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Dragon Age: The Silent Grove

General Info

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove logo
AuthorDavid Gaider
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorChad Hardin
Issue Number6
Release Date2012-02-22
Number of Pages80
Original TitleDragon Age: The Silent Grove
Comics Issue NameDragon Age: The Silent Grove
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Dragon Age: The Silent Grove was born from the inspiring idea of ​​David Gaider, writer of the famous Dragon Age video game saga. This gripping comedy series breathes new life into legends and reveals the untold stories at the heart of Thedas. Follow Alistair, Isabel, and Varric as they navigate dangerous paths through dragon-infested lands. These quests are fueled by a dark secret from Alistair's past, forcing the trio to confront dangerous truths and face their darkest fears. Difficult choices and unexpected alliances shape their journey, which delves into the forgotten truths of the Gray Wardens. Rich graphics and a compelling narrative captivate readers and provide an unprecedented expansion of the Dragon Age story.


"Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is a great entry in the saga that adds depth to the already vast world of Thedas. The comic series revolves around Alistair Theirin, the rightful but reluctant king of Ferelden. Alistair embarks on a perilous journey to Antiva, a land of assassins and great danger that led by none other than a cryptic note and a promise to reveal long-kept secrets about her origins.
The gentle hero is followed by the charming and loyal dwarf Varric Tethras and the fearless pirate queen Isabela, each with their own hidden motives and desires. As the story progresses, themes of familial friendship, betrayal, duty, and responsibility emerge, themes that resonate throughout the Dragon Age universe. Vivid graphics deliver stunning visual storytelling and heighten the epicness and emotional intensity of the characters' personal scenes and epic battles. Silent Grove is an essential addition to the chronology of Dragon Age, with every frame unfolding to capture the intensity, drama and sheer emotional power of this beautifully crafted story. For all Dragon Age fans, it opens a new window into a beloved world full of lore to discover and characters to endure.


In Dragon Age: The Silent Grove, King Alistair embarks on a perilous journey to Antiva, accompanied by Varrik and Isabela. Alistair is haunted by disturbing dreams that force him to search for the secrets of his origins. Infiltrating the treacherous lair of the Antivan Crows, a massive assassin guild, they uncover a chilling conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the Antivan Royal Palace. The trio's path intertwines with Yavana, a mysterious witch who lives in the ancient Dragon Graveyard in the Silent Grove. Yavana holds the keys to Alistair's past and destiny, bringing revelations that could shatter everything he believed about himself and his heritage. This engrossing story expertly weaves together threads of mystery, suspense, and dragon mythology, leaving readers in suspense.


Development of Dragon Age: The Silent Grove began as a collaboration between Bioware, Dark Horse Comics, and renowned Dragon Age screenwriter David Gaider. Gaider's brilliant storytelling, along with Chad Hardin's illustration talent and Michael Atiyeh's vibrant colors, bring this extraordinary tale of deception and dark magic to life. Set in the elaborate universe of Dragon Age, the graphic novel echoed the rich history and political intrigue of the original RPG.
The production process required painstaking efforts to ensure that each character, from King Alistair to Varric and Isabela, remained true to their in-game identity. As an integral part of the Dragon Age series, The Silent Grove was carefully overseen by Bioware's creative team to align the comic's story with the larger Dragon Age timeline. Hundreds of pieces of concept art were compiled and many color palettes were explored before the final artwork was chosen. A large part of the project was also invested in the creation of immersive atmospheres, from moving cemeteries to dramatic landscapes of ghostly ruins.
The development of Dragon Age: The Silent Grove went beyond creating a side story, expanding Teda's story and enriching the overall Dragon Age experience for dedicated players.


Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is a must-see series that brings to life an all-new thrilling adventure set in the famous Dragon Age universe, immersing viewers in an arc of high-stakes, heart-pounding action. Written by acclaimed fantasy writer David Gaider and illustrated by the impressive Chad Hardin, the comic reveals unknown mysteries and explores fascinating aspects of beloved characters. In this dark and haunting installment, we see King Alistair on a desperate quest to uncover his father's fate. Together with Varrik and Isabel, they travel to the treacherous Silent Grove, where they incur the wrath of an ancient dragon. Every page will make your heart flutter, and Gaider's storytelling is expertly combined with Hardin's masterful artwork to create a vivid and compelling depiction of the world of Dragon Age. This is definitely a must-read for seasoned Dragon Age veterans and new enthusiasts to the world of Thedas. Dragon Age: The Silent Grove's story is fascinating and haunting, and is an essential addition to the franchise's expanding universe.


In the Dragon Age: The Silent Grove comic, "Release," we're enthralled with storylines that delve into Theda's terrifying secrets.
The Silent Grove was originally released digitally in 2012. on February 22 via Dark Horse's online service. As a feature of the collaboration between BioWare and Dark Horse, the comic book series gave fans a chance to explore a new story arc in the Dragon Age realm months after the release of Dragon Age II.
The story of "Silent Grove", which consists of six songs, offers an unknown journey, expertly wrapped in beautiful artistry and fascinating storytelling. This comic has captivated the audience by incorporating elements of adventure, drama and fantasy. In addition to the digital platform, The Silent Grove was later released in hardcover in 2012. October 24 This standalone edition contained all six issues, allowing fans to enjoy the entire storyline in one impressive print edition.
In addition to adding significant depth to the narrative landscape of Dragon Age, The Silent Grove also marked a milestone in the evolution of digital comics culture. With every page, BioWare and Dark Horse reveal layers of the Dragon Age universe that are as intriguing as they are enchanting.


Upon release, Dragon Age: The Silent Grove received largely positive reviews from readers and critics. It was praised for its compelling storytelling and stunning graphics that brought the beloved characters and world of Dragon Age to life. The series was particularly praised for its faithful adaptation of the video game's complex story, capturing its essence and introducing new twists and character depths. Many fans appreciated how the comic expanded the Dragon Age story and offered interesting insights into the game's history and mythology. Some readers gave positive feedback on the nuanced portrayal of the beloved character Alistair and the search for his legacy. There was little criticism; however, some readers felt that some of the storylines were rushed or didn't get the attention they needed. Overall, The Silent Grove stands out as a strong addition to the Dragon Age franchise.

Cultural impact

The Silent Grove played an important role in the expansion of the Dragon Age universe and influenced fans' perception of the dynamics of Tedosian society. The story delves into the cultural intricacies and political machinations of Antivos, a city not typically explored in mainstream games. Diverse and complex characters explore themes of sacrifice, origin, and honor. The comics introduced the intricacies of Antivan's reign and the ruthlessness of the Antivan Crows, giving them a better understanding of Zevran's roots. It also revealed the fate of King Maric and sparked fan debate about Alistair's actions. It embedded a deeper story into the more mundane elements of the game, adding to the realism of the ethereal universe. Thus, Silent Grove not only added to the rich tapestry of Dragon Age, but also demonstrated the potential of graphic novels as a valuable narrative medium to expand game narratives.