maintain balance, they used the ability to manipulate the energies of life and death, which they often used to control the elements and even resurrect the dead. Their presence is often associated with an ominous atmosphere, given their close association with death and their symbolic power to command undead minions. Necromancers are often misunderstood due to their unique practices and labeled as shadowy figures. However, contrary to common misconception, they are not bad; instead, they operate in a gray area guided by a deep sense of preserving the natural order.
Although they prefer solitude, their importance and influence in the realm of Sanctuary's survival against the Burning Hells is undeniable. Their unique skills come in handy during battle. They can weaken opponents, control various minions, and even use the life force of enemies to increase their own strength.
In short, necromancers offer an impressive combination of strong principles, unique solitary practices, and powerful and mysterious abilities that can turn the tide of any battle.


Necromancers, also known as Priests of Rathmos, are mysterious and dark figures that hail from the eastern jungles of Sanctuary in the vast and complex world of the Diablo universe. They have a rich history, intertwined with many important events that shaped the destiny of this great empire.
These priests of Rathma dedicated their lives to maintaining harmony between the realms of life and death, making them unique and misunderstood. Necromancers are not followers of the dark arts, as many misconceptions suggest, but rather students of a kind of integrated philosophy that they believe keeps the universe in balance.
Their belief system revolves around balance. The great cycle of being requires an endless flux between life and death; any inclination, no matter how small, can lead to the greatest catastrophes. For centuries, necromancers have studied the true nature of life and death and learned techniques to control the same process.
Their hermetic lifestyle, secretive ways, and fascination with the morbid were often viewed as alien to the uninitiated. However, necromancers had no interest in the affairs of the world unless they threatened the Sacred Cycle. In such cases, curious figures stepped in and used their dark arts to restore balance. The most prominent of these moments was the rise of the first evils that threatened to tear the universe apart. Necromancers aided the heroes in the great battles that ensued and played a vital role in winning victories against these terrible forces.
Today, necromancers are revered for their contributions to the Empire and their unwavering dedication to balance. While their secretive habits continue to inspire distrust and fear, their important role in the history of the Diablo universe cannot be denied. Their stories are whispered in equal measure with fear and awe, etched forever in the annals of the Sanctuary.

Notable Members

Member #
Necromancer (Diablo II)
Necromancer (Diablo III)


Necromancers hail from the mysterious jungles of the East and were founded in the hidden city of Ureh, also known as the City of the Dead. Deep in the jungle lies their center of power, the Necropolis, a monumental edifice of stone and magic surrounded by gardens, full of tombs, and bright towers crackling with the energy of endless ritual practices.
These sorcerers isolate themselves in this terrible place in order to better communicate with the spirits of the underworld. The complex layout of the Necropolis reflects the cosmological beliefs of necromancers based on the alignment of the stars and the vortices of spiritual energies. This makes it a powerful center for their blood rituals and bone divination. The eastern jungle itself is no less mystical. Ancient, twisted trees obscure the sky, and dense undergrowths of strange and magical plants impede movement, home to a myriad of unknown species, some harmless and others eerie and evil.
Secluded and reclusive, necromancers have created a haven in a land few others venture into. Here, in their isolated city and the wild jungle that hides them from prying eyes, they cultivate their dark talents under the constant watch of their ghostly ancestors.

Legacy and Impact

Necromancers, also known as the Priests of Rathmos, have greatly influenced the Diablo universe. Their decision to maintain a delicate balance between life and death especially influenced the games' narrative. Driven by the enhancement of their mortal lives through the careful control of death, these characters helped to sow tension and unpredictable twists. Their ability to manipulate the forces of life and death defies the traditional concept of necromancy, giving their characters rich and unique layers. Necromancers' carefully crafted story challenges players to question the nature of morality, power, and consequence in the dynamic world of Diablo. Their legacy is one of intrigue and mystique that invites players to explore the thin line between life and death and the dangerous lure of power between them.