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Melty Blood

General Info

Melty Blood logo
ArtistsTakashi Takeuchi
WritersKinoko Nasu
Game NameMelty Blood
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
DevelopersEcole Software, Type-Moon
Release Date2002-12-01
Game PlatformsArcade, Microsoft Windows
Publisher NameEcole Software
Country of OriginJapan
Melty Blood is an intriguing fighting game based on the visual novel by TYPE-MOON Tsukihime. Featuring a blend of visual novel storytelling and intense combat, Melty Blood has a unique appeal that sets it apart in the crowded fighting game genre. It offers diverse and powerful characters, each with their own unique abilities, making the game highly strategic. The game features dark and atmospheric visuals that reflect the supernatural elements of Tsukihime's story. Smooth animations and responsive controls make combat immersive, keeping players enthralled from battle to battle. In addition, the well-crafted dialogues and story add depth to the characters and strengthen the player's connection to the game. With fascinating components, Melty Blood offers an immersive gaming experience that is sure to appeal to fans of fighting games and the Tsukihime universe.


'Melty Blood' game screenshots
'Melty Blood' game screenshots
'Melty Blood' game screenshots
'Melty Blood' game screenshots
'Melty Blood' game screenshots
'Melty Blood' game screenshots


Melty Blood reigns as a respected franchise born from the spirit of TYPE-MOON, featuring a unique blend of visual storytelling and combat gameplay mechanics. This title is one of the best engaging story-oriented fighters out there, pushing the boundaries to blur the line between combat and story.
In this game, you will be surrounded by the night of Misaki Town, the setting of Tsukihime, another TYPE-MOON masterpiece. The diverse roster features main characters from the Tsukihime universe, and each encounter is more than just a fight; it's a collision of stories.
Each character in Melty Blood has a wide range of fighting styles and strategic depth that will appeal to newbies and seasoned beat 'em up players alike. The game mechanics are approachable yet challenging and offer an accessible entry point without sacrificing competitive complexity.
Melty Blood's visual aesthetic complements its narrative power, with beautifully rendered sprites clashing in vividly designed stages. The updated soundtrack also includes an enchanting atmosphere, making every battle an unforgettable experience.
Explore the chaotic night of Misaki Town and discover a fighting game that tells an enchanting story. Whether you're a fan of TYPE-MOON's creations or fighting games, Melty Blood promises an unforgettable experience that fuses a compelling story with exciting combat.



Melty Blood's gameplay revolves around fast-paced combat and melee combat on a 2D battlefield. Each character has unique abilities that are perfectly illustrated in the game's highly detailed sprite animations. Players can unleash a variety of light, medium, and heavy attacks in rapid succession to create devastating combo sequences, leaving no room for opponents to retaliate.
Unlike most fighting games, character defense in Melty Blood isn't based solely on blocking. Shield, a unique gameplay mechanic, allows the character to absorb incoming enemy attacks, negating any damage and allowing for a quick counterattack. This active defense mechanism enhances combat by emphasizing timing and strategy over brute force.
The game features a "magic chain", a meter that gradually fills up as the player successfully attacks or takes damage. Magic Circuit allows you to perform powerful moves known as Arc Drives and Final Arcs by strategically using the battle wave. This meter is very important to the game and adds an extra layer of strategy as players must decide when to guard or spend their power for an all-out attack.
Melty Blood also includes an exclusive Heat Mode. Activating Heat Mode clears the magic circuit, but grants benefits such as a temporary increase in attack power or regeneration of lost health. This mode becomes crucial in high-stakes battles where survival is at stake.
In addition to one-on-one combat, Melty Blood has a story-based campaign mode that tells the individual stories of a large roster of characters. Each story is further enriched by exclusive footage that delves into the history of the TYPE-MOON universe and the intricate relationships between the characters.
With a complex but satisfying control system, a unique defense mechanism, strategic use of magic chain and Heat mode, Melty Blood guarantees exciting and adrenaline-pumping moments: a combat system that will appeal to both casual players and die-hard fighting enthusiasts.

Gameplay video


Melty Blood's compelling story takes place in the middle of the night, specifically in Misaki, an otherwise ordinary and anonymous neighborhood. The city suddenly becomes the playground of a strange and terrifying event called "Serial Nighttime Murders". This chilling event is the main concern of our protagonists Shiki Tohno, a high school student with a special ability to sense "death" and the mortality of things, and Arcueid Brunestud, a true ancestral vampire.
Their paths cross on a chilly night when Shiki hypnotizes Arkueida and eventually kills her. However, he is resurrected and their adventurous bond begins as they try to uncover the truth behind a series of nighttime murders. Arcueid is on the hunt for a mysterious being known as the "Wallachian Night" who is believed to be the mastermind behind special events in the city.
There are many other characters in this action-packed story, each with their own motivations, loyalties and goals. Among them are the mysterious Yumizuka Satsuki, a high school girl whose mysterious disappearance adds another layer to the mystery, and Akiha Tohno, Shiki's sophisticated but overprotective sister who seems to be harboring a dark secret.
Melty Blood is a pulsating blend of mystery, action and horror. With each non-linear plot line, characters are confronted, secrets are revealed, and the truth of the disturbing events in Misaki City slowly emerges. This compelling story, combined with character traits and difficulty, make Melty Blood a great gaming experience that offers more than just combat. The narrative structure creates a unique combination of visual novel storytelling and fast-paced fighting game action, making this game a unique gem of the Moon-type universe.


Absolute! Melty Blood, a visual novel-style fighting game, focuses on three key words in the Klētra chapter: innovation, development, and engagement.
The development team of TYPE-MOON and French-Bread have dedicated their resources to creating a unique combination of traditional 2D fighting game elements and visual novel-style storytelling. Their goal was to create immersive environments, richly detailed characters, and exciting battle sequences.
Characters have been customized with specific fighting styles, unique sprites and animations to make each character different. This ensured that players could find a fighter that perfectly suited their playstyle. The development process also emphasized the responsiveness and fluidity of the controls, as well as the game's strong narrative aspects.
Another outstanding aspect of Melty Blood's development is the intricate sprite graphics, which have been greatly appreciated by the user community. Creating a nocturnal aesthetic that evokes discomfort and wonder was a challenging but rewarding endeavor.
Finally, each scene and soundtrack has been carefully crafted to complement the overall atmosphere of the game. The haunting yet mesmerizing music pairs perfectly with the art design, creating a world that draws players in and refuses to let go. Melty Blood is an example of ambitious game development, successfully combining elements from different game genres to create a unique and immersive experience.


Melty Blood, one of the most anticipated games in the TYPE-MOON universe, was first released in 2002. December. Its unique blend of visual novel and arcade-style beat 'em up elements quickly garnered a devoted following. The complex narrative coupled with the immersive gameplay has made the game a must-have for all fans of the fighting game genre.
Initially, the game was only playable on Windows, but due to its huge success, several updates and versions were released on different platforms. Subsequent releases, Re-ACT and Act Cadenza, added new playable characters and game modes, increasing the variety and dynamism inherent in the game. Due to the success of Melty Blood in 2005 it was installed in Japanese playgrounds. This event cemented his status as a cultural icon in the world of fighting games. in 2011 a PlayStation 2 version of the game was released, making Melty Blood more accessible to a wider audience.
Melty Blood's empire has expanded even further with the introduction of the latest 2020. Melty Blood: Actress Again - Current Code Game Edition. He has shown great potential not only in the game but also in international fighting tournaments as Evo. With each passing year, it becomes clear that Melty Blood is more than just a game; it is a phenomenon that continues to intrigue, fascinate and challenge.


Melty Blood's release was met with generally positive reviews, especially among fans of the Tsukihime universe from which it draws its characters and plot. Players have praised the game's visual style and animation quality, which perfectly matches TYPE-MOON's distinctive aesthetic.
It has also been recognized for implementing complex combat mechanics that provide layers of strategic depth. Smooth character movement, immersive backgrounds, and fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action add to the overall immersive gaming experience.
Criticism is mostly directed at parts of the dialogue that some find too long and choppy. However, others believe that plot threads add nuanced depth to the characters and enrich the overall story.
The soundtrack was particularly praised for its evocative melodies that enhance the game's atmosphere. Each character's theme reflects their personality, further immersing players in the vibrant world of Melty Blood.
Despite its low critical acclaim, Melty Blood continues to have a dedicated fan base, drawn to the game's depth of narrative, unique characters, captivating graphics, and dynamic combat system. The Melty Blood series has managed to solidify its position as a beloved addition to the anime fighting game genre.

Cultural impact

Melty Blood Created by the acclaimed TYPE-MOON and French-Bread, Melty Blood's cultural impact is undeniably significant to both the video game industry and anime fans alike. This fighting video game's unique blend of visual novel and anime-style gameplay attracted and attracted fans of Japanese pop culture, bringing the anime aesthetic into mainstream games.
The impact of the game goes beyond aesthetics. The unique combat system, consisting of a dynamic and tactical gameplay style, has been adapted and variously modified in several post-release fighting games, cementing Melty Blood's position as a trendsetter. In addition, the game expanded the mythology of Tsukihime, the visual novel of TYPE-MOON; allowed fans to explore deeper stories and character arcs, enhancing the immersive experience of the TYPE-MOON universe. Melty Blood's characters, soundtracks, and visuals have become popular motifs for fan art, cosplay, and hobbyist gaming. An indelible global fan base actively shares content related to the game through social media, fan meetings and other platforms, effectively increasing Melty Blood's cultural capital.
In addition, the Melty Blood tournament scene has played a key role in the development and growth of esports. The complex game mechanics and strategic depth appealed to competitive players, providing a platform to promote the camaraderie and sportsmanship of the gaming community. Participation in famous international fighting game tournaments has increased the status and recognition of not only Melty Blood itself, but also all anime-style fighting games around the world. In conclusion, Melty Blood, while initially niche, has transcended cultural barriers, influenced game design principles, promoted anime aesthetics, community building, and taken the practice of competitive gaming to the next level. It's a testament to the evolving landscape of global gaming culture and continues to influence it well over a decade after its original release.