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General Info

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Faction NameRogues/Amazon
Later known as the Amazon tribe in the Diablo universe, Rogues are skilled archers and fierce warriors. These women are adept at ranged combat, pitting their deadly marksmanship against those who challenge them. Raised in the harsh wilderness, they are masters of survival and use their knowledge to their advantage. They have a basic understanding of the earth and its creatures, and are able to track their prey with unerring precision. Rogues live a nomadic lifestyle and are often hired as mercenaries, known for quick and efficient missions. Devout followers of Blind Eye, they have a deep spiritual connection and use their faith to defeat their enemies. Their quick and deadly aim combined with their unwavering faith make them a formidable ally or a terrifying foe.


Rogues, also known as the Sisters of the Unseeing Eyes, are an order of female warriors that are very important in the rich history of the Diablo universe. Renowned for their exceptional archery skills, Rogues are lightly armored and use ranged weapons, usually preferring ranged combat. Their martial prowess is offset by an intense spiritual devotion, and their beliefs center around a mythical ancient trio, some of whom are said to have been transformed into celestial beings.
Some of the Rogues later evolved into the Amazon Faction, a Diablo II class faction known for their superior skill with bow and crossbow and spear and javelin weapons. They come from the Skov Islands, where they follow Polynesian traditions. The Amazons are known throughout Sanctuary not only for their martial prowess, but also for their philosophical beliefs based on balance and harmony. Their society, though primitive, emphasizes a balanced life, values ​​intellectual pursuits and martial training. Amazons see fighting as an integral part of life, a necessary balance and a cultural mandate. This unique perspective defines them, making them one of the most important groups in the Diablo universe.


Rogues represent a group of women skilled in the use of bows and crossbows and are particularly skilled at striking targets from long range. Descended from the Sisters of the Blind Eyes, a mysterious society deeply rooted in the ancient magical and mistrustful religion of Renit, Rogues are considered the best of all cultures with the bow and crossbow.
Their history goes back to the age of magic, a time of chaos and turmoil. The strict discipline of their order served as a beacon of order in a world teetering on the brink of destruction. The Sisterhood formed a bulwark against the forces of darkness, keeping the last remnants of light in a world shrouded in shadow. After the Dark Exile, the Thieves hid in the harsh wilderness of Westland, which became known as the Thieves' Camp. Here they fulfilled their sacred duty of guarding the sacred World Stone and guarding against the demonic forces lurking in every shadow.
The Rogues trained in their remote camp and mastered the art of the bow, enhancing their natural agility, speed, and agility. Their devotion to the Order fostered a deep sense of unity, solidarity, and an unwavering determination to protect humanity from the ever-present threat of the Burning Hell.
When Diablo, the Lord of Terror, unleashed his fury on the world, a daring villain known only as Blood Raven rose to challenge him. Unfortunately, she was corrupted by Diablo's influence, but her legacy lives on through the Amazon warriors, descendants of the rogue humans. Hailing from the remote island of Phylios, these fierce women continued the thieves' unwavering fight against the darkness, wielding spears and spears incomparably, a testament to the prowess of their ancestors.
Today, thieves and Amazons remain staunch defenders of humanity, the embodiment of their Order's indomitable spirit, and their history a testament to sacrifice and survival in the unforgiving world of Sanctuary.

Notable Members

Member #
Blood Raven | Moreina


The Rogues, also known as the Invisible Eye Sisters, and the Amazons come from different geographic regions of the Diablo universe, each with a unique topography and climate. Rogues come from the cold and harsh Western Highlands, specifically from a monastery near the city of Tristram. This holy place is surrounded by a terrible desert full of dark forests and snowy mountains. The environment is otherworldly, often shrouded in freezing fog, befitting their strict and disciplined lifestyle.
Amazons, on the other hand, originate from the tropical islands of Skova in the twin seas. Filled with thick jungles, ancient temple cities and sunny beaches, the Skova Islands are a stark contrast to the rugged lands to the west. Ruled by an all-female council known as the Askari, the Skova Islands are a female-dominated empire, and female militancy is highly valued. Both the geography and culture of their homeland greatly influenced the fearless nature and skilled fighting skills of the Amazons. The labyrinthine jungle environment fostered the Amazon's mastery of traps, guerilla warfare, spears and bows in pursuit of peace and justice. The different geographical identities of the Successors and Amazons are crucial in shaping their cultures, fighting styles, and roles in the larger Diablo universe.

Legacy and Impact

The Rogues/Amazons faction in the Diablo universe has left a huge legacy on Sanctuary. They were not only formidable warriors but also acted as guardians of their homeland. Their mastery of archery and spear techniques inspired many women warriors. They proved that strength and bravery are not unique to men, and agility and intelligence often trump brute force in battle. The Amazons used their goddess power to encourage natural magic and demonstrate the harmony between warrior and deity. Their impact is not only felt on the battlefield, but also in the way they have challenged the traditional norms of Sanctuary culture. Powerful and independent, the Amazons founded a society based on matriarchy, communication, and mutual respect. They understood what it takes to be a true guardian of the sanctuary, and their legacy remains intact throughout the ages.
They continue to inspire generations of women and their legacy remains strong. The influence of the Rogues/Amazons continues to permeate the Diablo universe, influencing thought, culture, and warfare. They are models of strength and wisdom that shape the world of Sanctuary.