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Knights of Favonius

General Info

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Faction NameKnights of Favonius
The Knights of Favonius are a prominent group in the fantasy world of Genshin Impact. As the guardian organization of Mondstadt, they have the difficult task of protecting the city of freedom. They believe in spreading this freedom across the continent. Defending justice and courage, the knights are dedicated to the peace and security of Mondstadt. Cavalry Captain, Kaeya, Dandelion Knight, Jean and Outrider, Amber are some of their notable members. With diverse and dynamic characters, each knight brings a unique strength and perspective, making the Knights of Favonia not only the protectors, but also the beating heart of Mondstadt. Their input is fundamental to the player's journey through the game.


The Knights of Favonium are a military order originating from Mondstadt, located in the Genshin Impact universe. Known as protectors of Mondstadt and symbols of heroism, they follow their ancient principles of bravery, virtue of duty, and devotion to justice. Operating from their headquarters in Liberty City, they exist to defend the city and its inhabitants from any unruly elements that threaten its safety and peace.
Unlike other military orders, the Knights of Favonia are not affiliated with a reigning monarch. They draw strength and loyalty directly from Mondstadt's spirit of freedom. This loyalty to freedom allows them to directly serve their citizens and put their concerns above all else. From guarding the city gates to perilous expeditions into stormy terrain, each knight is steadfast in keeping his solemn vows.
There are various roles within the order including squires, cavalry captains, outriders, to name a few. Each member contributes to the defense or well-being of Mondstadt in their own unique way. Among them, prominent figures such as Jean and Lisa are responsible for guiding the knighthood and fostering its philosophy. Above all, the Knights of Favonia embody the spirit of devotion and stand strong as a bulwark against the mighty storms that regularly ravage the city of Anem Archon-Barbata, embodying the spirit of resistance and freedom that Mondstadt is proud of. They are a shining beacon of hope, epitomizing chivalry and resilience, inspiring millions throughout the Genshin Impact universe.


The Knights of Favonius, valiant guardians of Mondstadt and its people, bring with them a vast and fascinating history. The tradition of knights goes back centuries, their origins are covered by the veil of time, but the relentless pursuit of freedom and justice always remains strong and unbreakable.
The origins of the knights are based on the core ideals of Mondstadt, the city of freedom. The foundation of the Knights of Favon is said to have been laid by the vision of brave individuals who stood up against oppression and valiantly held the beacon of freedom. Their deep sense of duty and self-sacrifice, filled with the spirit of heroism, resonated throughout the city and inspired generations. In order to protect Mondstadt, the knights braved several dangerous storms and defeated formidable enemies that threatened the peace. One of those memorable chapters was their fight against a menacing dragon, the Storm Terror. Guided by their relentless determination and tireless efforts, the knights were able to quell this chaos and faithfully protect Mondstadt and its ideals of freedom from potential dangers.
Knights follow a strict hierarchy with a temporary grand master at the helm. Throughout history, various authorities have led knights to victory. With such leaders as Varka, the knight Lion Fang and Zhan, many historical milestones were reached and new heights of righteousness were climbed.
The story is not without turmoil and internal dissension among the Knights of Favonius. Despite such periods of instability, the Knights always managed to overcome it, united in their commitment to Mondstadt and its people. Their heroism is not limited to combat, but also includes researching, researching and caring for the city's evolving champions.
The history of the Knights of Favon is constantly marked by their constant struggles, be it against dark forces or natural disasters. A testament to Mondstadt's unwavering spirit of freedom, the Knights of Favonia stand proud, their brilliance outshining the darkness and making history with every ghostly dawn.

Notable Members

Member #
Diluc (formerly)
Varka (Absent)


The Knights of Favon have their residence in the magnificent city of Mondstadt, known as the "City of Liberty". Their headquarters is a large and impressive building near the main square of the city, overshadowed only by the huge statue of the Anem Archon, symbolizing the spirit of Mondstadt. Surrounded by high mountain ranges, the city blooms with calm green waters that reflect the peace within its walls.
The territory protected by the Knights of Favon extends well beyond the city limits. In the east, the terrain rises to the rugged rocks of the Dadaupa gorge, and in the west, the open plains and wild forests of Shnabždesis forests. Rich in unique flora and fauna, both areas hold many secrets and treasures, making them great places for adventure and exploration. The blue sea opens south of Mondstadt, a breathtaking sight during the Windblume festival. Mondstadt's landscape truly embodies his core belief: freedom fueled by the wind blowing across green fields, towering cliffs and azure seas guarded by the iconic Knights of Favonius.

Legacy and Impact

The Knights of Favon have played an important role in shaping Mondstadt's history and current state. Dedicated to defending the city's freedom, their courage and resilience fostered peace and unity among the city's residents. They have a great influence on the children of Mondstadt, inspiring them to follow in their footsteps and thus ensure the future defense of the city. Additionally, their relationships with other factions contribute to the complex geopolitics of Teyvat, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the city's borders. Their dedication to justice and community service makes them an integral part of Mondstadt community life, cementing their legacy in the city's social fabric. This order represents hope and reassurance to the townspeople that they can count on an oasis of safety in this ever-threatening world of Genshin Impact. Their impact goes beyond their heroic deeds, emphasizing the importance of shared values ​​and shared efforts towards common goals.