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Faction NameWastelanders
The Wastelanders faction of the Euphoria universe represents resilience and adaptability. The inhabitants of the originally lush land of Euphoria were forced to move to the rugged terrain of the wasteland as resources ran out. Undaunted in the face of adversity, dykadians are dedicated to survival in a hostile environment. They developed not only physically, but also socially, building independent, fortified settlements among abandoned landscapes. Using waste technologies and renewable resources, they turned their conditions into opportunities for growth. By participating in a barter system, communities exchange goods and services as needed, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation. They have become a testament to the spirit of resistance, embodying the dogged determination of humanity's will to survive, adapt and thrive even in the most dire of situations. The Wastelanders aren't just survivors; they are the pioneers of a new way of life.


The Wastelanders faction of the Euphoria universe emerges as a resilient and resilient faction made up of survivors from all walks of life. These survivors have adapted to the harsh realities of a dystopian world, demonstrating unwavering resolve and determination in the face of relentless adversity. The wastelands were ingeniously able to make the barren wastelands their home and thrived in what many believed was an inevitable wasteland.
The Wastelanders have mastered the art of resource management and must literally scrounge to make ends meet. With an innovative spirit, they transform scrap metal into functional objects and machines of exceptional craftsmanship. In addition to their practical skills, wastelands have an unquenchable thirst for freedom and resist the oppressive regime's attempts to take over the wastelands.
Instead of a unified command, they prefer a loose structure, but will band together at a moment's notice if threatened. With an unbreakable will, a fiery spirit for the harshest conditions imaginable, and an unrelenting desire to survive and thrive, the idlers are a force to be reckoned with in the Euphoria universe. Strong, independent and tireless, they represent an indomitable spirit of survival in an environment that is constantly trying to bring them down. The Wastelanders are not just survivors, they are the epitome of human resilience and determination.


In the stormy expanse of the Euphoria universe, the Wastelanders faction weaves a grim tale of survival and resistance. Born after the great disaster, the idlers rose from the ashes of a civilization lost to time and consequences.
A society that once flourished in euphoria was razed to the ground by a cataclysmic event under the influence of technology and prosperity. This unprecedented wave of destruction, tearing at the fabric of the infinite cosmos, pushed what remained of the population into a dystopian existence of scarcity and decay.
However, the Wastelanders faction refused to bow to this new world order. A faction made up of survivors, hardened veterans, hot scientists and the last of the Tech-Priests, seeks to save the chaos and preserve the remnants of a shattered world.
In the dry plains, tattooed with the scars of a life long forgotten, they found their bastion. Wastelanders built from scratch and rebuilt their homes in abandoned ruins, reusing scrap metal and rubble to create a slum metropolis. In the shadow of fallen greatness, they created ancient tales and constantly watched the lost glories of the past.
The Wastelanders faction continued to grow stronger and stronger, their determination inspiring others trapped in the remnants of Euphoria. Fueled by this newfound resilience, they strove to preserve the memory and knowledge of their ancestors, determined to ensure that the echoes of Euphoria's past would never be quietly forgotten.
Over the years, the Executors have built themselves up against the harsh spirit of reality, proving their strength and continuing to live off the meager resources the universe allows. But in the face of overwhelming opposition, there was a burning hope in their hearts, a vision of one day reclaiming their legacy and returning to the lost glory of euphoria they once knew.

Notable Members


In the vast landscape of Euphoria, the Wastelanders faction exudes mystical allure. Their nature is merciless, and their geography an aesthetic paradox, where desolate places are fascinating. The landscape is dominated by vast expanses of barren land that lack the vibrancy of Euphoria's cosmos, but are also captivating in their lonely grandeur.
The infamous seas of sand adorn the heart of the Wastelander territory, a shifting expanse of massive dunes constantly reshaped by unrelenting winds. This desert sea is not only a geographical feature, but also a testament to the grim survival instincts of the desert dwellers. The north is bounded by jagged mountains with peaks laden with ancient caves whispering tales of the past. These mountain ranges act as both a natural barrier and a rich source of unique minerals.
Despite the harsh climate and limited resources, the area is full of scattered settlements of hardy foragers. They dug beneath the surface, creating vast networks of tunnels and underground cities.
There is dry wood in the south. It is a ghostly forest, with skeletal trees piercing the clouded sky, their bare branches silent witnesses to countless battles.
The geography of Wastelanders may lack the lushness epitomized by Euphoria, but it is imbued with a raw beauty that reflects survival and strength. It is a symbol of unrelenting perseverance, a testament to its inhabitants who have not only adapted, but also thrive on relentless charm.

Legacy and Impact

The Wastelanders faction of the Euphoria universe has left an indelible mark on the shaping of the post-apocalyptic world. Their resilience and ability to survive in the harshest environments is a testament to human endurance. As scavengers and survivors, the Scoundrels became masters of resource extraction and recycling, making the most of their limited resources, a legacy that greatly influenced other factions.
Their intimate knowledge of the irradiated and mutant-infested Badlands gives them a strategic advantage that inspires fear and respect. This faction also changed the aesthetic perception of society, turning scars and strange mutations into badges of honor. Also, Wastelanders' impact on the culture and language of communication in the Euphoria universe is remarkable. Their dialect, a hodgepodge of old-fashioned slang and newly invented linguistics, seeped into other companies and trading posts, further emphasizing that their influence was not limited to survival strategies. Consequently, Wastelanders' legacy and impact is not limited to their survival tactics, but is deeply rooted in the fabric of the Euphoria universe.