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The Brothers' War

General Info

The Brothers' War logo
AuthorJeff Grubb
Book NameThe Brothers' War
PublisherWizards of the Coast
Release Date1998-05-01
Number of Pages311
Original TitleThe Brothers' War
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://company.wizards.com/
War of the Brothers is an immersive story set in the Magic: The Gathering universe written by Jeff Grubb. It is both an introduction and an extension of a world full of fantasy and magic. The book is the story of two brothers, Urza and Mishra, whose rivalry leads to a war that spans the entire plane of existence. A fascinating mix of magic, technology and politics, the story explores the devastating consequences of their conflict. The reader rides the stormy tides of their relationship, witnessing their rise from humble artisans to all-powerful beings. "Brothers War" is an enticing dive into a universe beloved by millions. It's a must-read, whether you're a fan looking to explore the story further or a fantasy enthusiast looking for an immersive new world.


The War of the Brothers is a spectacular journey into the world of magic: a gathering depicting the epic conflict between two brothers, Urza and Mishra. This major story in the MTG universe spans decades of history, takes place across Dominaria, and chronicles the rise and fall of empires, alliances made and destroyed.

The novel traces the origins of these powerful artisans who, despite their shared heritage, are drawn into a catastrophic rivalry. Their divergent paths — Urza's journey to master the artifacts and Mishra's initiation into the secrets of the Phyrexians — set the stage for a war that would change their lives and the face of Dominaria. Told through complex character relationships and an innovatively woven plot, the book brilliantly explores the nuances of power, ambition, loyalty and betrayal. Complicated plot aside, Brother's War is impressive in its ability to capture the integral elements of the Magic: The Gathering universe. From detailed descriptions of magical artifacts, enchanted spells, to intense strategic battles with Mana, it promises to immerse readers, new to MTG and seasoned players alike, in a rich and surprising world.

Therefore, "The War of the Brothers" is more than just the story of an epic conflict. An exploration of the core of the Magic: The Gathering universe, it's a must-read for anyone interested in the history of cards.


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The game dynamically reflects key aspects of the physical game, allowing both old and new players to translate their strategies and techniques into digital form. Players can discover, collect, and use dozens of incredibly detailed cards, each featuring different creatures, spells, and enchantments from the vast history of magic.

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Beginners can learn the nuances of the game through detailed tutorials and single-player modes. At the same time, experienced players can delve into competitive game modes, defeat their opponents and level up.
Whether you're a seasoned MTG player or new to the fantasy universe, Magic: The Gathering Arena offers a rich strategy experience that transports players into an enchanting universe full of intense combat and captivating storytelling.


The stories of the brothers Urza and Mishra come to life in the "Development" section of "War of Brothers". A story depicting a fascinating combination of technological advancement and pure magical energy, the story follows their fiery rivalry fueled by the mysterious artifact Thran. As brilliant artisans with vastly different philosophies, Dominaria's contentious relationship is engulfed in the gusts of an all-consuming war.

Both brothers treat the mystical Thran artifact strangely in their personal beliefs. Armed with the Eye of Vision, Urza uses his vast knowledge to create an impressive array of magical artifacts and wards to protect Dominaria. Mishra, on the other hand, fascinated by ancient technology, is raising armies of robot soldiers in his vision of a mechanized world order.

As the story unfolds, we see how the power of their convictions steadily escalates into a devastating conflict of catastrophic proportions. But behind their ambitions, the world around them pays a price as a war of magical technology destroys civilizations and shakes the core of Dominaria.

"War of the Brothers" is not only a testament to the majesty and power of the MTG Universe, but also an intimate look at the twists and turns of individual ideologies as they collide. It not only stimulates readers' imaginations, but also provides insight into how humans can shape and reshape their environment.


Brother War is an intriguing take on the famous card game Magic The Gathering. The book reveals a rich tapestry of a world full of magic, mystery and machinations and depicts the tumultuous relationship and battles between the brothers Urza and Mishra.

The brothers, both excellent craftsmen, once worked harmoniously together, but their relationship quickly turned into a bitter rivalry sparked by their feud over two sides of an ancient Thran artifact. This feud escalates and leads to a war that spans the entire continent of Terisiare. The compelling story creates an engaging and emotional atmosphere, making the novel a highly immersive reading experience.

In War Brothers, Jeff Grubb skillfully weaves together the layers of the plot to create a kaleidoscope of deception, betrayal and despair. From compelling depictions of the characters' emotional struggles to intricately detailed battles, the story strikes an impressive balance between personal drama and epic conflict. As a result, the book not only helps you better understand the story of the game, but is also a fascinating story in itself.

The depth of the main characters Urza and Mishra makes them endearing to the readers. They are both flawed but human characters, haunted by their obsessions, plagued by mistakes. Their journey, the war, and the devastation that accompanies it raise profound questions about power, obsession, and the cost of ambition.

A must-read for all Magic: The Gathering fans, War of the Brothers takes readers on an unforgettable journey through the annals of the game's mythology. With its rich narrative and complex characters, the book fascinates and allows a deeper appreciation of the complex history of each card.


The Release section of War of the Brothers marks a turning point in the iconic confrontation between Urza and Mishra. When two genius siblings uncover the ancient secrets of Tran, they start a war so catastrophic that Dominaria is threatened with destruction. A growing desire for dominance consumes them and leads them to unleash the monstrous Machina, an artifact of unprecedented destructive power.

The rivalry between Urza and Mishra goes beyond the personal and culminates in an all-out social and political conflict that tears the world's civilizations apart. As their armies clash, it becomes clear that this war is not only about coveted power stones, but also about deep differences rooted in their ideologies. While War of the Brothers operates on an epic scale, it also delves into the hearts and minds of the brothers, painting the glaring character flaws and ambitions that lead to their downfall. Exploring their strained relationship elevates the novel from a simple war story to an in-depth study of a sibling relationship tainted by jealousy and rivalry.

As the war rages, the lines between right and wrong blur, revealing the follies of their power-hungry ambitions. Urza's obsession with progress and Mishra's insatiable desire for power are ravaging Dominaria, destroying its beauty and creating a wasteland.

By the end of this epic epic, readers are stunned by the scale of the destruction and the tragic futility of the brothers' war. It's a stark reminder of how personal disputes can turn into devastating conflicts, making The War of the Brothers more than just a tale of a mythical past, but also a reflection on human nature.


Magic: The Gathering Arena follows the same rules and game mechanics as the physical Magic: The Gathering card game. The storyline delves into the multifaceted universe of magic, depicting various realms known as "planes".
Players assume the role of Planeswalkers, extremely powerful wizards who can travel on these planes. The game features many Planeswalkers from The Magic: The Gathering storyline, including Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar, Liliana Vess, and more, and introduces new characters.

The plot usually uses a set or "block" structure, with each set telling the story in a specific plane, emphasizing the conflict between different factions. Take, for example, the war between the dragon Nicol Bolas and the Guardians, a team of Planeswalkers sworn to protect the multiverse from evil.

Although players do not "directly" affect the outcome of the plot, they engage in battles that reflect the main conflicts of the plot. These events and battles often define new card mechanics and strategies that allow the story to directly affect gameplay.

As part of MTG's digital landscape, Magic: The Gathering Arena is used to further expand the story by taking players to new heights, showcasing new characters, and exploring new stories of conflict.

The game's story is expressed through card decks, narrative descriptions, and in-game cinematography, immersing players deeply into the vibrant MTG multiverse. It contains not just the "rules" of a card game, but the "rules" of a vast, unfolding, magical reality. Come and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and strategy, fight powerful enemies and improve your magical skills.

Cultural impact

War of the Brothers had an undeniable influence on the fantasy genre in general and the Magic: The Gathering universe in particular. This added to the game's lore, which continues to be explored and improved years after its release.
First, the rivalry between Urza and Mishra, two of the most legendary figures in gaming history, was fleshed out. Their ideological conflict and escalating arms race shaped the course of their entire plan, providing the foundation for subsequent stories and arcs.

He also helped define the steampunk aesthetic that characterizes the MTG universe. The combination of mysticism and machines presented in this novel became a key feature of the game's design philosophy, influencing its future plot and development of expansion packs.

The War of the Brothers also influenced game mechanics by introducing concepts and ideas that were later transformed into gear, card types, and game mechanics. The novel's influence is evident in many of the maps, from the clan's early creations to the mortal remains of their last conflict.

From a broader perspective, the novel contributed to the popularity and longevity of the MTG franchise. Expanding the gaming universe beyond the gaming table has helped create an immersive gaming experience and engage players to a whole new level. The human aspect of War of the Brothers, focusing on people's strengths and weaknesses, conflicting ideologies and strained relationships, added depth to a universe often dominated by powerful magic and epic battles. It helped emphasize that even in a fantasy world full of magical and mythical creatures, ultimately personal motives drive the story and define the universe.

In short, War of the Brothers played a huge role in shaping the Magic: The Gathering universe. Its influence continues to resonate, manifesting itself in various aspects of the game, from mechanics to aesthetics to story, to create an immersive and ever-changing gaming experience.