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Star Trek online

General Info

Star Trek online logo
WritersJesse Heinig, Christine Thompson, Geoffrey Tolle, Thomas Marrone
Game NameStar Trek Online
ComposersKevin Manthei
LanguagesEnglish, German, French
DevelopersCryptic Studios
Game EngineCryptic Engine
Release Date2010-02-02
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/startrekonlinegame/
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher NamePerfect World Entertainment
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online
Star Trek Online is an immersive multiplayer game that allows players to explore the iconic Star Trek universe from the inside. Players have the opportunity to pilot their own spaceship, participate in epic space battles and visit famous locations from the franchise. The game is packed with content from various Star Trek series, integrating elements of exploration, diplomacy and combat. From stunning visuals of space and planets to complex storylines that reflect the ethos of Star Trek, the game offers an intense and authentic Star Trek experience, allowing you to take on the role of an officer of the Federation, the Klingon Empire or the Romulan Republic and explore new things. civilizations and address the political complexities of these factions. Whether it's rescuing an alien race, engaging in a giant space battle, or negotiating volatile diplomatic scenarios, Star Trek Online is truly about the adventure and excitement of being at the helm of this vast universe.


'Star Trek online' game screenshots
'Star Trek online' game screenshots
'Star Trek online' game screenshots
'Star Trek online' game screenshots
'Star Trek online' game screenshots
'Star Trek online' game screenshots


Star Trek Online takes you on a journey through the vast Star Trek universe. With the honorable role of Starfleet captain in a volatile conflict, you must maintain balance. You'll have access to a wide variety of battleships with unique features, and each module you unlock will enhance the immersive experience beyond the wall.
The game allows you to carry out missions to the distant surfaces of planets and lead a reconnaissance team consisting of officers with deep and diverse skills. Whether it's diplomatic negotiations or confrontations with enemies, your team is there for you. Exploring unfamiliar quadrants and sectors is the essence of your journey. Interact with iconic Star Trek characters, discover never-before-seen locations, and piece together the puzzle of the universe one galaxy at a time.
Create your own unique destiny by choosing your species and career, and set your path to becoming a commander. Discover the shared history of Star Trek and its many races, including the moralistic Federation, the imperialist Klingon Empire, and the nomadic Romulan Republic. The game includes encounters with beloved characters from all eras of the Star Trek franchise and invites you to become part of an ever-changing storyline. Take part in epic space battles, explore new worlds and support your side in Star Trek Online.



In the Star Trek online game, players enter the future history of the Star Trek universe by taking on the shoes of officers of the United Federation of Planets or other various factions such as the Klingon Empire. As a player, you are given the freedom to explore many unique star systems and planets, engage in ship-to-ship combat in an immersive space world, and enjoy ground combat missions against enemies.
The game perfectly captures the spirit of the Star Trek franchise and goes beyond brutal combat. It offers players to explore, negotiate and strategize with allies and enemies. Players can choose from a variety of paths, including tactical, technical, and scientific paths, each with different abilities and gameplay mechanics closely tied to iconic Star Trek roles. The game is divided into three main areas: space, terrain and social hubs. The space game allows players to control their spaceships in an open universe, participate in large-scale conflicts and battles. Ground-based gameplay immerses you in field team missions where players can teleport to planets with their team to complete missions.
The game improves upon many aspects of the traditional Massive Multiplayer Online gameplay elements. Social hubs like Earth Spacedock give players a space to interact with other users and plan their next move. In addition, complex and heroic storylines, references and refreshments help to make the game more engaging and enjoyable.
At the heart of Star Trek Online is the mission system. Players can receive missions from non-player characters or from mission boards on their ship. The gaming universe is constantly expanding with regular updates, adding new episodic content, improving gameplay, and keeping the gaming experience fresh, inviting and full of adventure. This unique blend of cinematic storytelling, ground/space combat, exploration, and mission-based gameplay is a testament to the game's appeal to the Star Trek universe.

Gameplay video


The immersive landscape of Star Trek Online takes players into the heart of the interstellar universe and embodies the franchise's core philosophy of exploration and diplomacy. In this immersive world, an incredibly rich story begins in the year 2409, some 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. The uneasy peace that once existed between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets has been shattered, ushering in an era of merciless conflict.
Acting as the captains of their own starships, players take on challenging missions and tackle a variety of testing scenarios that rely on rugged artifacts from Star Trek history. The game offers a wonderful mix of familiar faces like Seven of Nine or the infamous Dukat and new players on the galactic scene. Exciting power struggles continue to define the plot, intertwined with the formidable challenges presented by opposing factions such as the mischievous Tribble or the deadly Borg Collective. As players travel through numerous iconic locations, they will have the opportunity to forge alliances, resolve hostile feuds, and shape the future of the galactic community. Themes of multifaceted political alliances, explosive warfare, and exploration of the unknown highlight the narrative journey.
Additionally, Star Trek promotes a branching storyline online with numerous side quests and optional missions that expand the vast cosmological tapestry. Players will encounter legendary artifacts such as the Genesis Device, Iconian Gateways, and the Omega Molecule that add a sense of grandeur to the overall experience. The convoluted plot culminates in a large-scale epic encounter that expresses the enduring message of unity in diversity, a principle that has been consistently emphasized throughout Star Trek's history. As players navigate complex political dynamics, explosive battles, and the perilous unknown, Star Trek players determine their own destiny online in this vast virtual Star Trek universe.


Star Trek Online has been in constant development since it was first released by Cryptic Studios in 2010. at the beginning Originally released only for Windows, the game's developers quickly focused on tweaking the graphics, game mechanics, and storyline to deliver a truly immersive game. . . experience for players. The focus was not just on creating an online multiplayer game, but also on a virtual universe that truly captured the spirit of the vast Star Trek story.
The really standout aspect of the game is the fusion of space and ground combat, which was a pretty advanced effort in the early stages of development. It was important for the developers to find a balance so that every player, regardless of the scenario, has an unforgettable gaming experience. As a result, developers had to simulate transitions between battlestars and reconnaissance missions, including combat and troubleshooting.
Another goal of the developers was to give players the opportunity to pilot the iconic ships of Starfleet. A lot of time was spent making sure the ship designs were true to the original TV series, including real-time tactical combat. It was also important to create a solid progression system that would allow players to grow their characters and spaceships organically.
in 2016 Star Trek Online has finally expanded to more platforms and is available for PS4 and Xbox users. The game will also include content from new Star Trek series such as Discovery and Picard, demonstrating the developers' determination to align the game with the evolving Star Trek universe.
In conclusion, the continued development of Star Trek Online reflects Cryptic Studios' deep respect and passion for the Star Trek universe. The gameplay really shows the dedication of the developers to constantly improve their approach, improve the user experience and ensure that the game keeps up with the evolution of the Star Trek universe.


The "release" of the Star Trek online game gave Star Trek fans and gamers around the world unprecedented immersion. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Cryptic Studios was first launched in 2010. February 2 and took the gaming community by storm. Treks around the world rejoiced when they were given the helm of their own starship and had the opportunity to explore the rich Star Trek universe like never before.
Four years after the show in 2014. In January, the game was significantly expanded and released as Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus. This new expansion allowed players to assume the role of the commander of the Romulan Republic. in 2016 in September, the games pushed the boundaries even further with Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday, which featured content from the original Star Trek series. Players had the opportunity to travel through time and play as a captain from the "original Star Trek series".
Without a doubt, each release and expansion of Star Trek Online has made it more appealing, attracting dedicated fans and newcomers alike, creating an ever-expanding gaming community. Overall, the release of an online Star Trek game has enriched the gaming industry and led to a unique interactive experience for the beloved Star Trek franchise.


Star Trek Online has received mixed reviews from critics and players since its release. Critics praised it for its faithful portrayal of the Star Trek universe, featuring original voice performances by the stars of the Star Trek series, and for its deep and expansive storyline that continues the saga of the beloved franchise.
On the other hand, some players felt that the game suffered from gameplay imbalance issues early on and were disappointed with the microtransaction model. However, over time, many of these issues were resolved, and the game continued to gain popularity and recognition.
Star Trek Online boasts an enthusiastic and dedicated fan base, with many players praising its immersive space combat, character customization, and the ability to explore the vast Star Trek universe in a dynamic environment. Constant updates and expansions with new storylines and characters are also very popular with the community.
However, despite these improvements, players continue to criticize the ground combat mechanics and occasional glitches as areas that need further improvement. Despite these criticisms, Star Trek Online has continued to maintain a loyal player base and continues to add new content that attracts fans.
In conclusion, the game may not be perfect, but it definitely captures the essence of Star Trek and gives fans a unique opportunity to boldly go where no one has gone before. For fans of the franchise and gamers interested in dramatic space exploration and interaction, Star Trek Online is a game worth playing.

Cultural impact

Since its release, Star Trek Online has had a significant impact on gaming culture and the wider Star Trek universe. The complex storylines and immersive gameplay not only attracted a diverse global fan base, but also helped redefine expectations for the scope and complexity of MMORPG worlds.
The game truly captured the essence of the Star Trek canon, allowing players to experience life as a Starfleet officer and explore the unknown realms of space. No longer passive consumers, fans were able to actively engage with the Star Trek story in new and exciting ways, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the complex history of the franchise.
Additionally, Star Trek Online has been praised for its diversity of representation in its character creation system. Players can choose from a wide variety of races, genders, and species that reflect the inclusive values ​​promoted by the original Star Trek series. These efforts to emphasize diversity and promote inclusion in gaming are considered a big step forward in today's gaming culture.
Beyond entertainment, Star Trek Online also promotes education and sparks curiosity about space exploration and science. This has led to fascinating conversations among fans, educators, and scientists, and is consistent with Gene Roddenberry's original vision of a future driven by the pursuit of knowledge.
With its expansive universe, dedication to diversity, and mix of fun and learning, Star Trek Online has left an unmistakable impact in both the digital and real worlds, creating the cultural phenomenon that the Star Trek franchise has created over the years. . .