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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

General Info

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories logo
GenresAction, Adventure
WritersDan Houser, James Worrall, David Bland
Game NameGrand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
ComposersStuart Hart, Craig Conner, Paul Mackie, Allan Walker, John McCurry
DevelopersRockstar Leeds, Rockstar North
Game EngineRenderWare
Release Date2005-10-24
Game PlatformsPlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, iOS, Android, Fire OS
Publisher NameRockstar Games
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Publishers Websiteshttp://www.rockstargames.com
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is a powerful cocktail of open-world mayhem that combines elements of action-adventure, driving and gang warfare. The game takes place in 1998. and illuminates the dark underbelly of Liberty City from the perspective of Toni Cipriani, a notorious mobster. After a hiatus, Cipriani returns to the city to find a world of crooked mafia families, political corruption and ruthless gang violence. As a player, you are thrown into this world of chaos with a mission to restore the lost glory and power of the Leone family. The game features a huge urban sandbox filled with dangerous missions, exciting races and various mini-games. It takes the intensity of the GTA series and takes it to new heights with the powerful PSP processor, creating an extremely enjoyable portable gaming experience. Offering an authentic Grand Theft Auto experience, Liberty City Stories truly stands out as an impressive achievement.


'Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories' game screenshots


Developed and published by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is the enchanting installment of the acclaimed GTA series, taking players to the gritty streets of Liberty City. Set as a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III, the game takes place in the dystopian city itself, albeit three years earlier, and features a compelling story that explores the vast world of organized crime.
The main character is Tony Cipriani, a hitman in the Leone crime family, who returns home after some time away and is soon caught up in the treacherous wave of family politics and turf wars. Players navigate the city, immersed in the maelstrom of money, power, and corruption that is central to Liberty City's identity.
The game is known for its open-world action-adventure, giving players complete freedom to wreak havoc or follow the plot at their own pace and style. Despite its laptop origins, Liberty City Stories offers the full GTA experience, immersing users in high-speed car chases, explosive action sequences and strategic mission planning, all underpinned by dark humor.
The game also features iconic radio shows and a beautiful nostalgic soundtrack that accurately portrays the period and complements the overarching story, making Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories a must-play for any true fan of the franchise.



The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is an exciting combination of endless adventure and detective story.
Set in the fictional city of Liberty, players assume the role of Italian-American mafia agent Toni Cipriani. The game mainly plays as a third-person shooter with vehicle exploration. Vast cityscapes filled with busy roads and stunning 3D environments are waiting to be explored and offer plenty of action and adventure opportunities.
A variety of criminal activities await each player. Missions often require the player to engage in mafia-style dirty work, action-packed heists, or street racing. But the game is not limited to the main plot. Players can take a breather, steal cars, fight and wreak havoc in the city.
One of the unique features of GTA: Liberty City Stories is the manual multiplayer mode. Up to six players can participate in seven different game modes, including Liberty City Survivor, Protection Racket, and The Wedding List. In these modes, players can challenge each other to become the last man standing or compete in a game of King of the Hill.
The game has a great soundtrack that helps set the tone of the game and varies depending on the car you steal. The station selection ranges from dance to hip-hop, which enhances the overall gaming experience. In addition, Liberty City Stories retains the humor and satire that the Grand Theft Auto series is known for, complementing the game's compelling story.
Overall, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories offers a unique combination of exciting gameplay, engaging storylines, dynamic visuals and a memorable soundtrack, making players feel like they are actually living the life of a gangster in Liberty City.

Gameplay video


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is set in the late 1990s in Liberty City, a fictional neighborhood based on the real New York City. The game begins with the return of Antonio "Toni" Cipriani, the main character who kept a low profile for several years after killing a rival mob boss of the Leone family, a prominent mafia family in Liberty City. Tony's return doesn't go unnoticed and soon he finds himself in the volatile world of organized crime that invades the heart of Liberty City.
Not only does Toni struggle with rival families like the Sindaccos and Forellis, but she also struggles with domestic politics. Salvatore Leone, Tony's boss, is a very suspicious man who quickly turns on himself when he suspects betrayal. From dispatching disloyal associates to sabotaging rival gangs, Toni faces the daunting task of bringing Leone's family into power.
An important narrative element in the plot is the changing face of Liberty City. As Tony rises through the ranks of the Mafia, the city follows suit, transforming from a desolate metropolis rife with crime and corruption to the dominant and somewhat organized rule of the Leone family.
Characters from previous installments appear throughout the game, tying Liberty City Stories to the larger narrative universe of Grand Theft Auto. The exciting storyline promises action, drama, suspense and many missions and quests as Toni Cipriani travels through the troubled city. This chaotic scenario reveals the fascinating world of organized crime with power struggles, turf wars, prison breaks and domestic politics.


After the huge success of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. in 2005 released, it was the studio's ninth game in the series. He went on to develop the fictional universe of Liberty City based on the iconic metropolis of New York, which he continues to parody.
The development team adhered to the third-person perspective and sandbox-style gameplay that had become trademarks at the time. But they also made some big changes. For example, the game has improved the aiming and control system to simplify combat encounters.
In addition, Liberty City Stories was full of additional main and side quests. This was in response to player criticism of the previous entries' lack of content. Side missions are specifically designed to be more engaging and go beyond the pick-up-and-drop format of the past.
While subtle nuances remained, the story was much lighter. He changed the general themes of the struggle for power and corruption to a more personal story. It was a deliberate way to give players a new experience that wasn't unequivocally Grand Theft Auto.
In the graphics department, the developers were able to fine-tune the graphics and textures without going beyond the limitations of the PlayStation Portable hardware. Despite the limitations, they successfully recreated the atmosphere of the city of freedom, full of depth and detail.
All in all, Rockstar's painstaking game development efforts produced a Grand Theft Auto installment that satisfied old fans and attracted new ones. This marked the evolution of the series and paved the way for further successful releases.


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was originally released for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in 2005. in October, which was a big moment for both Rockstar Games and the portable gaming industry. Liberty City, the game's iconic setting, gave players an immersive openness. - The release of the first free-to-roam sandbox game on the PSP was a milestone in gaming history, putting Rockstar Games back in the spotlight.
The plot revolves around Toni Cipriani and fills in the gaps in the story of the rise of the Leone family, a recurring group in the GTA universe. This perspective added even more depth and context to this iconic game series. Due to the huge success of PSP, later in 2006 it was ported to the PlayStation 2 in June, allowing more players to experience the thrilling dungeons of Liberty City. Critics praised its story, gameplay and excellent graphics, cementing its position as one of the most successful titles in the Grand Theft Auto series.


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was released to largely positive reviews from critics and players. The large game world, fascinating storyline, various characters and various tasks were well received. Critics praised Grand Theft Auto III's impressive adaptation of the sprawling Liberty City for the PlayStation Portable platform.
The game's graphics have been criticized for both accuracy and limitations. Many were surprised by the detailed visuals of Liberty City on the small screen. However, some said that a similar drop in measured graphics quality compared to their console counterparts was noticeable. However, the scale of the faithfully rendered virtual city was praised by many.
The gameplay has been widely praised for its intensity and variety. The story was known for its engaging, humorous and unabashedly violent nature, hailed as an authentic interpretation of the infamous Grand Theft Auto personality. Additionally, the controls were deemed suitable for a portable format. On the technical side, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has been criticized for its sometimes annoying loading times. Players often reported this as a disruption to an otherwise immersive game.
Despite several flaws, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was recognized as a well-executed ambitious project. Its charm, gun-toting action, and quirky characters have successfully transitioned to the portable scene, injecting a good dose of Grand Theft Auto spirit into the portable gaming landscape.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was significant, changing not only the gaming landscape, but also the public's perception of video games. As part of a series known for its graphic content and bold depictions of urban dungeons, the game was a whirlwind that sparked deep debates about interactive multimedia and its effects on individuals.
The layering and development of the story was impressive for a portable console game of the time, giving the game a lot of depth to its narrative. He went on to set an exemplary standard for storytelling in portable games, encouraging other developers to push the envelope.
In addition, GTA: Liberty City Stories presented a dark but satirical view of the problems of the American city. It illustrates the dark and often ignored sides of society and engages the protagonists in topics such as social and economic class differences, corruption and organized crime. This changed public perception and led to deep discussions on these topics.
Additionally, the game expanded its influence on pop culture with a rich 70s and 80s-inspired soundtrack, broadening players' musical tastes. The game's radio stations introduced players to many genres of music and provided a memorable audio experience.
The interactive cityscape that responds to player actions was also innovative and influenced later open-world games. The immersive feel of the simulated city brought out a sense of authenticity never felt before in a handheld game.
In conclusion, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has had a fruitful cultural impact, created gaming stories, fueled debate on social issues, influenced musical taste and innovative game design in an open world environment. It has effortlessly bridged the gap between being a mere source of entertainment and a platform for cultural dialogue, making it arguably one of the most important milestones in video game history.