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Jules Vaughn

General Info

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Job TitleStudent
Birth Date2004-01-01
Birth PlaceEast Highland, California, United States
Knows aboutTransgender issues, Mental Health, Drugs
Character NameJules Vaughn
Member of OrganizationEast Highland High School
Jules Vaughn, played by Hunter Schafer, is a charming character in the Euphoria universe. She is a transgender woman who moved to East Highland midway through high school. Strong-minded, independent and unashamed of her identity, Jules represents a youthful spirit yearning for freedom and acceptance. He quickly befriends Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya, which marks the beginning of an intense and complicated relationship. Jules embodies a complex combination of vulnerability and courage as she struggles with her mental health. Her character embarks on a transformative journey, beautifully portraying the struggles and triumphs of growing up trans. Her journey reflects real-world issues, making her a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. The character of Jules is a testament to Euphoria's nuanced and realistic portrayal of contemporary teen culture.


Jules Vaughn is a fascinating and complex character from the groundbreaking television series Euphoria. Jules, a trans girl who recently moved to the city after her mother's divorce, brings a breath of fresh air and a new dynamism to the otherwise monotonous suburb. She's passionate and fearless, and definitely vulnerable, so she's relatable. Jules is a symbol of resilience, navigating a difficult past with courage and integrity. Her journey of exploring her identity and coming into herself adds a lot of depth to the show's story. From a fighting girl to the empress of her existence, her transformation mirrors the metamorphosis of a butterfly, beautiful and enchanting. The intensity of his friendships and relationships, especially with Rue, add layers of emotion and believability to his character. Jules paints a new and modern version of femininity, not prescribed but chosen. She embodies a heroic journey of self-discovery and acceptance, making her one of the most powerful characters in the Euphoria universe.


Jules Vaughn is an intriguing character in the world's most popular series, Euphoria. She is a transgender girl who recently moved to East Highland, and her character embodies a combination of independence, strength and vulnerability.
Jules spent her early childhood in a mental institution due to her struggles with self-harm and transgender identity. During this time, she decided to transition, which caused a lot of reaction from her peers and family. But she embraced those difficulties and turned them into stepping stones to discover her identity as a strong transgender woman, rather than obstacles. Often seen wearing sportswear that expresses her unique personality, she is unafraid of society's restrictions and controls. She's adventurous, she loves life, and she's not afraid to explore her sexuality, even if it leads to a risky relationship, like with a stranger on a dating app who turns out to be Nate Jacobs disguised as "Tyler."
Despite her outward portrayal of self-confidence, Jules harbors a deep sense of loneliness and longing for acceptance, embodying a thrilling combination of bravery and vulnerability. His friendship with Rue Bennett, the show's protagonist, is particularly telling: a friendship of mutual trust and adoration that allows us to glimpse his compassionate side.
Jules is more than just a trans figure. Her journey and the challenges she faces make her a truly dynamic personality. It's a much-needed breath of fresh air that brings nuanced depth to popular culture's portrayal of transgender people. Through his struggles and victories, he gives viewers insight into the human quest for identity and acceptance.
Her stunning wardrobe, charming charm, and strong-willed nature make Jules Vaughn the standout character in Euphoria. Beyond her bold exterior, she is a wonderfully multi-layered personality with an extraordinary journey, a true representation of the power of modern television.

Creation and Development

A charismatic and fearless free spirit, Jules Vaughn was created for HBO's groundbreaking series Euphoria. Masterfully portrayed by Hunter Schafer, the complex character is much more than the new girl at East Highland High. Over the course of the series, she evolves into a multifaceted character, going through the trials of a typical teenager in the midst of her transgender journey.
It was created not without the deep thought and attention of Euphoria writer Sam Levinson. Too often transgender characters are defined solely by their transition, but Jules is a notable exception. Her transgender identity, while integral, does not encompass her entire personality. Even in his own work, Jules was portrayed as a teenager in love, dealing with betrayals and struggling with mental health issues, just like any other teenager.
Character development required a careful balance of sensitivity and authenticity. A transgender woman herself, Schafer brought her own experiences to the character, making Jules' story uniquely powerful and relatable. This approach helped to avoid formal images, and to provide an authenticity that is rarely seen on screen. Each episode offers a nuanced and layered growth of Jules. From a storyline where Rue initially thought of her as the "ideal girl," she slowly transforms into someone with her own demons to fight. But even in her vulnerability, Jules demonstrates an unwavering resilience, redefining expectations of femininity and strength.
Breaking through the monolithic portrayal of transgender characters on television, Jules Vaughn presents a real, gritty and poignant portrait of a young trans woman just trying to find her place in the world. It's a testament to the progress made in mainstream media representation of Trans, and a beacon for more sensitive and insightful storytelling on television.

Character Profile

Jules Vaughn, the main character in the Euphoria universe, is a transgender girl who moves to the suburbs at the beginning of the series. Charming and ethereal, Jules quickly rose to fame, attracting a lot of interest from her peers and adding a dynamism that was lacking in their small community. However, it is his growing friendship and intimacy with Rue, the protagonist of the show, that is the main focus of the show's narrative.
Jules is consistently seen as energetic and bold, both in her fashion and personality, with bold prints and neon colors matching her vibrant, bubbly spirit. She navigates the world with an infectious energy that belies her past traumas, a testament to her resilience and strength. It is through his struggle that Jules embodies what it means to truly have his own identity; we see her explore relationships, struggle with acceptance and rejection, while also facing the terrifying reality of being a trans teenager in a largely unaccepting world.
Despite the challenges she faces, Jules remains optimistic and often uses her love of fashion and design to express herself and push herself forward. He becomes a symbol of resistance, a figure who fights against established social norms and is not afraid to go his own way. Jules is not only a character in the Euphoria universe, but also a vivid and visceral portrait of the ongoing struggle for acceptance and self-esteem.

Story Arc

Jules Vaughn is a transgender girl who recently moved to town at the beginning of HBO's Euphoria. Jules' journey of discovery and self-acceptance, an integral character in the plot, is the central story of Euphoria.
Jules' plot begins with her arrival in town and she immediately attracts the interest of the local teenagers, including Rue Bennett, who falls in love with her. We learn that Julis is a patient, loving, but deeply conflicted person.
Jules developed strong feelings for Rue, which helped her cope with her desire for male approval. This desire is evident in Jules's dangerous encounters with older and incarcerated men, highlighting her struggle with self-esteem and self-acceptance. Enigmatic but vulnerable, Jules often risks her own safety to seek approval and love from men who don't respect or deserve her.
Jules and Rue have zero relationship in the show. As they explore their feelings for each other, Jules confesses that he loves Rue. But they are battling their own personal demons. Rue struggles with addiction, while Jules struggles with her identity, her past, her self-worth, and acknowledging her feelings for Rue.
As the series progresses, Jules embarks on a path of personal growth and begins to recognize her own self-worth beyond male validation. With Rue's unconditional love, she begins to trust and accept her identity. But her journey of self-discovery remains central to the series, offering a raw and authentic look at the experience of being a young transgender woman.
The complexity of Jules' character is a major driving force behind Euphoria's unique story, as it effectively and sensitively portrays the struggles and triumphs of a transgender teenager. Through her story of transition, acceptance and love, Jules brings the experience of transgender youth to the mainstream media.

Cultural Impact

Jules Vaughn, the vivacious transgender girl from the critically acclaimed series Euphoria, changed the way audiences perceive transgender characters in popular media. She is not presented as an outsider, nor does she have a heartbreaking story of struggling with her transgender identity, contrary to what is commonly portrayed. Instead, he is a multifaceted character with a structured experience of teenage life, from romantic relationships to complex self-examination. His characterization allowed for the normalization of the understanding of transgender experiences and their integration into traditional narratives.
Jules has also influenced fashion and style with her bold, radiant and eclectic fashion sense. The series shows that she is not constrained by society's expectations of gendered clothing. His aesthetic entered mainstream fashion, encouraging viewers to embrace individuality and unusual styles. It subsequently increased the visibility and acceptance of non-binary fashion trends that transcend traditional norms.
In addition, Jules' advocacy has sparked debate about mental health issues among LGBTQ+ youth, highlighting the importance of support and acceptance in building mental resilience. Jules Vaughn's character definitely challenged the norms of television portrayal and paved the way for more immersive storytelling. Her impact extends far beyond Euphoria's young audience and into the wider public, marking her as a transformative cultural figure in contemporary media.


Jules Vaughn's legacy in the Euphoria universe is one of evolution and power. Introduced as a new girl with a complicated past, she is initially seen through the eyes of others, especially Rue, her love interest. But as the show evolves, so does Jules. He becomes less of a character seen through the lens of other people's perceptions, and more of an individual on his own path, challenged by his gender identity, struggling with mental health and the struggles of loving Rue. Her pursuit of authenticity, vulnerability, and courage marks her legacy—not just as a trans character on the main show, but as a nuanced character who embodies the struggle, temptation, and resilience of today's youth.