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Faction NameSubterrans
In the mysterious and confusing depths of the Euphoria universe lies an underground civilization of dungeons. Shrouded in mystery and empowered by the Earth itself, these inhabitants use advanced geothermal technology and adhere to an ethos of unity and resilience. Driven by the Earth's kinetic impulse, underground inhabitants have an ecocentric approach, viewing their environment not as a resource, but as a survival partner. Their society represents a revolution against the belief that the nature of the surface world rules and dominates. Subterranean creatures are the epitome of resilience, ingenious structural design and an unwavering commitment to ecological balance, earning them a unique place in the vast Euphoria universe.


The Subterrans faction is an integral part of the intriguing Euphoria universe. This group got their name from their subterranean lifestyle beneath the chaotic surface world and gained the skills to manipulate the earth. This useful feature makes them ideal miners to unearth the precious resources that live in euphoria.
Considered by some to be only denizens of the depths, underground dwellers have amazing traits that set them apart. They boast an indomitable spirit, their resilience constantly tested and tempered by the harsh realities of their Earth environment. Although they have lived underground for centuries, they remain strong and determined, their resolve never wavering.
Their society adopts a unique social order shaped by their environment. Claustrophobic neighborhoods taught dungeons the value of cooperation and community. Each person has a role to play and contributes to the overall survival and progress of the faction. The Underground has also developed a fascinating culture of storytelling, relaying intriguing tales of the ancient civilizations that once thrived above ground. Visiting the underground means immersing yourself in a world full of secrets dating back thousands of years. Although they live apart from the rest of Euphoria, they are not an isolated community whose earthly treasures and unique culture greatly influence the dynamics of the universe. The subterranes' unique strength, resilience, and social aspects make them an indispensable part of the Euphoria universe, where they continue to delve deeper, seeking insights into the distant past and valuable resources for a sustainable future.


In the Euphoria universe, the Dungeons faction has a deep and rich history, often shrouded in mystery due to its subterranean existence. Their story begins when civil unrest between different factions of the surface world causes a mass migration into the depths of the labyrinth below.
This massive exodus, led by visionary pioneers, marked the birth of underground culture. As they moved away from the battle-scarred surface, their new identity began to crystallize, defined by their adaptability, resilience, and dependence on coexistence with the surrounding subsurface.
Deep geological and bioluminescent caves formed the basis of their unique social structure. They carved their homes and cities into the walls of the caves, creating a network of interconnected metropolises and small settlements spanning the underworld. The glow that illuminated their surroundings symbolized the spark of their newfound independence and unwavering spirit.
The Subterrans focused heavily on technological innovation; dedicated to developing tools and solutions for their underground survival and prosperity. They invented geothermal energy sources, mushroom cultivation systems, and perfected the art of cutting crystals for lighting and communication—advances that became the foundation of their civilization.
As decades turned into centuries, the underground created an indomitable society, a beacon of resilience, ingenuity and solidarity. Still, their hearts throbbed with hunger for a rightful place in the surface world. Even today, the dungeons continue to thrive, their history etched not only in their hearts and minds, but also on the shining crystal walls of their homeland. They bide their time, polished by history, resilient to adversity, and ready to reclaim their place in the Euphoria universe when the time comes. Their past has hardened and strengthened them, giving them the wisdom to understand, adapt, innovate, and conquer—a testament to the survival and evolution of the dungeons deep within the Earth's heart.

Notable Members


The Dungeons of Euphoria are a vast network of labyrinthine tunnels and caverns that stretch beneath the surface of their world. Long attuned to this subterranean existence, their sophisticated understanding of subterranean topology leads them through the darkness to precious veins of minerals and ancient relics.
Leaving the sky open, the dungeons formed an intimate union between them and the stone. Their consumption of underground resources is balanced by a strong conservation ethos that ensures the productivity of the mines for future generations. Ore veins serve as underground lifelines, and their ingenuity includes an impressive ability to manipulate these resources into ingenious tools and inventions. Dungeons value the peace and stability offered by their underground niches. Beyond the cozy embrace of private rooms, the sprawling and interconnected labyrinth of tunnels and shared spaces fosters a sense of unity and shared responsibility. Knowing that each tunnel, chamber and cave has been painstakingly carved over generations adds a deep respect for their environment and their ancestors.
The geographic location of the underground kingdom plays a significant role in their society, shaping their pioneering progress, culture, survival tactics, and way of life. From the shimmering lichen that illuminates every path to the echoes of ancient tales echoing in their cavernous halls, the caves are unmistakable testaments to the legacy of the underworld. Their penchant for the underground was carved into the center of their identity, a testament to their loyalty to their subterranean sanctuary.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Underworlders in the Euphoria universe is immense. Originally one of the four main factions, the Subterrans displayed great resilience and tenacity, embodying the spirit of survival and adaptation. This army of tunnellers has expanded their network of underground cities around the world, allowing them to covertly influence world events. Their subterranean systems, technology, and adaptation helped balance the power structures of this universe. Despite their secretive nature, the important contribution of dungeons cannot be overlooked, especially due to their vast underground infrastructure and strategic maneuvering. They testify to the potential for innovation and ingenuity in difficult circumstances. Their legacy now affects all factions, prompting a re-evaluation of strategies and promoting advances in archaeology, geology and engineering. The indomitable spirit of dungeons continues to inspire intrigue and respect as they have established themselves as an integral part of the Euphoria universe.