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Windblume Ode

General Info

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Item NameWindblume Ode
Windblume Ode is a charming arc in the world of Genshin Impact, embodying the pure spirit of Windblume, a symbol of freedom and the liberating winds of Mondstadt. This elegant weapon is full of poetic feeling and eternal will to freedom. It's a 4-star bow with Elemental Mastery as a secondary stat, which can be a boon for those looking for higher damage from elemental abilities or reactions. During Elemental Ability or Elemental Blast, the effect is further amplified, dealing more damage. Intricately designed with the Windblume emblem, it is a work of art as well as power, making it a favorite weapon among Teyvat adventurers. Windblume Ode is no ordinary bow, but a testament to Mondstadt's strong spirit of freedom and the power that lies in the freedom of the wind.


The Windblume Ode is a precious artifact in the Genshin Impact area that has historical significance that transcends time itself. Like the 4-star bow, this weapon transcends its tangible aspects and embodies the spirit and tradition of the Windblume Festival.
Adorned with beautiful floral designs, it is said to have been commissioned by Archon Barbatos of Anemo himself, adding to its venerable status. The craftsmanship involved in its creation is second to none, with every detail meticulously taken care of, reflecting the dedication of the people of Mondstadt to their cherished traditions.
But what really sets Windblume Ode apart is the power it offers the user. Increases attack properties and strengthens the power of elemental skills. Acts as an elemental mastery weapon and reveals a unique effect when performing an elemental skill: the ability of normal and charged attacks is greatly increased.
The Windblume Ode is not only a weapon, but also a symbol of hope, courage and the indomitable spirit of the people of Mondstadt. As an exclusive weapon during the Windblume Festival, it ensures that only the most deserving adventurer can wield this wonder. Owning a gun means not only owning a gun, but also owning a piece of Mondstadt's history and heritage.

Creation and Development

The Windblume Ode is an adventurer's crest and prominent symbol in Mondstadt, created during the Windblume Festival. This arch has its roots in the ancient traditions of the city and embodies a unique culture and respect for nature.
The designer, inspired by the legend of the windbreaker, strove to create a design that would reflect the greatness of the mythical flower that was given to Barbat by the dandelion. The flower symbolizes love, freedom and the spirit of the wind - three values ​​dear to the inhabitants of Mondstadt. With the support of local residents, a talented craftsman was commissioned to forge this weapon. Windblume Ode has come true. The newly minted bow was shown to the public in all its shining glory in a fun celebration. Citizens marveled at the elegance and intricate details that so perfectly reflected the shining Windblume.
Creating Ode Windblume was no easy feat. The craftsman had to find high-quality materials that could withstand the force of the bow. A special type of iron that is only found in the Mondstadt Highlands was imported. The handle of the bow is made of fine oak wood, chosen for its strength and comfortable grip.
Another challenge was finding a balance between aesthetics and practical functionality. In order for the arch to reflect the beauty of the Windblume without compromising its durability and efficiency, detailed planning and precise craftsmanship were required.
Protected by Archon Anem, the Windblume Ode became not only a powerful weapon, but also a revered relic, reminding those who wield it of Mondstadt's resilience against adversity. Today, Ode Windblume still stands as a testament to the people's spirit of freedom, unconditional love and unwavering courage.

Cultural Impact

The Windblume Ode, the famous emblem of Teyvat, has a great cultural impact in Mondstadt, especially during the Windblume Festival. Traditionally, this holiday celebrates freedom, liberation and the blooming of flowers, which the inhabitants of Mondstadt attribute to the coming of spring and the coming abundance of nature. Symbolizing the spirit of Mondstadt, Ode Windblume serves just this purpose: to signal hope, renewal and rejuvenation.
More than just a weapon, the bow is steeped in folkloric history and heroic tradition; it's a cultural icon. It is traditionally given to the hero of the people, the defender of Mondstadt, as a sign of gratitude and honor. According to legend, the local bard Venti and the Archon of Anemo himself often played the song of the same name on his magical lyre. The myth only reinforces the cultural significance of the Windblume Ode arc. Stories spanning generations elevate the arch to a symbol of fear and respect, strengthening the bond between residents and Mondstadt's rich heritage.
Windblume Ode uniquely combines elements of folklore, nature and community – the epitome of Mondstadt culture and history. Its cultural resonance transcends time, reflecting the people's pride, faith and tumultuous journey to freedom. Every arrow fired reminds the people of Mondstadt of their past, their resilience and their unwavering hope for a prosperous future.