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General Info

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Job TitleTheoretical physicist
Birth Date1879-03-14
Birth PlaceUlm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire
Knows aboutPhysics, Mathematics
Alternate NameEinstein
Character NameAlbert Einstein
Member of OrganizationPrussian Academy of Sciences, University of Zurich
Albert is an ardent and deeply devoted follower of the Church of Barbata in the rich and varied universe of Genshin Impact. She worships the enigmatic and beautiful idol Barbara, the deaconess of the church. Albert is known for his undying devotion and constant presence outside the church, hoping to catch a glimpse of his beloved Barbara. Driven by her passion, she also runs a self-proclaimed "Barbara Fan Club". Albert's character exhibits elements of devotion, fanatical love, and obsessive worship. His unwavering devotion and pursuit of his idol, combined with his solemn reverence for the Church, paint an intriguing picture that bridges the gap between devout worship and fanatical idolatry. Despite his crush on Barbara, Albert remains a kind-hearted and compassionate person who is a symbol of devotion in the world of Genshin Impact.


Albert is an ardent devotee, a passionate adventurer who spends most of his time bewilderingly in Mondstadt, known for its freedom and wine. He is an avid, one might even say exaggerated, member of the "Barbara Fan Club," an unofficial organization that honors the angelic Barbara, a deaconess of the Favonian Church in Mondstadt.
While many adventurers venture into the wild, battling evil fliers and exploring hidden temples, Albert finds his calling within the walls of the city. Day after day, he tirelessly waits for hours outside the church, hoping to see his beloved Barbara. Her fascination extends to collecting everything from simple objects to portraits, resulting in an impressive collection filled with 'Barbara memorabilia'.
Despite his eccentric passion, Albert is loved by the bourgeoisie. His innocent fanaticism is often a source of amusement, and his devotion is sometimes unseemly to admire. Also behind Barbara's ardor is Albert's kind heart. Always eager to help, he brings warmth to the cold stone-carved city of Mondstadt.
Albert can be dismissed as a fanatic, but he embodies the spirit of Mondstadt: enthusiastic, free, uncompromising, always looking for what the heart desires. Only in Albert's case it's Barbara, Mondstadt's singing sensation. A character of humor, poignancy, and heart, Albert adds quirky colors to the diverse canvases of personalities in the Genshin Impact universe.


Albert is a fiery and passionate individual who belongs to the Adventurers Guild in the world of Teyvat in the Genshin Impact universe. He is famous, if not infamous, for his unwavering devotion to the "Archon of Anemo" or "God of the Wind" known as Barbatos.
Albert hails from Mondstadt, the "City of Freedom," a place that prides itself on celebrating freedom in all ways and forms. From the free-spirited citizens who occupy it to the winds that drive them without any control. Albert embodies this principle and speaks vehemently about it when it comes to his devotion to Barbatos, showing how deeply these beliefs are ingrained in the Mondstadters. His main occupation is adventure, which he uses as a means to get closer to his beloved deity. He is brave, fearless and willing to take on the most difficult tasks. However, his crush on Barbatos often gets him into hilarious situations as he keeps confusing other characters with his idol, most notably Venti, the real-life mortal incarnation of Barbatos.
His devotion is so great that he even founded the Barbatos Ratatouille Club, named after a dish specially dedicated and prepared in honor of the Archon of Anem. Members of this club engage in activities around Barbata, such as holding regular meetings and attempting to speak to the wind god through prayer or song. Albert's character brings depth and color to the vibrant universe of Genshin Impact. His portrayal in the game reveals how faith and devotion manifest in even the most extravagant forms, imbuing Teyvat with a light-hearted spirit and deep devotion. Despite the comic shell, Albert's unwavering faith in Barbat becomes a symbol of hope for the players, encouraging them to endure adversity.

Creation and Development

Although a non-playable character in the Genshin Impact universe, Albert plays an important role as a member of the Adventurer's Guild and as a devoted follower of the Anemo Archon Barbatos.
Albert's construction and evolution revolves around his fanatical devotion to Barbatos and Venti, the singer of the famous band Mondstadt. Albert's unwavering loyalty to these figures drives many of his character traits. His enthusiasm, intensity and loyalty are the main elements of his personality.
The developers of the game, miHoYo, created the character of Albert to bring humor and lightness to the game. While they aren't part of the main storyline, her quests, dialogue, and interactions provide comic relief that balances out the more serious elements of the game.
His character evolution further expands the immersive world-building of Genshin Impact. Details like capturing Albert in search of Barbatos' Abode or his creation of Barbatos Ratatouille, a dish he thinks his deity would like, will make the game's universe more alive and engaging.
Players can also watch Albert grow as the game progresses. Although Albert has yet to be introduced as a playable character in later updates, players have reported seeing Albert in various locations and events, hinting at further development of his role in the game's universe. Unlike complex stories that usually revolve around main characters, Albert's creation primarily highlights the random aspects of the game. This creates a sense of community within the Adventurers Guild and adds depth, making the game more engaging and enjoyable for players.
Overall, Albert's creation and development successfully added a layer of humor, warmth, community, and everyday life to the fantasy world of Genshin Impact.

Character Profile

Albert is a passionate and dedicated adventurer who enthusiastically follows the Archon of Anemo. He exists only in the Genshin Impact universe as a member of the Adventurers Guild and a self-proclaimed "biggest fan of the enigmatic bard Venti".
He spends most of his time gathering around the seven statues in Windrise, hoping to cross paths with his idol. She suspects that Venti is visiting the area because of her connection to her celestial alter-ego Barbatos. Albert's devotion to Venti shows his loyal, ambitious and tenacious nature. Albert capitalized on his ardent admiration for Venti by founding the Barbatos Ratatouille Club, a group dedicated to cooking up their unspeakable hero's hobby. Although their group is not large, they are passionate about the dishes they create and share a mutual love for their god.
Despite his idolatrous tendencies, Albert is a skilled adventurer. He is given the qualities of an adventurer: courage, stubbornness and a strong sense of duty. It thrives on challenges and thrives on the thrill of new expeditions. Basically, Albert is the epitome of devotion and loyalty. He may seem like a die-hard fan to many, but he is actually a loyal adventurer who truly respects and believes in his idol.

Story Arc

In the vast world of Genshin Impact, a passionate and devoted character named Albert weaves his own unique story. Albert is not one of the playable characters, but rather a non-playable character (NPC). Despite the limited time that NPCs usually get, Albert's storyline goes beyond his status as an NPC and resonates with the players.
Albert's universe revolves around Barbara, the charming and seductive leader of the Dandelion Troupe, with whom he has an unrequited love. An unrelenting fanatic and uncommitted knight of Barbara in shining armor. He is the selfless founder and most outspoken member of Barbara's fan club. He is often seen sharing stories about Barbara's benevolence and sending fan mail through a secret mail system. Albert's storyline is known for its heartwarming appeal. It is a devotion that transcends excess, comparable to the most poetic love stories of folklore. Barbara's relentless pursuit, despite her ignorance of love, shapes his character arc and introduces him as a person who lives in a world created by his strong feelings.
Various missions and dialogues add to Albert's story arc, adding variety to the game and showing the developer's attention to detail. Storytellers portray his character as delusional, but fans appreciate his tenacity and passionate attitude. This love, no matter how unpleasant or innocent it may seem, binds Albert to the town of Mondstadt and to Barbara, definitively cementing his place in the universe of Genshin's influence.
Between his scenes, you can see Albert's devotion, hope, and dream of a world where he and Barbara can be together. His story brings an interesting charm to the game world, adding depth and humor to the story of Genshin Impact. Although Albert's devotion seems to have blinded him, his storyline highlights the fact that even in a universe filled with adventure and struggle, there are heartwarming stories of unrequited love that can grab players' attention.

Cultural Impact

Despite being a minor character in Genshin Impact, Albert made a big cultural impact. A member of the Adventurer's Guild and an avid fan of the idol Barbara, she represents a unique fan culture in the fantasy world of Teyvat.
Albert's unwavering support for Barbara adds layers to her character and lends realism to the Genshin Impact universe. The interplay between his dual role as an adventurer and his fanboy persona provides comic relief and illuminates the game's overall story.
Also, Albert is a mirror of real fan culture, creating a conversation about fantasy, celebrity worship and obsession. It introduces the concept of idol culture in Genshin Impact, a humorous reflection on society's obsession with celebrities and how deeply some fans will go to support them.
Albert indirectly promotes the values ​​of loyalty, friendship, and perseverance through his interactions with other characters. Although these qualities differ in context, they resonate with players and add to the game's cultural impact.
Overall, Albert's character, although small, adds to the thematic richness of Genshin Impact, making the game's universe more engaging and relatable to players.


Albert's legacy in the Genshin Impact universe goes beyond being an adventurer. He is known as a die-hard fan and self-proclaimed defender of his idol Barbara. This uncompromising admiration, though often considered exaggerated, fuels his determination and courage. Albert often patrols the walls of Mondstadt regardless of weather or danger, insisting that it is his duty to ensure the safety of his beloved idol. With his main ambition to join the Church of Favonius, his journeys were not always smooth; however, she clings to the hope that Barbara herself will one day recognize her devotion. His embodiment of indomitable spirit has branded him a prankster to some in town, but others find his dedication appealing. Albert's legacy may not be set in stone or marked by heroic battles, but it tells of an ordinary devotion that in its own way inspires great admiration.