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Mass Effect: Invasionds

General Info

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AuthorMac Walters
GenresScience Fiction
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorOmar Francia
Issue Number1
Release Date2011-10-19
Number of Pages32
Original TitleMass Effect: Invasionds
Comics Issue NameMass Effect: Invasionds
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Mass Effect: Invasion is an exciting saga that expands the narrative scope of the Mass Effect universe. It reveals a tantalizing plot involving Aria T'Loak, the relentless ruler of Omega Station, an important galactic hub. The story unfolds as Omega faces an unprecedented attack by mysterious invaders. Never one to back down, Aria dives headfirst into the ensuing battle to protect her domain. Throughout the series, readers will discover shocking twists, thrilling twists, and compelling character arcs that deepen their connection to the world of Mass Effect. This comic is known for its incredibly detailed environments, dynamic action sequences, and nuanced storytelling that captures the essence of the diverse landscapes and cultural complexity of the Mass Effect universe. Expect an adrenaline-filled journey with Mass Effect: Invasion.


Mass Effect: Invasion is an immersive series fiercely woven into the fabric of the vast Mass Effect universe. Marking the second four-part comic series to emerge from the Mass Effect arsenal, it recreates elements of the Mass Effect 2 game's story, leaving readers looking forward to explosive alien encounters.
Aria T'Loak, the infamous Asari who rule Omega Station with an iron fist, will star in Mass Effect: Invasion. When a human survival group affiliated with Cerberus and the alien Collectors threaten to destroy the grim peace she fought so hard for, Arya becomes embroiled in a deadly power game.
Blurring the lines between friend and foe, Invasion transcends the typical comic narrative by introducing different races of aliens, each character offering a unique perspective. Forget quiet diplomacy; Aria's speculative mix of guns-for-hire and different species reinforces a recurring theme in Mass Effect: the need to protect what belongs.
Mass Effect: Invasion boldly captures the excitement and fast-paced combat that made the Mass Effect series a cornerstone of the gaming industry. It combines storytelling done right, combining previously explored events with incredibly intense situations. Fans are treated to a rare treat: a synergy of vivid, evocative lyrics and artwork that blend seamlessly into the rich, sprawling universe in which they take place.
Invasion is not only a must for every Mass Effect fan, but also for comic book fans who appreciate nuanced storytelling. Each issue reveals heroism in the face of dire odds, emphasizing that survival in Mass Effect is more a game of wits than gunplay. Dive into this comic and embark on an exhilarating intergalactic roller coaster ride where expectations are exceeded at every turn.


In Mass Effect: Invasion, Aria T'Loak, Queen of the Omega Pirates, faces an existential threat in the form of the Cerberus organization. Arya's rule in Omega, a haven for villains and criminals outside of Citadel space, is put to the ultimate test when the citizens of Omega are threatened by mutated victims of a deadly virus. Arya soon realizes that the invasion was no accident, but was carefully planned by Cerberus, using the chaos to take control of Omega.
Faced with betrayal by her closest allies and crumbling power, Aria is forced to fight for the survival of her realm and the free spirit of Omega. When the stakes are high, this story illustrates Arya's shrewd strategy and unyielding will to maintain control. Amid the chaos, Arya's strength is tested and she is forced to accept the price she is willing to pay to maintain control of her empire.


The "production" of the Mass Effect: Invasion comics was a painstaking artistic collaboration between writers, illustrators, and the creators of the original video game itself. BioWare, developer of the Mass Effect game series, has partnered with Dark Horse Comics, known for its focus on science fiction and fantasy comics. The comics were written by Mac Walters, who was also the main game writer for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, ensuring a close integration of the comic book story into the Mass Effect universe. Illustrator Omar Francia helped visualize this story, which expertly brought the vast universe and alien characters to life with exquisite detail and use of color. A compelling script and compelling visuals helped bring the beloved Mass Effect franchise into comic book form in an authentic way. Through teamwork and a shared vision, the creators were able to create a comic series that complements and expands the Mass Effect storyline experienced by players around the world.


The Mass Effect: Invasion comic takes readers on an exciting interstellar journey with fan favorite Aria T'Loak. Arya emerges from the shadows of Omega, a notoriously lawless spaceport, and battles an alien race known as the Corrupted. This powerful and treacherous enemy threatens not only his home, but the entire galaxy. Forced into an unlikely alliance with Cerberus, Arya must navigate the treacherous cosmos, galactic politics, and her own personal demons to protect Omega. Mass Effect: Invasion is full of mind-bending twists, immersive space warfare, and challenging character development. Aria T'Loak's vivid graphics, compelling story, and unparalleled grit make for an unforgettable comedy experience.


Part of the Mass Effect: Invasion comic book series, Release is a rich and complex story following the invasion of Omega by a mysterious alien species, the Collectors. The comics, released between the events of Mass Effect 2 and 3, set the stage for the third part of the gamid trilogy.
Created by the amazing creative team of Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller and Omar Francia, the four comic series originally ran from 2011. October 19 until 2012 January 18 Omega Pirates, led a steadfast resistance to the invading Collectors.
In addition, the comic book series perfectly fills a plot hole in the Mass Effect franchise, giving fans a detailed and interesting insight into the largely unexplored pasts and personalities of beloved characters. The Mass Effect: Invasion print received critical acclaim for its impressive graphics and captivating narrative, cementing its place in the canon of the Mass Effect universe. As such, the Mass Effect: Invasion comic book series is an immersive addition that helps fans understand and enjoy the plot of the Mass Effect franchise by revealing events that were previously only hinted at or not explained in the video games.


Mass Effect: Invasion has received recognition for its significant contribution to the knowledge of the universe. Critics and fans praised the well-crafted story and richly developed characters, especially Aria T'Loak, Queen of the Omega Pirates. Readers applauded her performance, noting how she combines charisma, indomitable willpower and strategic acumen to create a compelling image that stands the test of time.
With its unique combination of energetic storytelling and complex character dynamics, Invasion presents a fascinating book that doesn't stray far from the moral gray of the Mass Effect universe. Additionally, the comic's stunning artwork helps flesh out his signature settings and characters in a visually stunning way. Additionally, Invasion's storyline has been praised for its ability to deftly juggle multiple plot threads while aggressively advancing the story. By using the available history to his advantage, naturally weaving it into the story, he gained even more recognition.
Although Invasion received mostly positive reviews, some fans criticized it for relying on existing understanding of the story, which they felt could be a barrier to new readers.
Overall, Mass Effect: Invasion is a compelling addition to the video game series, offering fans a deeper immersion into the beloved universe. Despite some minor hiccups, it's a testament to the franchise's storytelling ability, its ability to create unforgettable characters, and its unique way of bringing moral complexity to every sector of the galaxy.

Cultural impact

In the realm of science fiction, the comic series Mass Effect: Invasion has cemented its cultural influence through captivating storytelling and deep exploration of its beloved universe. The comic's focus on complex storylines and well-developed characterizations increased its popularity, increasing the visibility of graphic novels as a legitimate storytelling medium. Despite being inspired by a video game, the Invasion series tells its own story, making the Mass Effect universe richer and more immersive. Its success inspired a wave of game-related comics, highlighting a significant shift in perception of games' storytelling potential. In addition, the show's portrayal of diverse and multi-faceted characters has encouraged positive debate about media representation.