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Shiki Ryougi

General Info

Shiki Ryougi logo
Job TitleDemon Hunter
Birth Date2001-02-17
Birth PlaceMifune City, Japan
Knows aboutThe Mystic Eyes of Death Perception
Alternate NameRyougi Shiki
Character NameShiki Ryougi
Member of OrganizationGaran no Dou
Shiki Ryougi is an attractive character in the TYPE-MOON universe, originating from the Kara no Kyoukai novel series. Raised in a family of demon hunters, she gains a special ability known as the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, which allows her to perceive the death of all things as lines and then destroy them. She has a unique personality disorder, often displaying two distinct personalities: the reserved female Shiki and the brash male SHIKI. This dichotomy, fueled by her upbringing and the tragic accident that awakened her abilities, is at the heart of the depth and appeal of her characters. Exploring the complexities and extremes of human nature, Shiki's journey oscillates between philosophical musings, chilling horrors and hair-raising action, creating a compelling story that is sure to captivate.


A complex and intriguing figure from the TYPE-MOON universe, Shiki Ryougi represents a balance between vulnerability and unfathomable strength. Born into a family that studies mystical traditions, Shiki has inherited an unusual ability that allows her to perceive the concept of death, represented as lines and dots on objects and creatures. This exceptional awareness, combined with a natural talent for knives, makes her the inevitable end of anyone who crosses her path.
But Shiki's true complexity lies beyond these abilities, but also in his split personality. He embodies two different personalities: SHIKI, a passionate and sociable man, and Shiki, a reserved and alert woman. Both personalities were originally created to coexist harmoniously; however, a fatal accident drastically changes this dynamic, leaving Shiki alone.
Also, Shiki's character is defined by more than just his fighting skills and dual identity. He is a principled man who, despite his lethal capabilities, places great importance on the value of life. His journey is marked by turning points where he learns to balance his violent nature with a deep-rooted humanism, struggles with the ability to end life and the desire to preserve it.
Ultimately, the character of Shiki Ryougi serves as an ever-expanding mystery and an unrelenting paradox, involving the intermingling of strength and fragility, femininity and masculinity, the mystical and the ordinary.


In the TYPE-MOON universe, Shiki Ryougi is a mysterious and complex character created from a symphony of paradoxes. Born into the Ryougi family, Shiki is the heir to a unique lineage distinguished by the fusion of masculine and feminine qualities in one body.
Shiki was a carefree and playful child, but after a dangerous car accident that left her in a coma, her life took a drastic turn. When she woke up, she discovered a huge change in herself. Additional Personality - A cold and ruthless male personality now resided in her along with her original female self. Her newly split personality, which she calls "SHIKI," was the result of her family's perception of mystical death, a power that allows her to sense the inherent mortality of everything. This fearsome ability does not come without a cost. Shiki's entanglement with death makes her unstable and unpredictable, struggling between conflicting personalities and facing the horrors of oblivion.
But instead of giving in to her raging nature, Shiki channels her inner strife into a determined war. He takes the family's signature weapon, a knife, and transforms into a flawless "demon hunter."
Set against the backdrop of the TYPE-MOON universe, Shiki Ryougi appears not only as a charming warrior, but also as a complex woman struggling to come to terms with her damaged identities. Shiki's story deals with themes of gender, identity, and mortality, and is an in-depth exploration of what it means to live, die, and everything in between.

Creation and Development

Shiki Ryougi's idea can be traced back to Kinoko Nasu's unpublished college novel Kara no Kyoukai, which was the precursor to the Nasuverse. Nasu originally created Shiki as a "double" who was different from Shiki Tohno, but shared some of his abilities. This emerging design led to striking parallels between the two characters, particularly the mystical power of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception that they both possess.
When Kara no Kyoukai was picked up for an anime adaptation, Shiki was redesigned to stand out more clearly from her Melty Blood counterpart. His character took on a more yin-yang theme, going from a simpler binary split to a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted personality. These changes clarified Shiki's dual nature, instilling in her the essence of both extremes of femininity: gentle compassion and fierce hostility.
As for the physical design, Nasu collaborated with illustrator Takashi Takeuchi to complete Shiki's look. She was depicted as a samurai woman with an intriguingly blank stare, which added to her enigmatic aura. The red leather jacket and knife helped reinforce the stormy and chaotic elements of his character.
However, one of the key aspects of this creative process was Shiki's enigmatic name, Ryougi. Meaning "dual polarity," the name resonates deeply with Shiki's character philosophy, which underpins his enigmatic multidimensional personality. Nasu used this mysterious name as a metaphorical tool to draw Shiki's boundary-pushing nature along the fine line of dichotomies: life, death, love, and hate.
The evolution of Shiki Ryougi is a testament to Nasu's creative vision and free evolution, a not-so-simple process characterized by a strong understanding of the duality of human nature, which resulted in one of the universe's most unforgettable characters. TYPE - MOON.

Character Profile

Shiki Ryougi is a complex and intriguing character in the TYPE-MOON universe, especially in the Kara no Kyoukai series. With a rare and compelling condition called dissociative identity disorder, she developed two distinct personalities.
The first personality, Shiki, is distinguished by a calm and masculine demeanor. Often seen with a cool and calm expression, she embodies a practical and rational mind. She is the epitome of the archetypal female warrior, with an intimidating presence and exceptional talent in battle. His preference for the traditional kimono reflects his deep connection to the rich samurai heritage.
Her alternate personality "SHIKI" shows her feminine side. Warm, friendly and deeply understanding of human emotions, SHIKI's personality is a stark contrast to her counterpart. However, due to a traumatic event, SHIKI's personality became inactive, leaving only Shiki's personality active.
Shiki's rare power known as the "mystical eyes of death perception" allows her to sense the death of things and destroy existential threats. This supernatural ability becomes an important plot device, allowing Shiki to face powerful opponents and prove his strength.
Despite his tough exterior, Shiki exhibits a struggle between his humane tendencies and his destructive nature. Try to figure out his identity and summarize his journey in the TYPE-MOON universe. With his dynamic personality and unbeatable skills, Shiki Ryougi remains one of the series' most memorable characters.

Story Arc

Shiki Ryougi, the main character of the Kara no Kyoukai series, is unusually isolated in the TYPE-MOON universe. Born into the Ryougi family of demon hunters, Shiki inherited a unique ability from her ancestors: the mystical eye of death perception. This extraordinary power allows her to visualize the imminent death of a being.
But her life takes an unexpected turn after a devastating accident leaves her in a coma for two years. When Shiki wakes up, he struggles not only with amnesia, but with the fact that he can now see the limits of mortality. Shiki's character develops a lot throughout the series. At first, he acts cold and aloof, which can mostly be attributed to his difficulty understanding his split identities: male Shiki, female Shiki, and the empty "(blank) Shiki". Each person embodies a different aspect of their character. Furthermore, these fragmented identities are constantly at odds, suggesting an internal conflict that Shiki must resolve.
As the series progresses, Shiki encounters several paranormal occurrences that lead her to encounter evil spirits, rogue wizards, goblins, and more. He uses his death-sensing and demon-hunting abilities to defeat these adversaries while gaining a greater understanding of his chaotic identity, eventually accepting and mastering it.
Interestingly, in addition to his tumultuous journey of self-discovery, he also begins to develop a complicated but sincere relationship with Mikiya Kokuto. Mikiya, who always helps her in battle, firmly believing in her natural goodness, pushes Shiki to a final reconciliation.
Ultimately, Shiki Ryougi's storyline is not only about exciting supernatural battles, but also a deep exploration of the human psyche, identity, and the concept of life and death.

Cultural Impact

Shiki Ryougi, the hero of TYPE-MOON's Kara no Kyoukai series, has undoubtedly made a big impact on global pop culture. Shiki has become not just a character, but an icon, embodying the franchise's blend of mysticism and psychology. Shiki's dual personality and his mysterious Mystic Eyes of Death Perception powers have captivated fans and critics alike, and fan forums and academic articles are the subject of extensive fan theories and in-depth analysis.
In addition, Shiki Ryougi's influence extends beyond the TYPE-MOON universe, gaining recognition in the wider culture of anime, manga, and even video games. Shiki's character design, especially his traditional Japanese clothing combined with the urban setting, sets the trend for anime style. Her fashion was popularized by cosplayers, and her iconic red coat and knife instilled a sense of gritty elegance that became iconic artifacts of anime merchandise.
More importantly, Shiki's character often tackles complex issues such as gender identity, existentialism, and mental illness, resonating with audiences and provoking deeper discourse on these issues. Shiki Ryougi's portrayal of a strong and versatile female lead made a huge impact on audiences and continues to inspire creators, leading to more diverse characters in the genre.
In the world of video games, she appeared as a featured character in The Melted Blood Again and Fate/Grand Order, further expanding her cultural impact. In short, the multidimensional nature of Shiki Ryougi has made a lasting cultural contribution to the perpetuation of TYPE-MOON's legacy in the popular cultural landscape.


Shiki Ryougi, a mysterious character in the TYPE-MOON universe, leaves an indelible legacy. Shiki's unusual upbringing and special abilities have a clear impact on his world. The teenager is gifted with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, allowing her to perceive the mortality of any existence. A skilled knife fighter and heir to the Ryougi clan, he is given the honorable duty of protecting humanity from evil supernatural beings that often disrupt the balance of existence itself. Her innate ability to sense and sever life threads, often seen as divine or diabolical, sets her apart from the rest of the TYPE-MOON universe. Her split personality, torn between a cold, deadly woman and a simple, kind girl, further emphasizes her complexities and struggles with normalcy. Shiki's unique combination of strength and vulnerability embraces the harmony of opposites, paving a clear path of legacy in the complex TYPE-MOON universe.