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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

General Info

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AuthorDavid Gaider
Book NameDragon Age: The Stolen Throne
PublisherTor Books
Release Date2009-03-03
Number of Pages400
Original TitleDragon Age: The Stolen Throne
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://us.macmillan.com/torforge/
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne is the enticing first installment of the acclaimed Dragon Age fantasy series. Written by David Gaider, lead writer of the award-winning RPG series, this gripping novel sets the stage for the epic battles, intense political intrigue, and fascinating characters that the series is known for. It follows the thrilling journey of deposed Prince Maric as he fights against overwhelming odds to reclaim his stolen kingdom and regain freedom in his homeland of Ferelden. Prepare to be immersed in a vibrant world, beautifully crafted down to the last detail, where choices have consequences and alliances are as fragile as they are powerful. This novel is a must read not only for fans of the Dragon Age universe, but also for anyone looking for a compelling read in the realm of fantasy literature.


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne takes readers into a fascinating universe on the brink of rebellion. Set in a richly detailed world of swords and sorcery, the story unfolds amid a tumultuous political landscape where alliances are forged and trust is a luxury. the journey of young Maric, who unknowingly inherits his mother's loyalty and kingdom on the brink of war.
After his mother's murder, Maric finds himself in the throes of battle and teams up with Loghain, an apparently loyal man with an unwavering moral compass. As they fight for a common goal, the unlikely pair share a bond that goes beyond friendship. As they choose to reclaim their stolen throne, the story unravels the conventions of loyalty, honor, and love.
Brimming with suspense and brought to life by a fascinating cast of characters, Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne is an exciting prequel to the hit RPG Dragon Age: Origins. He captivates readers from the very beginning with his elaborate narratives and evocative descriptions of verdant landscapes and bustling cities. The book provides an immersive experience for both established fans of the game and newcomers to the Dragon Age universe.
Every page you turn echoes with the clang of swords and whispers of rebellion, promising an epic experience that will keep you enthralled until the very end.


In Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, Theda's world comes to life through a story of betrayal, courage and sacrifice. The story revolves around Maric, the rightful heir to the throne of Ferelden, who is forced to witness the betrayal and murder of his mother, the rebel queen, by an ambitious noble.
With no other choice, Maric fled into the desert, marking the beginning of his difficult journey. Meet Loghain, a criminal with a tarnished reputation but unwavering loyalty and unwavering courage. Their paths converge, leading to a common destiny: to reclaim the stolen throne. Battles ensue where they come face to face with darkspawn, werewolves and traitorous nobles. In addition, Maric's unexpected romance with the beautiful and deadly elven bard Katriel adds another layer of complexity to his journey. Caught between love, duty and revenge, Maric's choices hold the key to Ferelden's future.
As the story unfolds, Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne perfectly captures the essence of a land ravaged by rebellion and chaos. Explore the costs of tyranny and sacrifices for freedom, delve into political conspiracies and depict the harsh realities of war. Every aspect of this story provides a deeper understanding of the Dragon Age universe. From the characters' complex relationships to the vivid depiction of their ruthless world, the book offers an in-depth look at the heroic quests that define the iconic video game series.


The development of Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne involved a complex process and a dedicated team of writers and developers. The team faced many challenges while creating it, but their passion for the Dragon Age universe and dedication to quality storytelling brought them success.
The original concept for the book came from the Dragon Age gaming universe, which gave the writers a wealth of history, culture, and characters to draw upon. The main character, Maric, is the brains behind a reluctant hero forced to reclaim his throne in a time of despair and chaos.
The power of the Dragon Age universe lies in its depth and detail, which needed to be captured within the pages of The Stolen Throne. The team had to go to great lengths to keep the book true to the story, timeline, and history of the existing game series. It required meticulous research, careful plotting, and compelling character development.
At the core of The Stolen Throne was the relationship between Maric and his mentor, Loghain. Their dynamic and tense relationship formed the basis of the novel's narrative structure. Against a backdrop of political intrigue and the threat of invasion, the intimate human drama is designed to appeal to Dragon Age fans. The goal was to provide readers with rich and detailed historical information to help them better enjoy and understand the vast world of gaming. Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne is a testament to the power of committed storytelling in the world of fantasy and video games. It serves the dual purpose of expanding the science and adding depth to an already complex and compelling universe.


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne is an immersive fantasy novel that delves into the dark and rich history of the Dragon Age universe. An exciting prequel to the popular video game series, this immersive book tells the story of the rise of the magnificent King Maric and reveals the events leading up to the rise of the sinister kingdom of Ferelden.
In a land where power is exercised through bloodshed and strife, the story explores the tumultuous life of Prince Maric, the rightful heir to the throne but an outlaw in his country. Marik forms an unlikely alliance with Loghain, a humble warrior with a vengeful heart, and together they fight to reclaim their kingdom from the clutches of a treacherous usurper.
Filled with complex politics, fierce battles, and complex characters, this novel paints a vivid picture of a kingdom in turmoil. Each character, from nobles to thieves, is carefully fleshed out, leaving readers to question their own morals and loyalties. Neither all good nor all bad, these characters blur the lines between right and wrong in a kingdom torn by war.
Author David Gaider takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster, constantly building tension throughout the book and fueling the story with shocking revelations. Gaider's intricate world creation perfectly depicts the kingdom of Fereldan, filled with dark scions, mythical creatures, wizards and knights, a solid foundation for the Dragon Age franchise.
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne is more than just a book for fans of the franchise. It is a fascinating story of loss, betrayal, friendship and the relentless pursuit of power. It brings out the human aspect of a fantasy world overshadowed by magic and war, leaving a lasting impression with its emotionally charged story. Immerse yourself in this enchanting novel and journey into the heart of the Dragon Age universe.


The release of Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne gave fans of the Dragon Age universe an immersive experience like they had never seen before. Written by David Gaider, lead author of the popular Dragon Age series, this novel transforms the complex story, dynamic characters, and intriguing world of Dragon Age into an emotionally written story.
Set before the events of the original game, The Stolen Throne invites readers to delve into the tumultuous history of Ferelden. It tells the compelling story of Marika, the rightful heir to the throne, who is forced to raise a rebel army to reclaim her kingdom from a usurper.
The balance of suspense, romance, and spectacular battles make this book a compelling read. It's also a great introduction for newcomers and provides the story details that die-hard fans crave. With this edition, the Dragon Age franchise has really expanded its horizons, taking a fascinating journey through literature, bringing readers face to face with a never-before-seen side of Theadas.


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne received largely positive reviews from fans of the Dragon Age games for its engaging storyline, engaging character development, and deep exploration of the games' history. Critics have praised Gaider's ability to create a dark and gritty story that matches the tone of the game series. Readers have found the book to be steeped in political intrigue and brutal, realistic combat that accurately portrays the provocative and dark universe of Dragon Age.
Readers developed strong bonds with the main characters, Maric and Loghain, citing their complex personalities and developing friendships as elements that drew them into the story. Gaider's portrayal of his journey from insecure youth to influential leader has been praised for its depth and detail. However, some critics pointed to flaws in the pacing and the uneven distribution of narrative focus. Fans of the game also wanted to explore more of the magical elements of the world, which were somewhat pushed aside in the book. Although met with some criticism, Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne was generally praised for delivering a compelling story of the beloved gaming franchise and giving readers a richer context for the gaming experience.

Cultural impact

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne's "cultural impact" is huge and significant. The book did a lot to solidify and expand the story and history of the critically acclaimed Dragon Age franchise. Many dedicated fans and new readers were drawn into the book's complex plot and character development, strengthening their connection to the Dragon Age universe.
First of all, the artifact this book has in the gaming community is immeasurable. This allowed players to better understand and appreciate the social and political realm of the game, greatly enriching their gaming experience. The deeply developed backstories of some of the game's characters, previously only mentioned in the games, also allowed fans to connect with these characters on a more emotional level.
In addition, The Stolen Throne played a key role in making fantasy novels more popular. The intermingling of elaborate political plots with brutal and mythical battles has piqued the curiosity of many readers. Showing the complex gray morality that is the series' trademark, the book challenges traditional fantasy tropes, setting the bar high for future books in the genre.
The Stolen Throne also popularized the concept of political intrigue and conflict in fantasy literature. A unique tapestry of deceit, power and loyalty is woven throughout history, providing resonant social commentary. This has generated a lot of in-depth discussion and debate among readers and critics alike, creating a stronger sense of Dragon Age fan community.
Ultimately, the book paved the way for more open and inclusive depictions of fantasy stories. It features characters from various backgrounds, each with their own unique personality and motivations, making the Dragon Age universe richer, more diverse, and more relatable. The portrayal of different races, genders, and sexualities within its pages underscored the importance of different characterizations in contemporary literature, making Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne not only an engaging book, but a critical cultural cornerstone.