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Diego Hargreeves

General Info

Diego Hargreeves logo
Job TitleSuperhero
Birth PlaceSir Reginald Hargreeves' resident
Knows aboutUmbrella Academy, Knife throwing, Hand to hand combat
Alternate NameNumber Two, The Kraken
Character NameDiego Hargreeves
Member of OrganizationThe Umbrella Academy
Diego Hargreeves, also known as the Second from the popular series The Umbrella Academy, is a complex character with a strong sense of justice. Raised by the eccentric Sir Reginald Hargreeves alongside his six super-powered siblings, Diego can manipulate the trajectory of anything he throws, usually using a blade. Although he maintains a tough exterior, Diego's loyalty and protective nature towards his family shows his softer side. He often struggles with his role as a reluctant leader in the dysfunctional Hargreeves family. Huge as a hand-to-hand fighter, Diego exudes a rebellious and rebellious spirit. His resilience and unwavering determination make him a formidable force at Umbrella Academy. Despite his constant bickering and seemingly endless rivalry with his brother Luther, Diego fiercely defends those he loves and embodies the true spirit of a hero.


Diego Hargreeves, aka Number Two, is one of the seven extraordinary people who make up the core ensemble of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy. Adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves, Diego is a tough character with a practically invincible facade. He is often seen as the rebellious member of the family, with a devil-may-care attitude and always following the bad boys.
Born on the same day as his siblings under unusual circumstances, Diego grew up with a unique ability to shapeshift. He can bend the trajectory of anything he throws, especially knives, and hit the target perfectly every time. Combined with his strong fighting skills, he's a force you don't want to be reckoned with.
But beneath his spiky exterior lies a deeply compassionate personality that keeps those he cares about safe. His close relationship with his late mother Grace, a robot created by his adoptive father, and his complicated relationship with his sister Vanya reflect layers of his personality that are often hidden by his brash exterior.
Despite many emotional barriers, Diego evolves throughout the series to prove that he can be both vulnerable and tough. His character development and breakdowns in his rugged masculinity make him a compelling character to follow on The Umbrella Academy.


Diego Hargreeves, also known as Number Two, is one of the main characters of the popular Netflix television series Umbrella Academy. Hargreeves, along with six other siblings, was adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. All of them were selected for their supernatural abilities that set them apart from the rest and instantly made them part of the exclusive Umbrella Academy. in the fight.
Diego has always been presented as the rebellious and impulsive member of the family, a stark contrast to his law-abiding brother, Luther. His relationship with his adoptive parents is complicated and stormy, but his loyalty and love for them is unquestionable. Often seen as a vigilante, Diego tries to operate outside of law enforcement, cultivating a somewhat hostile relationship with the authorities. But Diego is anything but a typical action hero; he is also portrayed as a very sensitive and thoughtful person, especially regarding his love Lila and his relationship with his mother Grace, a humanoid robot created by Sir Hargreeves. After the death of his adoptive mother and his first love, Detective Patch, the depth of Diego's character surpasses his rebellious exterior. He bears the brunt of these losses, which have greatly influenced his actions and decisions.
In Season 2, Diego ends up in a mental health clinic. During his time there, he meets Lila, who becomes his love interest throughout the series. The plot thickens when it is revealed that Lila also has supernatural abilities and is the adopted daughter of The Handler of the Time Variance Authority.
Despite his tough exterior, Diego displays courage, love, and loyalty, which, along with his knife-throwing prowess, make him one of the most intriguing characters in Umbrella Academy. It reminds us that heroes are not perfect: they are flawed, complex, and most importantly, human.

Creation and Development

Diego Hargreeves, also known as Number Two or The Kraken, was created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá and first appeared in the comic book series The Umbrella Academy. The character of Diego was influenced by Gerardo's fascination with superheroes and his unique understanding of their potential weaknesses and struggles.
Bringing Diego Hargreeves to life required careful approach, a balance of skill and emotional complexity. The creators envisioned Diego as the dissenting voice of the Hargreeves brothers and a rebellious character dedicated to his mission of justice.
Way and Bá specifically designed Diego to showcase a complex mix of personalities. He is fierce, belligerent and often quick to challenge authority. But behind his rough exterior lies a deep sense of responsibility and loyalty. This duality supports interesting character development throughout the series.
Diego's power to manipulate the trajectory of thrown objects makes him a deadly fighter. But it also symbolizes his unique path. Unlike his more docile brothers, Diego often deviates from the intended trajectory, demonstrating defiance, independence and indomitable courage.
During the development process, Way and bá also decided to explore Diego's vulnerable side. At the core of Diego's character is a tragic love story that ultimately drives his actions and motivations. Adding layers of romantic tragedy to Diego's character helped to humanize him and add depth to his character.
During the creative development of the series, Diego goes through a significant evolution. Diego's transformation from the stubborn, hot-headed vigilante of the early comics to the empathetic and thoughtful character in the screen adaptation is a testament to Way and Bá's thoughtful character development and development.
Diego Hargreeves is one of the most complex characters in the Umbrella Academy universe. Its creation and development embody family dynamics, personal demons, and the challenges of seeking justice, which have greatly garnered fans and critics alike.

Character Profile

Also known by his codename Number Two, Diego Hargreeves is one of seven superhuman children adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Able to manipulate the trajectory of thrown objects, mainly knives, Diego is a skilled fighter and weapons expert.
Despite his quiet and gruff exterior, he constantly struggles with emotional vulnerability. His strained relationship with his adoptive father, fueled by rebellion and a constant desire to prove his worth, is evidence of his inner conflict. Diego's complicated relationship with his siblings, especially Klaus' protective nature and his love-hate relationship with Luther, show him as a loyal but volatile member of the Umbrella Academy. But what really sets Diego apart from his brothers is his unwavering sense of justice. Rejecting the life of a famous hero who embraced his brother Number One, Diego takes on the role of a night watchman who helps the helpless and stands up to criminals, often taking the law into his own hands.
Diego's constant physical and emotional struggles, combined with his raw but effective heroism, make him one of Umbrella Academy's most compelling characters. It represents the struggle for autonomy, the desire to do the right thing, and the unconventional search for acceptance.

Story Arc

In the eccentric world of Umbrella Academy, Diego Hargreeves, or "Number Two" as he is often called, is a person whose story is one of struggle and perseverance. Diego was born on the same day as the other Hargreeves' children in unexplained circumstances when his birth mother, who was not pregnant when the day began, suddenly gave birth. This strange occurrence attracted the attention of billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who adopted seven of these miraculously born children.
Diego's early life was spent at the Umbrella Academy, a school-like institution where his adoptive father sought to hone his unique ability: the ability to manipulate the trajectory of thrown objects, particularly knives. His father's lackluster and often harsh upbringing led Diego to develop a rebellious streak and an overwhelming desire to prove himself. His relationship with his siblings was strained, especially with his older brother Luther. This was fueled by their father's continued favoring of Luther and ongoing disagreements over the leadership of the Academy.
Diego's animosity toward his father also led him to drop out of the academy and embark on a lone vigilante journey. Struggling with his demons and the constant need to save people, Diego grew into a strong anti-hero. Despite her rebellion against her family's affairs, she often cooperated with them to counter greater threats. His tough exterior often hid his love for his dysfunctional family. One of his main arcs involved time travel, where he becomes part of the heroism in order to prevent a dystopian future.
Diego Hargreeves constantly struggles with the inferiority complex instilled in him by his adoptive father, trying to establish his place as a true hero. His complex storyline is a fascinating journey of redemption and self-discovery, evidenced by both his penchant for heroism and his enduring bond with an unusual family.

Cultural Impact

Diego Hargreeves' influence is not limited to his performance, his rebellious spirit and unwavering devotion to his family have captured the hearts of countless moviegoers around the world. Defined by his deep sense of justice, Diego encourages conversations about independence and breaking free from the bonds of society. Her character, played hauntingly by David Castañeda, emphasizes the importance of mental health and constantly struggles with the trauma of being raised in an abusive family. Despite his tough exterior, the many layers of Diego's personality give audiences a resonating depth to the character. Her complicated relationship with Klaus, in addition to the other sibling dynamics, speaks to the complexity of family ties. Diego's struggle with Reginald's rigid values ​​inspires the audience to question the authority and common beliefs in their lives. Also, the romance he pursues with detective Eudora Patch embodies the sacrifice and vulnerability inherent in love. The character's evolution from rebellious, hot-headed young man to compassionate brother and fierce lover takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, making Diego a fan favorite and cultural phenomenon. Diego's "Umbrella Academy" reveals many aspects of the human experience, significantly influencing cultural perspectives.


Diego Hargreeves, also known as Number Two, made a huge impression on the world as part of the unique phenomenon The Umbrella Academy. Known for his rebellious nature and impeccable fighting skills, Diego stands out as a vigilante hero who tirelessly battles the shadows of evil. He is endlessly driven by a deep sense of justice and a fierce loyalty to his dysfunctional family of powerful brothers. His raw vulnerability and emotional depth, masked by a tough exterior, make his character remarkable and endearing. His legacy proves to be a powerful testament: you don't have to conform to change, defy the norm when your courage and heart lead the way.