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Monster High: Welcome to Monster High

General Info

Monster High: Welcome to Monster High logo
GenresAnimation, Family, Kids
Music ByShawn Patterson, Rebecca Kneubuhl
TaglineThis school has fangtastic friends, unbelievable style and classroom lurks and screams!
Film NameMonster High: Welcome to Monster High
StarringDebi Derryberry, Cassandra Lee Morris, Celeste Henderson
Directed ByStephen Donnelly, Olly Reid, Jun Falkenstein
Produced ByBruno Bianchi, Shane Amsterdam, Nadine Trouncer
Release Date2016-08-27
Running Time72 minutes
Screenplay ByShane Amsterdam, Stephen Donnelly, Dana Starfield
Content RatingNot Rated
Distributed ByUniversal Pictures Home Entertainment
Original TitleMonster High: Welcome to Monster High
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Muxf0HhO7SM
World Premiere Date2016-08-27
Production Company NameMattel Creations
Production Company Website URLhttps://corporate.mattel.com/
Welcome to Monster High is the origin story of the infamous high school Monster High. This is where all the best monsters send their children. In this film, Draculaura and his monstrous best friend Frankie Stein, tired of hiding their fabulousness in the human world, decide to go their separate ways and create a school where all monsters can be themselves, safe and fearless. The two fight valiantly against a terrifying opposition of old monsters unwilling to change their old ways. This movie is full of adventure, singing and the humor and heart of Monster High. It's a monster makeover that celebrates the idea of ​​being unique, with both scares and laughs.


Monster High: Welcome to Monster High takes a fresh look at the creation of the iconic school for our favorite creepy creatures. The story unfolds as Draculaura (the vampire) and her ghost best friend Frankie Stein (Frankenstein's daughter) yearn for a place where they and other unique creatures can be themselves, outside of normal human standards. Driven by their dreams, they travel the world on an epic adventure to recruit other students. Their call is heard by many, including Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue and Cleo de Nile. Little do they know that there is a menacing zombie named Moanica D'Kay whose zombie minions are trying to make everyone equal and threaten this vibrant school of diversity. The united monsters must now work together to defeat Moanica and prove that being unique is good. A compelling mix of fun and horror, this film is a story of personal growth, acceptance and the importance of individuality, laced with sharp wit and high school profanity. It introduces us to the world of Monster High in a new and exciting way.



'Monster High: Welcome to Monster High' "film" screenshots


Welcome to Monster High is an exciting reboot of the Monster High franchise. Immerse yourself in the origins of Monster High for an exciting story about an assortment of strangely charming characters. The plot revolves around Draculaur and Frankie Stein, who don't fit in in a world dominated by humans who dream of a place where all monsters can be themselves, be accepted and make friends.
The story takes place when they discover an old school where they decide to establish Monster High, a paradise for their kind. Cleo de Nile joins them with her rich resources and with her somewhat reluctant help initiates the transformation of the old school building. The trio will soon face challenges as Moanica D'kay, an evil zombie, tries to destroy their vision by creating an army of zombies to lead a rebellion against the human world. The plot thickens when Moanica kidnaps Draculaura and tries to use her vampire powers for her nefarious plans.
Draculaura and Frankie, with the help of their friends Clawdeen Wolf and Lagoona Blue, and a "normal" (human) named Tash - who proves that humans and monsters can coexist - rescue Draculaura and foil Moanika's plans.
Filled with moments of fear, friendship, acceptance and courage, the gripping story offers a valuable lesson in embracing and celebrating difference. In addition, the existence of Monster High becomes a beacon of hope for all hidden monsters from around the world, creating a much bigger and braver Monster High community. The film ends with the presentation of a raucous party to celebrate their victory over Moanica and the opening of a school that proclaims, loud and clear, "Be yourself." Be unique. Be a monster.


The creation of Monster High: Welcome to Monster High began with a clear vision: to bring freshness to the Monster High universe while keeping the essence of the beloved characters intact. The creators wanted to recreate the origin of the characters without changing the main features that fans love. Thus, the construction of the narrative required a subtle combination of originality and traditional aspects.
Key to the success of the project was the painstaking effort put into the animation and graphics. Due to the unique graphics similar to the Monster High universe, the animators had to use advanced technologies that allow children to experience a surreal world and show many of their favorite characters in their bright color palettes. Lavishness in detail and creative imagination helped to introduce a variety of characters with varying anatomy and fashion sense. In addition, great attention was paid to the soundtrack to further capture and enrich the energetic, haunting and fun atmosphere of Monster High.
One of the biggest challenges the team faced was finding a compelling storyline without losing the cute and fun vibe of the Monster High universe. The storyline had to resonate with both old and new audiences while promoting a sense of nostalgia and innovation. Therefore, the production process was a harmonious fusion of the main elements of the franchise and new ingredients, opening the doors of Monster High to more young fans around the world. The result was an immersive and engaging story with visually mesmerizing graphics that will surely transport the viewer into a uniquely fun world of monstrous camaraderie.


Monster High: Welcome to Monster High sees the iconic group of the school's scariest, most fashionable teenagers create a haven for all monsters. After learning that being different and unique is something to celebrate, they decide to open Monster High. Monster High is not only an educational institution, but also a haven for all things extraordinary, where everyone is welcome. As they set out into the world to recruit new students, they find innocent monsters living in hiding in a world that fears and hates them. The film shows a recognizable struggle against prejudice, full of emotional trials and triumphant victories. Friendship, courage and acceptance are emphasized as core values. The climax of the film is a spectacular dance party where all the monsters finally come together, defying social norms and rising to their own individuality. Purely charming, the film offers fun suspense and light-hearted moments that keep the audience enthralled. It's a great introduction to the unique and diverse world of Monster High and is a must-have for fans and newcomers alike.


Although Monster High: Welcome to Monster High received mixed reviews, it certainly caught the attention of young audiences. The film opens a new story arc in the Monster High universe, acclaimed by many for its fresh and innovative storyline that delights fans with the origin stories of their favorite characters.
Critics praised the film's lively animation and charming vocal performances that brought the characters to life. The film's messages of acceptance and being true to yourself are expertly woven into the plot and have a positive impact on young viewers. Critics have also praised the film for its depth, noting that it goes beyond costumes and high school drama to deal with serious matters in a kid-friendly way. Parents especially appreciated the family aspect of the film. The humor is endearing to adults and children alike, and the lessons are impactful without being over the top.
Despite some negative reviews regarding the changes to the original storyline, the film overall managed to delight its audience and refresh the Monster High universe.

Cultural impact

Welcome to Monster High has a significant cultural impact as it presents a new story about individualism and celebrating your unique identity in today's homogenous world. Unlike conventional children's films, it relegates traditional horror elements to positive attributes that symbolize individual uniqueness.
At a time when kids are increasingly encouraged to fit in rather than stand out, Monster High delivers a powerful message that challenges this uninspired attitude. Every character in their universe, from the vampire cheerleader Draculaura to the diva-like werewolf Clawdeen Wolf, is created with unique traits that they pride themselves on and celebrate rather than suppress.
The film advocates for inclusion, equality and acceptance in creating Monster High, a school where every student, regardless of background, can feel at home and be valued. He deconstructs the stereotypes associated with common horror characters like Dracula, werewolves, zombies and puts them in a positive light. This aspect includes engaging and educating children about the importance of accepting and respecting people's differences.
It's a paradigm shift from the decades of "princess" culture that has dominated the children's toy market, where girls are conditioned to believe they have to look and act a certain way. Monster High, on the other hand, encourages everyone to discover their individual identities and thrive on being different.
Always subverting conventional beauty expectations, Monster High promotes body positivity by showcasing strong, independent women of all body shapes. It definitely models positivity, trust and true friendship, which demystifies the culture of competition often seen in mainstream children's fiction.
Overall, the film's cultural impact cannot be overlooked. It breaks cultural norms and promotes a more diverse, inclusive and acceptable message for today's society. This is a film that empowers and inspires the next generation to delve into their own uniqueness and be their own heroes.