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Grand Theft Auto Advance

General Info

Grand Theft Auto Advance logo
GenresAction, Adventure
Game NameGrand Theft Auto Advance
DevelopersDigital Eclipse
Release Date2004-10-26
Game PlatformsGame Boy Advance
Publisher NameRockstar Games
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.rockstargames.com/
Grand Theft Auto Advance is an exciting action-adventure video game under the grand umbrella of the Grand Theft Auto series. The game takes place in a unique 2D retro style and follows the open world exploration and criminal underworld theme of its predecessors. It takes place in the cityscape of Liberty City and shares a narrative backdrop with Grand Theft Auto III. The plot follows the protagonist, Mike, whose loyalty and courage are put to the test on a journey of betrayal, gang warfare and revenge. Gameplay complements the intense storyline with missions that test your strategic skills, from chases and heists to intense shootouts. Exciting elements include the freedom to navigate the city in real time, interact with different characters, buy weapons and evade the authorities, capturing the raw and dynamic essence of the GTA universe.


'Grand Theft Auto Advance' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto Advance' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto Advance' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto Advance' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto Advance' game screenshots


in 2004 released Grand Theft Auto Advance is a unique part of the legendary Grand Theft Auto series. Unlike its counterparts, GTA Advance, with its 3D open-world environment, has a top-down view on a 2D plane, much like the original installments in the series. The game was originally conceived as a prequel to GTA III, but eventually evolved to reflect its storyline a year before the events of GTA III. Set in the gritty Liberty City, it captures the grandeur and desolate landscape constantly intertwined with its surroundings.
The gameplay revolves around Mike, an ambitious small-time crook who makes his way through the criminal underworld. Mike's journey includes challenging missions involving betrayal, crime families, manhunts and more. GTA Advance preserves the essence of the GTA world, where freedom and chaos collide in crowded city blocks. Various vehicles, arsenals and illegal enterprises keep players busy. Players can enjoy many mini-games that allow players to take a break from the main story.
The game offers a visually pleasing escape with sprite-based graphics sprinkled with vibrant color palettes for a unique retro feel. GTA Advance is a pocket powerhouse that portrays the exciting world of Grand Theft Auto in an unconventional yet charming style that fans of the series still love and appreciate today.



Developed by Digital Eclipse, Grand Theft Auto Advance continues the legacy of the GTA series with 2D and 3D game mechanics. The game features an open-world environment where players complete tasks to progress through the storyline while participating in various side-quests.
The setting is Liberty City, a fictional representation of New York City made up of three islands separated by a flowing river. It is a huge world where players can drive different types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles and boats. The bustling city life full of NPCs adds another layer of realism that makes the game more immersive. GTA Advance stays true to its roots by maintaining mission-based progression alongside non-linear exploration. Players can take on missions from various crime bosses, adding intriguing twists to the plot. In addition, players can participate in additional activities such as driving a taxi or fighting fires.
Contrary to expectations, GTA Advance manages to include some of the features of the 3D iterations, such as the ability for players to avoid pursuing cops by repainting or repairing a vehicle at a paint shop. In addition, the controls are well adapted to the Game Boy Advance, emphasizing simple and intuitive control of all actions. The game also features a Wanted system where players raise their wanted level by committing crimes and lower it by evading the police. The more serious the crime, the more violent the cops' response, giving the game a complex risk-reward dynamic.
Overall, Grand Theft Auto Advance offers an extensive gaming experience steeped in the well-known traditions of GTA, successfully adapted for handheld gaming while maintaining its unique charm.

Gameplay video


In Grand Theft Auto Advance, the player assumes the role of a petty criminal named Mike, who begins his adventure in the rough and crime-ridden Liberty City. Mike is manipulated, betrayed and led astray, forcing him to move from one hardened criminal to another in an effort to clear his name and exact revenge.
The plot begins when Mike's best friend Vinnie is allegedly killed in a car bomb. Vinnie and Mike plan to leave Liberty City and their life of crime behind. When Vinnie died, Mike was left with nothing: no boyfriend, no money, and a price on his head. Devastated by the loss of his friend, Mike vows revenge against those responsible.
Mike is then hired by 8-Ball, Liberty City's bomb expert. His messages take him deep into Freedom City, involving him in the infamous syndicates that have taken over the city. The plot takes many twists and turns and introduces Mike to characters such as Jonnie, a bartender with shady connections, and King Courtney, the ruthless leader of the Yardies gang.
Delving deeper into Liberty City's underworld, Mike begins to uncover hidden truths and learn about deception and betrayal. The story is full of non-stop action, treacherous gang wars and thrilling chases. With cops on his tail and enemies around every corner, Mike must make tough decisions to survive. Throughout the game, the grim appearance of the town becomes a symbol of Mike's changing life.
Grand Theft Auto Advance offers a thrilling storyline full of drama, suspense and revelations as each mission brings Mike one step closer to the truth about his friend's death. It perfectly captures the essence of the iconic GTA franchise and provides players with a rich and immersive world of experience.


Grand Theft Auto Advance is an amazing part of the series, offering an original and intriguing storyline, new game mechanics and impressive graphics for Game Boy Advance. Although the game differs from the 3D console versions, it remains true to the essence of the GTA universe with classic elements of action, adventure and crime.
Creating this game was a real challenge. Creating an immersive GTA experience with the Game Boy Advance's relatively limited hardware required both effectively utilizing the console's capabilities and mastering its limitations. Digital Eclipse, the studio responsible for the development, overcame this challenge by returning to a top-down perspective reminiscent of the original Grand Theft Auto games, preserving the essence of gameplay and ensuring optimal hardware performance. Under the leadership of Rockstar Games, the developers have successfully incorporated familiar GTA gameplay elements such as open world exploration, vehicle theft, various missions and escaping from the police, contributing to a unique player experience. The sound design has also been intricately crafted to deliver the immersive ambient sound and radio stations that have become a trademark of the GTA series.
The GTA Advance story is written by Rockstar's professional writers. Inspired by the rich history of the GTA universe, they created the story of Liberty City based on the complex world of the series. Playing as Mike, players are immersed in a web of crime, betrayal and survival in typical GTA style. Overall, the development of Grand Theft Auto Advance is a testament to the developers' ingenuity and determination to deliver a memorable and authentic GTA experience on a portable platform.


Grand Theft Auto Advance, the precursor to the Liberty City stories, occupies a unique place in the GTA universe. It was introduced to the world in 2004. October 26 Originally planned as a Game Boy Advance version of GTA III, it eventually branched out and essentially became the original prequel.
Rockstar Games, the creator of the famous series, published this version for the portable console and created a different story than its brothers. GTA Advance presents the enchanting city of Liberty, a year before the events of GTA III, in the top-down style of previous GTAs.
Intricate environmental details have been distilled to reflect the iconic Liberty City. The player infiltrates the chaotic world as Mike, a man in search of truth and revenge among the city's organized crime rings. The layout is similar, but the experience is new because it's a standalone action-adventure premise at your fingertips.
This unique entry in the GTA series was released alongside GTA: San Andreas for the PlayStation 2 in North America. However, it didn't receive huge acclaim from its console counterparts. Nevertheless, GTA Advance created its own niche and left an indelible mark on the series, revisiting the top-down perspective and offering fans a completely new storyline. Players felt it was a stark departure from the familiar third-person perspective, but it was also a nostalgic nod to Grand Theft Auto's origins, making it a must-play for fans of the series.


Grand Theft Auto Advance was released to mixed reviews from players and critics. Critics praised the boldness of bringing the traditional Grand Theft Auto experience back to the Game Boy Advance platform, showcasing unique gameplay on a handheld console. The story, which tells about Mike, an anti-hero forced to carry out petty errands and dangerous criminal activities, was well received by the players. The game managed to retain the iconic sandbox elements and offered an open world environment filled with side quests alongside the main story.
However, the game has received some criticism. The switch from a third-person 3D perspective to a top-down view was a nostalgic fail. It still harkened back to the original GTA titles, but some fans missed the 3D world design seen in the newer titles. Many players also noted the lack of voice acting, which was considered a cornerstone of the GTA experience that greatly increases immersion. The Game Boy Advance's limited sound capabilities also affected the game's iconic radio, leaving a lot to be desired.
Despite the challenges of adapting to the limitations of the GBA, Grand Theft Auto Advance was widely regarded as an ambitious experiment. While it may not have the fan-favorite status of its home console counterparts, it remains an intriguing moment in the franchise's history. It proved once again that Grand Theft Auto is more than a game, it's a world that transcends platforms.

Cultural impact

Grand Theft Auto Advance was a new step into the Grand Theft Auto universe and had a huge impact on popular culture. The Game Boy Advance was the first game to be released on a portable device. The success of GTA Advance proved that complex and immersive open-world games can be effectively ported to handheld systems. It expanded its scope by allowing players to experience the brutal dungeons of Liberty City anywhere, anytime.
The game pioneered the anti-hero concept, a theme that was well received and later adopted by many other game developers. It introduced players to a morally distressed character who had a code of honor despite his involvement in illegal activities.
It also had an impact on the music industry. From in-game radio stations to background music, the various music helped set the tone for the game's cinematic action sequences, creating a unique fusion of gameplay and story. It encouraged the appreciation of various genres of music and contributed significantly to the popular culture of the time.
Overall, Grand Theft Auto Advance not only expanded the horizons of game design and storytelling, but also managed to leave an indelible mark on popular culture. The release was a milestone and set a precedent for the portrayal of nuanced characters and immersive gameplay on handheld devices, influencing a generation of gamers and game developers.