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Klaus Hargreeves

General Info

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Knows aboutThe Umbrella Academy, Supernatural ability to communicate with the dead
Alternate NameNumber Four
Character NameKlaus Hargreeves
Member of OrganizationThe Umbrella Academy
Klaus Hargreeves, also known as the Fourth, is one of the seven adopted sons of Sir Reginald Hargreeves in the Umbrella Academy universe. Klaus has a unique power among his siblings; can communicate with the dead. Despite her extraordinary supernatural abilities, her life is not without its challenges. Struggling with drug addiction and the resulting torment of the spirits he interacts with, Klaus' journey is tumultuous yet fascinating. His charismatic personality combined with his open-minded attitude gives the show a certain amount of unpredictability and comic relief. Behind his eccentric exterior lies a deep depth that is evident in his fiercely loyal heart. The development of Klaus as a character is fascinating, funny and at times heartbreaking. This complexity is a reminder of his deep humanity despite his superhuman abilities.


Klaus Hargreeves, also known as Number Four, is a central figure in the Umbrella Academy universe. Adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves and six other extraordinary children, Klaus has a unique power that stands out even from his siblings: the ability to communicate with the dead. However, this gift is more often seen as a curse for him, forcing him to live a life of addiction, trying to silence the voices of ghosts that constantly surround him.
Unlike his more serious brothers, Klaus brings a lightness to the group with his eccentricity and quick wit. Often dismissed as unreliable and unpredictable, he struggles for acceptance and yearns to be understood. But beneath this seemingly indifferent exterior, Klaus hides a depth of compassion, courage, and astonishing wisdom.
Her journey of self-discovery and acceptance forms the compelling plot of The Umbrella Academy, reflecting struggles with addiction and identity. His constantly unpredictable actions are surprising, and his outgoing personality makes him very relatable and adds layers to the complex tapestry that is The Umbrella Academy.


Klaus Hargreeves, also known as the Fourth and the Seance, is a fascinating character in the Umbrella Academy universe. A drug addict with a unique ability to communicate with the dead, Klaus' life has been a whirlwind of deep experiences and relentless struggles.
in 1989 October 1 born Klaus was one of 43 babies mysteriously born to women who were not pregnant at the start of their day. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, an eccentric billionaire, adopted seven of these children, believing them destined for greatness; Klaus was one of those guys. Growing up in the strange environment of the regiment, with brutal training and little attachment, Klaus rebelled against his father's cold methods and turned to drugs and alcohol from an early age. His strength, ability to cast spells and speak with the dead haunted him throughout his life. His own fear and the chaos created by his unchecked power often made him the target of ridicule and ridicule from his brothers. His drug addiction was an attempt to suppress his feelings and suppress his supernatural abilities, but it trapped him in a cycle of addiction and abandonment.
Klaus' journey has taken many twists and turns, from accidental time travel to the Vietnam War and falling in love to struggling with the guilt of summoning his dead brother Ben. Still, Klaus has retained an extraordinary sense of humor, a fierce love for his dysfunctional family, and a deep resilience that propels him forward in the face of adversity. After all, Klaus Hargreeves isn't just the black sheep of Umbrella Academy. He is a deeply flawed, deeply human character thrust into an extraordinary world, grappling with immense power and his own personal demons. His journey is an integral part of the exciting story of Umbrella Academy, adding depth and complexity to the story as a whole.

Creation and Development

Klaus Hargreeves, also known as "Session Number Four", is one of the most fascinating characters in The Umbrella Academy. An eccentric character with the ability to communicate with the dead, Klaus' creation and development is interesting.
Creator Gerard Way describes Klaus as "surrealist", stating that this was the main inspiration behind his character. His complex personality embodies the chaos, darkness and unpredictability of The Umbrella Academy with humor, flamboyance, vulnerability and tragedy.
While the path didn't reveal much about the backstory of Klaus or his siblings in the early comic book series, the TV adaptation does a great job exploring Klaus' backstory. His past drug abuse, love for his brother Ben, and experience in the Vietnam War all added to the character development of Klaus in the series.
Klaus' fashion sense is also noteworthy. In the comic series, her clothing was mostly gendered, which was reportedly originally a hat from Marilyn Manson, famous for his androgynous style. The show amplifies this to show her free-spirited persona, often serving as a visual representation of her state of mind.
His character development also delves into the exploration of his powers. At first, Klaus' ability to see the dead was excruciating. He resorted to substance abuse to suppress his powers, but over the course of the series, Klaus comes to understand and control his abilities. This character arc for Klaus shows the depth and complexity of his personality.
The creation and development of Klaus is significant in terms of character design, his backstory, and his supernatural abilities. This not only adds variety to the story, but also adds complexity and depth to the Umbrella Academy universe.

Character Profile

Klaus Hargreeves, also known as the Fourth or the Seance, is the latest addition to the uniquely twisted tapestry of The Umbrella Academy. The lively personality of Klaus is a colorful confluence of charm, eccentricity and always light-hearted carelessness. Although his life is a constant battle with substance abuse, his indomitable spirit refuses to break or waver.
Born into privilege, he was one of seven gifted children adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. At first, Klaus' abilities seem small compared to his siblings, as he has the power to speak with the dead. But his potential is immense as he learns to use his abilities, sometimes literally transcending the limits of the physical realm.
Klaus' relationships often revolve around his reckless behavior, unbridled charisma, and sometimes creepy, yet endearing humor. Highly memorable and fiercely independent, his joie de vivre often takes him down a path of unexpected twists and turns, giving his characters a rich complexity. From becoming a cult leader to time traveling to the Vietnam War, Klaus' erratic whims and deep-seated fears add vibrant depth to his personality. His openness about his sexuality and search for love and acceptance is a beacon for the audience and is the foundation of Klaus' tumultuous journey from misunderstood wonder to truly liberated mind. In the heart of family chaos and tragedy, Klaus embarks on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. With a mischievous grin and an aura of otherworldly charm, he is a character beloved by the dead and the living alike.

Story Arc

Intriguingly known as the fourth installment of Netflix's hit series Umbrella Academy, Klaus Hargreeves' plot is incredibly complex and emotionally charged. Klaus, played by Robert Sheehan, is the wild card of the Hargreeves family; an extravagant, drug-addicted supernatural medium who can communicate with the dead.
Childhood trauma caused by his terrible skills and the harsh hand of his callous father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, led Klaus to abuse drugs to silence the voices of the dead that constantly surrounded him. So her path is full of emotional turmoil and self-destruction.
Throughout the series, Klaus experiences a transformative journey both physically and emotionally. She unwittingly returns to the Vietnam War where she falls in love with a soldier named Dave. The war and Dave's death had a profound effect on Klaus, adding an even more complex layer to his character and path to redemption.
Over time, this trauma and loss catalyze Klaus' growth. The freaks, who once seemed completely erratic and self-destructive, take on a new light as viewers watch Klaus relapse with pain, struggle with addiction, and learn to harness his incredible abilities.
One of the most poignant moments in Klaus' storyline is his breakthrough during the series' main apocalypse, when he manages to summon and even retain the physical form of his dead brother Ben. This progression charts Klaus' journey from an unstable drug addict to a key player on the Hargreeves' team to avert the apocalypse.
Klaus' storyline is a testament to the power of personal growth, forgiveness, and self-love. His journey brings him out of the ghostly darkness of his past and reveals him to be an undeniably compelling and multi-faceted character whose tumultuous journey adds depth to the fascinating chaos of the Umbrella Academy universe.

Cultural Impact

While the joint show The Umbrella Academy drew a large audience, Klaus Hargreeves has captivated fans around the world. As a whimsical but poignant portrait of a character struggling with addiction and a terrifying gift for communicating with the dead, his journey was both compelling and human. His flamboyant clothing style and sense of humor added a lightness to an otherwise dark story, making the character a source of memorable quotes and comic relief.
Additionally, the exploration of Klaus' sexuality was praised for its non-stereotypical portrayal. This portrayal, along with his struggles and personal growth, has made Klaus one of the most recognizable and beloved characters that resonates strongly with audiences, especially in the LGBT+ community. Her journey of self-acceptance and growth, despite her past traumas, has sparked many discussions and reflections among viewers.
Ultimately, her complicated relationship with her late brother Ben gave the story a poignant edge, creatively illuminating concepts of grief, loss, and the unbreakable bonds of familial love. This complex trait in his character transformed Klaus from mere comic relief to a deeply empathetic character, adding to a larger cultural narrative about perspectives on death, family relationships, and personal redemption.


Klaus Hargreeves, aka Number Four, has a chaotic lifestyle and addiction problems, but in the midst of it all, he's managed to leave an important legacy. As he struggled intensely with his ability to communicate with the dead, Klaus eventually charted a strange path of leadership and wisdom. First of all, he unexpectedly became the founder of a cult called the Children of Destiny in the 1960s. He used his charm, wit and stunning words of wisdom to leave his followers with profound life lessons. Unwittingly, he was able to teach them about acceptance, love, and the transience of life based on truths he learned from his supernatural experiences. The effects of these teachings still reverberate in the current storyline. So despite his faults, Klaus' legacy is characterized by an unconventional wisdom that he imparted in his own uniquely Klaus way.