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Allison Hargreeves

General Info

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Job TitleSuperhero, Actress
Birth Date1989-10-01
Birth PlaceThe Umbrella Academy, United States
Knows aboutRumor Compulsion, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Acting
Alternate NameNumber Three, The Rumor
Character NameAllison Hargreeves
Member of OrganizationThe Umbrella Academy
Allison Hargreeves, also known as Number Three or Rumor, is a fascinating character from the acclaimed Umbrella Academy universe. She is blessed with the power to manipulate reality by lying, her words become the absolute truth when she starts a sentence with "I heard a voice...". His unique abilities involve not only physical influence, but also deep into mind control. This makes Allison an extremely powerful and valuable member of the Umbrella Academy, even if the consequences of her ruminations often lead to tragic consequences.
She is a well-known celebrity in the series, a successful actress who loves to be in the limelight. But behind all the glitz and glamor, Allison is deeply troubled by her broken relationship and the devastating consequences of misusing her powers. It is a journey of redemption and self-discovery as he seeks to come to terms with his past and create a new future. While Allison may be flawed, her strength and resilience ease her way, making her an incredibly compelling character.


Allison Hargreeves, also known as Number Three or Rumor, is a compelling character in the Umbrella Academy universe. Born on the same day as her six siblings, Allison has the unique ability to alter reality with her voice. With the phrase "I heard a voice..." he can make anyone do whatever he wants. This powerful ability has made her a valuable asset to Umbrella Academy in its many missions to uphold peace and justice.
Allison is not just a superhero, but a complex figure with personal struggles and flaws. Her manipulative behavior, often leading to consequences she later regrets, adds layers to her character that make her relatable and human. In addition, she loves her family very much and is ready to do anything to protect them, even at her own expense.
In the series, Allison's character evolves as she learns to deal with a stressful relationship, her responsibilities as a mother, and of course, her unique abilities. Despite the challenges and the danger of the constant threat, Allison's resilience shines through, making her a central figure in the Umbrella Academy. Her growth and journey really make her a character to watch as the series progresses.


Allison Hargreeves, also known as Number Three or Rumor, is an intriguing character in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Known for her unparalleled superpowers and tumultuous personal journey, Allison has established herself as a fan favorite.
Born to a mother who mysteriously became pregnant and gave birth on the same day, Allison was adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. She grew up with her six extraordinary siblings at The Umbrella Academy, a school designed specifically to hone their supernatural abilities. Allison's strength is persuasiveness; by uttering the phrase "I heard a voice..." he can manipulate reality and people to act or believe what he suggests. An equally powerful and dangerous force.
As a child, Allison often used her power without realizing the consequences, which had both beneficial and catastrophic consequences. Growing up, she struggled with her strengths, which played a big part in the downfall of her personal life. His manipulation of his daughter's behavior led to an acrimonious divorce and estrangement from his son due to his abuse of power.
Despite her ups and downs, Allison portrays resilience and determination. Under the guise of a glamorous movie star and superhero, she is a woman struggling to right the wrongs of her past and looking for a responsible way to use her power. Her journey is a testament to her composure through abuse, her fight for her family, and the perfect balance between her powers, fame, and her role in The Umbrella Academy.
As the series progresses, Allison's character continues to evolve. Her fierce loyalty to her family and innate sense of justice lead her to redemption and acceptance of her powers. Third, Allison Hargreeves is more than just a rumor-mongering superhero—she's a character who embodies both the allure of power and the toll it takes.

Creation and Development

Allison Hargreeves, also known as Rumor, is a central figure in The Umbrella Academy universe. His character was born from the collective creative genius of Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, and Gabriel Ba, a famous Brazilian cartoonist. Together, Way and Ba started The Umbrella Academy in 2007.
Allison's character has an interesting beginning. Way and Ba wanted to challenge traditional superhero tropes and decided to include a powerful female lead as part of this effort. Allison's ability to alter reality itself by lying was unlike anything audiences had seen before.
His character was further developed throughout the series to show the struggle for such a powerful ability. Allison struggles with her special power and often struggles with the moral consequences of using her power for personal gain or to bend the will of others. This internal struggle makes Allison a complex and relatable character as she struggles with her potential for both good and evil.
Way and Ba also made a conscious decision not to mask her as the perfect hero stereotype. Allison, like her siblings, developed a multi-layered personality and a flawed human dimension, accentuated by her failed marriage, strained relationship with her daughter, and tumultuous journey of self-discovery. These aspects worked together to further enhance the depth of her character.
In the Netflix adaptation, her character was brought to life by Emmy Raver-Lampman, who added her own unique twist to Allison, cementing her place as a fan favorite in this extraordinary universe. The show's writers also took deliberate steps to deepen Allison's character by adding different facets to her personality and revealing aspects of her past. This led Allison Hargreeves to excel, raising the bar for unconventional superhero portrayals in the comics and television universes.

Character Profile

Allison Hargreeves, aka The Rumor's Number Three, is an indispensable member of The Umbrella Academy. Her power lies in her voice, which allows her to manipulate reality by saying the phrase "I heard a voice..." followed by an affirmation, making it the absolute truth. This unique ability magnifies Allison's influence, making her an extremely powerful being while simultaneously casting a dark shadow of doubt and manipulation around her relationships.
As a character, Allison is much more than her impressive abilities. It has a rich combination of strength and vulnerability. Despite being scarred by her past and constantly grappling with the consequences of her power, she demonstrates unparalleled resilience and courage. Basically, she is a very caring sister, a passionate mother and a woman trying to come to terms with her scarred past.
Allison's journey through the series offers an intense exploration of the complexities of her character. Whether it's sacrificing her voice to protect her daughter or constantly trying to use her powers ethically, these moments highlight her strength and vulnerability. With each fall, he becomes stronger, more aware of his power and its dangers. Allison's fame as an actress and the dark side of her popularity create a contrasting persona for her superhero. It illustrates an intriguing struggle as Allison struggles to balance the demanding expectations of her public and private life.
Allison's most enduring quality is her unwavering devotion to her family. Despite their dysfunctions and bickering, he remains loyal to their side and reaffirms the bond that unites the Hargreeves. Allison Hargreeves quintessentially embodies the paradox of strength and vulnerability, power and compassion, making her an unforgettable part of The Umbrella Academy.

Story Arc

Allison Hargreeves, aka The Rumor number, has a very compelling storyline set in the fascinating universe of Umbrella Academy. Her unique ability to manipulate reality by uttering the phrase "I heard a voice..." gives her immense power, but is also a constant test of her moral compass.
The series opens with Allison on the cusp of fame, a successful actress with a seemingly perfect life. However, as the story delves into his past, we see that he used his powers to achieve this success, which raises questions about its authenticity and merit. Then a divorce and custody battle robs her of her perfect family and exposes her imperfections, causing her to question who she has become. The journey brings her back to her dysfunctional family, where she confronts childhood trauma. As the plot unfolds, viewers see Allison trying to come to terms with her past and present as she struggles to make amends. She is forced to question her use of her powers, especially when she realizes how much damage she has caused, such as causing a near-apocalypse and ruining her family ties.
But Allison's most transformative period begins in Season 2, when she's stuck in the 1960s. Here he chooses not to use his powers in order to create a life based solely on his own efforts. During this time, she grows tremendously, becomes a leader in the civil rights movement, and learns to defend herself without using her powers.
Ultimately, Allison's story is about power, consequences, and the possibility of personal change. It's about a woman who has the world at her fingertips but has to decide who she wants to be, no matter what her abilities are. It shows how one learns to navigate life without taking the "easy way out" and the authenticity and self-worth that comes with that journey. It's a compelling and relatable arc featuring a flawed but strong character seeking redemption and change. With every voice she doesn't say, Allison creates her own compelling story, one of resilience and growth.

Cultural Impact

Allison Hargreeves, aka The Rumor's Number Three, is not only a character in the Umbrella Academy universe, but also an influential figure in pop culture. As a black woman with a superpower capable of manipulating reality, Allison emerges as a powerful symbol of female strength and empowerment. His complex personality and vulnerability beneath the facade of celebrity and power has sparked much fan interest and debate online.
Allison's dysfunctional relationships and emotional struggles, as well as her motherhood journey in the superhero story, resonated with many viewers and sparked conversations about mental health, feminism, and parenting. The fact that she uses her voice—literally—as a tool and a weapon encourages the idea that women are reclaiming their voice in a male-dominated society. Allison's character dynamic, which slowed down in Season 2, also fueled conversations about the suppression of women's voices. He drew attention to the importance of a balance of power in a relationship and not ostracizing others. As such, Allison Hargreeves' character has made a significant cultural impact through the lenses of feminism, empowerment, mental health, and parenthood, making her one of the most recognizable superheroes in today's media landscape.


Allison Hargreeves, also known as Number Three or The Rumor, is a core member of The Umbrella Academy. Known for her ability to manipulate reality with her voice, her existence shows the importance of responsibility and truth. Allison, for all her supernatural qualities, remains distinctly human and embodies the struggle between work and family. She is an example of a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to face her demons. His past is full of regret for abusing his powers, which makes his road to redemption all the more amazing. Allison's legacy lies not only in her heroics, but also in the transformative personal journey she embarks on, giving viewers an incredibly relatable character who strives to do good—a testament to the show's ability to create multi-dimensional characters. His path with his family in the academy strongly reflects the need for personal growth, reconciliation and, above all, courage.