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Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening

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Event NameDragon Age: Origins – Awakening
Awakening takes place after Dragon Age: Origins. As a Gray Warden, you become the commander of Ferelden and are tasked with restoring the Order of the Gray Warden. Mysterious and deadly creatures begin to infest the land; you must gather a team of trusted allies to fight these new threats. Greater than these creatures emerges the Architect, a formidable foe with undiscovered powers and unknown intentions. You will discover and reveal new secrets about the dark nert, an ancient evil force. As you expand your collection of powerful weapons, spells, and abilities, you're constantly challenged to adapt and evolve your approach to tactical combat as the situation unfolds. Every decision shapes events and outcomes, providing high replay value and heavy consequences. Your allies will also rate you: their opinion of you will evolve based on your actions and dialogue choices.


Dragon Age Universe is a massive fantasy world created by BioWare. The game's setting is a rich and immersive backdrop filled with complex characters, a deep story, and a compelling story. It is located in a land called Thedas, which means "Dragon Age Environment" from the acronym.

A Time of Turmoil player named "Hero of Ferelden" in Dragon Age: Origins, Hawk in Dragon Age: Origins, Hawk in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and "Inquisitor" in Dragon Age: Inquisition", is obliged to fight against dark forces and make morally complex decisions that shape the world around them.

Dragon Age's appeal lies in its solid world-building strategies, intense combat mechanics, and complex political and religious systems. Different races such as humans, elves, kunars and dwarves coexist in this universe, each with their own unique culture and history. The series has been praised for its character-driven story, complex plot, and the significant impact of player choices during gameplay.