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Star Wars: Battlefront

General Info

Star Wars: Battlefront logo
GenresAction, Shooter
Game NameStar Wars: Battlefront
ComposersGordy Haab
PlaymodesSingle Player, Multiplayer
DevelopersEA DICE
Game EngineFrostbite 3
Release Date2015-11-17
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher NameElectronic Arts
Country of OriginUSA
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.ea.com/
Star Wars: Battlefront is an immersive action game set in the beloved Star Wars universe. Players will have the opportunity to reimagine battles from their favorite Star Wars movies through deep multiplayer modes that pit the Rebels against the Imperial Army in a variety of iconic locations. Avoiding explosions on Hoth, exploring the forests of Endor, or fighting through the streets of Mos Eisley, players will step into the shoes of heroes, villains, and soldiers from across the saga. Each character has unique abilities that can be used in battle. The main campaign also offers a new story from the Empire's perspective. The game combines stunning graphics, responsive controls and an immersive soundscape that transports players to their beloved universe like never before. Star Wars: Battlefront brings epic galactic conflicts to life for fans and newcomers alike.


'Star Wars: Battlefront' game screenshots
'Star Wars: Battlefront' game screenshots
'Star Wars: Battlefront' game screenshots
'Star Wars: Battlefront' game screenshots
'Star Wars: Battlefront' game screenshots
'Star Wars: Battlefront' game screenshots


Star Wars: Battlefront offers an immersive and action-packed experience set directly in the coveted Star Wars universe. It offers unprecedented access to a variety of dogfights inspired by the franchise's famous cinematic landscapes. Players will have the privilege of controlling beloved characters such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. As a result, these characters' armor reveals distinctive spaceships and weapons that fans will easily recognize from the series.
Battlefront allows you to complete solo missions or online co-op. Players can team up with friends and embark on breathtaking adventures across different Star Wars planets, trying to rewrite unique Star Wars battles in their own way. Otherwise, you can join the single player mode of the game and enjoy the amazing realistic visuals.
Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay is generally competitive and forces players to prove their superiority in a variety of ways. The challenge involves exploiting your enemy's weakness, mastering the game's unique command system, and proving your dominance on the battlefield. Surprisingly, the game's structure charmingly embraces the inherent Star Wars story, bringing out the space opera details of the epic trilogy. Battlefront also features iconic locations from the Star Wars franchise that enhance the authentic cinematic gaming experience. Players battle each other in the dense forests of Endor and navigate the rugged landscapes of Hoth. The desert world of Tatooine is a battlefield and a playground to showcase great strategy.
There is no doubt that Star Wars: Battlefront redefines the way fans interact with the Star Wars universe, allowing them to live out their Star Wars battle fantasies in an extremely epic and truly interactive environment.



Star Wars: Battlefront's gameplay mechanics revolve around immersing the player in epic galactic battles. Players have unlimited freedom to explore a massive environment filled with detailed interstellar terrain and iconic Star Wars landmarks. The choice of activities is unlimited; players can choose to fight on the ground with bombers, launch daring raids in spaceships like the X-wing, or even choose to wreak havoc with a lightsaber as they harness the power of the dark side.
Players can take on the role of many Star Wars characters, such as Han Solo and Darth Vader, each with unique abilities that affect the course of battle. The game also uses a class-based system and offers specific roles including Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist to allow players to customize their preferred fighting style. An integral part of the game is the multiplayer mode, which can support up to 40 players in a single match. This feature makes it easier to plan a cooperative strategy for securing points of interest or eliminating enemy troops. In addition, Battlefront also features a rewarding single-player campaign that reveals the untold stories of the Star Wars universe.
During the game, players collect points that he can use to upgrade equipment and weapons or unlock new characters, improving the overall experience of the game. Additionally, the developers have added a Star Card system that allows for deeper character customization; Refers to the variety of player choices and the variety of game strategy required for each game. At its core, Star Wars: Battlefront is a game that combines fans' fascination with the Star Wars universe with a high-quality gaming experience. It offers dynamic gameplay that encourages exploration, customization and strategic planning that is sure to delight Star Wars fanatics and gaming fans alike.

Gameplay video


Star Wars: Battlefront is an action-packed multiplayer game that puts players at the heart of some of the fiercest battles in the Star Wars universe. The game revolves around the epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, giving players the chance to rewrite the historic encounters that shaped a galaxy far, far away.
The game begins during the original Star Wars trilogy. The Empire is at the height of its power and players will initially encounter battle cries, laser beams and the roar of AT-AT walkers across the snowy landscape of Hoth or the lush forests of Endor.
The combat environment also includes infamous locations such as the deadly Death Star and the bustling streets of Mos Eisley. Players can choose which side of the conflict they want to join, each with a unique perspective on the ongoing war spanning the galaxy.
As the story unfolds, players will have the opportunity to take on the roles of iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. From igniting a lightsaber as Luke Skywalker to commanding navigators as Darth Vader, players can engage in a hero-vs-villain battle that gives the game a unique twist.
Battlefront also introduces a new single-player campaign mode story. This mode follows the story of Iden Versio, an Imperial Special Forces soldier, and offers insight into the Empire's perspective after the destruction of the second Death Star. The campaign cleverly intertwines with the events of the films, giving continuity and depth to the game's story.
In conclusion, Star Wars: Battlefront skillfully creates an authentic Star Wars experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in a compelling story filled with epic battles and iconic characters. Whether you control an X-wing or a TIE fighter, the game perfectly captures the ethos of the saga and delivers a thrilling Star Wars adventure unlike any other.


The development of Star Wars: Battlefront can be considered a canonical proof of game development. in 2015 Published by EA DICE, the game was built from the ground up based on the legendary Star Wars universe that has captivated the imagination of the world for decades. The development phase of the project required radical thinking and a kaleidoscopic understanding of previous games in the series, as well as extensive knowledge of Star Wars.
Essentially a shooter video game, Star Wars: Battlefront combines elements of science fiction with incredibly daring details that combine the grandeur of the Star Wars universe with refreshingly enjoyable gameplay. Lucasfilm veterans helped the EA DICE team adapt many movie details to ensure the game's legitimacy. This included visiting real-world movie locations, recording audio from actual Star Wars props, and even footage from the cutting room floor.
The game developers ingeniously balanced the many elements of the Star Wars universe to avoid complexity and create a rewarding game for both Star Wars and shooter fans alike. Their main goal was to create a game that reflected the epic scale of Star Wars battles. They have spent a lot of resources to create incredible visuals,​​​​​​​​and it is evident in the lush forests of Endor or the desolate landscapes of Tatooine.
The development of Star Wars: Battlefront also saw several technological changes. It was one of the first games to use photogrammetry technology, which allowed developers to place highly detailed 3D models directly into the game world. It also set new standards for sound design as the team not only tried to recreate iconic sounds, but also intricately incorporated them into the game.
In the end, the galaxy's efforts to develop Star Wars: Battlefront paid off. The game became an instant hit with its realistic graphics, authentic sounds and exciting gameplay. It's a wonderful ode to the Star Wars universe and the power of smart game development. So kudos to the team that has redefined what game development is all about and taken it to a whole new dimension.


in 2015 In November, sci-fi and gaming fans got one of the most anticipated releases in the genre with Star Wars: Battlefront. Developed by EA DICE in collaboration with Lucasfilm and published by Electronic Arts, this challenging and addictive game has carved out a unique place in the famous Star Wars universe.
Set during the original and sequel Star Wars trilogies, Battlefront gives players the chance to engage in epic battles on a galactic scale. From the frozen landscapes of Hoth to the dense forests of Endor, the environments are as diverse as they are beautifully rendered.
At launch, Battlefront stands out with its choice of both single-player and multiplayer game modes. Whether you want to play solo or team up with your friends to take down an empire, this game has something for everyone. But the highlight for fans is the chance to take on iconic characters like Darth Vader, Han Solo and even Boba Fett. This game gives players an unparalleled opportunity to live out their Star Wars fantasies, making it a hit in the gaming world upon release and beyond.


Star Wars: Battlefront has received mixed reviews from fans and critics since its release. The game was praised for its incredibly detailed environments that brought the Star Wars universe to life like never before. The multiplayer has also been praised for encouraging strategy and teamwork, with players being given a variety of roles to immerse themselves in the intensity of the action.
However, the galactic war game was not praised. Critics pointed to the lack of a coherent single-player narrative campaign, describing this omission as a missed opportunity. Also, while the game mechanics were solid, some initially found them too simplistic, preventing the title from reaching its full potential.
Many fans also had complaints about the game's DLC policy, where important content was withheld from the subsequent paid expansion. However, subsequent updates and expansions have greatly enriched the gaming experience, adding depth to game mechanics, customizing options, and creating some exciting new environments.
Despite the criticism, Star Wars: Battlefront has managed to maintain a dedicated player base. It's clear that despite its flaws, its authentic recreation of the beloved Star Wars universe and captivating multiplayer elements have cemented its place among Star Wars fans and gamers alike. This is a very good title for future installments in the series, showing that there is a lot of potential in this gaming universe.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of "Star Wars: Battlefront" can be seen in the successful interweaving of gameplay and cinematography, the reproduction of magnificent worlds and exciting battles similar to the "Star Wars" universe, which is adored by fans around the world. Upon its release, Battlefront was hailed as an immersive portal into the world of science fiction, redefining what it means to experience a story.
The game used the visual storytelling that made Star Wars a global phenomenon, but with an added interactive element. It seamlessly transfers Star Wars staples from dogfights in space to land skirmishes into a multiplayer environment, emphasizing the feeling of being part of the Star Wars saga.
Battlefront's impact extended beyond the gaming community to pop culture as a whole. The game's ability to recreate the iconic sights, sounds and feel of the films has fueled interest in Star Wars merchandise, books and films.
Also, Battlefront holds an important place in video game history, defining what an interactive Star Wars experience can be. The ability to combine immersive multiplayer with the setting, characters and stories from the beloved franchise played a huge role in shaping future Star Wars games.
Ultimately, Battlefront had a big impact on how developers approached licensed video games. It proved that a great licensed game doesn't just imitate the source material, it captures the essence of the source and immerses the player in that world. As more and more titles adopt this immersive approach, we'll continue to see Battlefront's influence in modern gaming culture.