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Dragon Age: The Calling

General Info

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AuthorDavid Gaider
GenresFantasy, Adventure
Book NameDragon Age: The Calling
PublisherTor Books
Release Date2009-10-13
Number of Pages448
Original TitleDragon Age: The Calling
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://us.macmillan.com/torforge
Dragon Age: The Calling by David Gaider is an engrossing fantasy novel full of suspense, drama and action. It takes place in the mystical and dark world of Theda. The book presents a thrilling journey that tests the heroes of the legendary Gray Wardens as they climb into the depths of the Deep Roads to fight against a timeless and seemingly invulnerable enemy. The main characters, led by the gray guard Duncan, vividly embody courage and determination. Interspersed with dramatic twists and character development, the novel reveals intricate details of Thedas not found in the game series. This hair-raising page-turner will leave fans wanting more.


David Gaider's Dragon Age: The Calling is a tantalizing sequel to The Stolen Throne. The story revolves around King Maric, who allows the mysterious Gray Guards to recruit him into their ranks. Renowned for their fight against monstrous darkspawns, the Wardens delve into the unknown parts of the Deep Roads. Their mission takes a turn when they discover an unexpected threat lurking beneath the surface, creating a looming threat that could destroy the entire kingdom. The novel highlights how far one must go to ensure the safety of one's country and the unfathomable cost of war. As old alliances crumble and new ones form, King Maric is forced to face his greatest fears. This is an impressive story of courage, betrayal and indescribable strength. A must-read for avid Dragon Age fans, it provides a deeper insight into life before the hero of Ferelden.


Ten years after the infamous Battle of Ostagar, Maric, King of Ferelden, mysteriously disappears under suspicious circumstances. An elite group of warriors, the Gray Wardens of Ferelden, fear that Marik has been captured by dark spawning, monstrous creatures lurking in the depths. These Gray Guard warriors recruit an unlikely squad of a circle mage, a Dalish elf, an elder warden, and an inexperienced initiate to embark on the book's perilous quest: to rescue a missing king from the dark depths.
Their journey takes them through frozen landscapes, treacherous mountains, and ancient ruins, where they uncover disturbing secrets about the Void, the Dark Dwarf, and their teammates. Each step brings them closer to the king, but also deepens the mystery of his disappearance. There are dangerous forces at work in the shadows that manipulate events for an unintended purpose.
Heroes face their darkest fears, test their mettle, and learn the true cost of honor and sacrifice. In a world of chaos and twisted magic, they must join forces and resolve their differences to defeat their formidable opponents. The fate of their king and the kingdom of Ferelden hangs in the balance as the depths hold the key to their quest. Not knowing what they will find in the darkness, they take on a calling that is treacherous and has to do with preserving the strength of their kingdom. Dragon Age: The Calling is a captivating dark fantasy that delves into the depths of a mystical and menacing world. Filled with thrilling battles, sinister plots, and memorable characters, this is a must-read for fans of the Dragon Age universe or those looking for a thrilling fantasy adventure.


The development process for Dragon Age: The Calling transcends the boundaries of traditional betting worlds. Born directly from the famous video game universe, Bioware's Dragon Age skillfully blends interactive storytelling with rich prose.
The game's lead writer, David Gaider, used his deep knowledge of the universe to create a fascinating literary story that delved into the intricacies of the game's story, politics, and characters. The book takes place before the events of the first Dragon Age: Origins game. That's why Gaider took on the challenge of creating not just a compelling stand-alone story, but a believable one that seamlessly weaves into the game's larger narrative.
The story creation process was not one-way, but a collaboration between Gaider and the game development team. Every character, plot, or story has been carefully reviewed and adapted to ensure that the book and the game are in sync. Gaider worked tirelessly for months, adapting and creating multiple drafts to arrive at the final version of the book.
Without a doubt, Gaider's clear voice and nuanced understanding of the Dragon Age universe has allowed him to bring the characters to life and create a story that will satisfy both dedicated players and newcomers alike. It featured spectacular battles with deep emotional elements, a balanced story that appealed to a wide range of readers.
In conclusion, the development of Dragon Age: The Calling strengthened the game's narrative universe while carving out its own unique niche as a compelling book. This is a great example of a combination of interactive and traditional storytelling.


Dragon Age: The Calling brings us back to the enticing world of Thedas, created by the genius David Gaider, lead author of Bioware's Dragon Age series. This fascinating novel not only expands the lore of video games: it adds new depths, rich details and sophistication to its storytelling.
The story places us in the company of King Maric as he makes the sad decision to venture into the dark abyss of the Deep Roads in search of the dwarven monsters known as the dark hook. With a diverse cast of Gray Wardens, Gaider borrows stylistic resources from classic fantasy and gives it his own unique twist.
The story of "The Calling" is full of brutal battles, deep-rooted conspiracies and terrible betrayals. But it also has a refreshing mix of friendships, budding romances, and heartwarming friendships that provide an incredible balance to this dark fantasy story.
The strength of The Calling undoubtedly lies in the characters, each of whom are individual and richly developed. Gaider makes sure that each character, while flawed and scarred by their ghostly past, stands out as real and relatable. The characters' flaws give them a uniquely human perspective on the insurmountable difficulties they face, grounding the fantasy story in reality.
At its core, Dragon Age: The Calling is an exciting and immersive immersion into a world where heroes bear their burdens with grace, where adversity calls for alliances, and where the deepest friendships are often forged in the furnace of shared conflict. More than just an extension of a video game, this book is a testament to the power of solid storytelling and the seriousness of immersive world-building.


Dragon Age: The Calling first aired in 2009. October 13 published by Del Rey Books as the second novel set in the extended Dragon Age universe. This gripping novel follows the journey of King Maric, accompanied by the Gray Wardens, as they venture deeper into the Underworld. Their mission is to retrieve allies from the past, which brings them to the heart of an ancient tension filled with secrets.
Written by David Gaider, lead author of the Dragon Age games. The book brings fear, courage and suspense to life as it unfolds the story of the Dragon Age world. Through Gaider's expert narration, readers are drawn into the intense darkness of Deep Roads. The tension builds as secrets are revealed and the true horrors lurking are revealed.
Reaching for an unexpected revelation, The Summoning enhances the Dragon Age experience by deepening your understanding of the world and introducing you to memorable characters. Plant the seeds of events and personalities players encounter in games. This novel delves into the plot of the video game, weaving a story that's as fun to read as it is to complement the game experience. The release of The Calling marks another milestone in the growing Dragon Age anthology, which appeals to avid gamers and fantasy book lovers alike.


Written by David Gaider, Dragon Age: The Calling has received largely positive reception among dedicated fans of the Dragon Age universe. Readers praised the book for its rich story, in-depth exploration of the show's history, and further character development. Many were pleased with how the author managed to bring the dark and intense world of Dragon Age to life in a fictional format.
The novel was particularly praised for its detailed portrayal of King Maric and Duncan, two of the game's favorite characters. Players who were already familiar with the characters discovered deeper layers of their personalities in the book, which enhanced their gaming experience. However, the book was not without its critics. Some readers found the prose a little cloying and the pacing of the story a little flawed. There were also opinions that the book was more suitable for existing fans than for new readers with little familiarity with the world of Dragon Age.
Despite mixed reviews, Dragon Age: The Calling is a compelling story that further expands the Dragon Age universe. It adds depth to the video game world, making it an enriching book for any fan of the series. As a stand-alone fantasy novel, it also keeps pace with an engaging plot driven by well-developed characters and unexpected twists.
Bottom line, while the book isn't perfect in terms of writing style and pacing, it certainly managed to provide a deeper understanding of the Dragon Age universe.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Dragon Age: The Calling is immense, reflecting the nuances that history has brought to the fantasy genre. Written by David Gaider, lead author of BioWare's Dragon Age video games, this impressive book has captivated readers and greatly expanded the rich mythos of the Dragon Age universe.
The Calling expanded the game's fan base in literature, attracting avid readers who were immersed in the complex plot and deep character development. The social influence of the text is no less noticeable: when examining the themes of morality, identity and sacrifice, it provokes introspection and dialogue among readers.
The universality of the book also confirms its cultural value: the action-packed story entertains, and the philosophical underpinnings of the story cause intellectual stimulation. Another important effect is the portrayal of different identities in the book. Dragon Age: The Calling transcends typical fantasy stereotypes and features a diversity of races, genders, and backgrounds. This diversity has led to a literature of inclusion and representation that is highly valued by many readers.
Since then, The Calling has become a staple of gaming storytelling. Recognizing its appeal, educators and critics began to integrate the book into literary programs and discussions, further cementing its importance in popular culture. In conclusion, with its powerful story, complex characters and thought-provoking themes, Dragon Age: The Calling not only enhanced the appeal of the Dragon Age franchise, but also left an indelible mark on the intersection of video game and literary cultures. .