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Luther Hargreeves

General Info

Luther Hargreeves logo
Job TitleLeader of The Umbrella Academy
Birth Date1989-10-01
Birth PlaceThe Umbrella Academy
Knows aboutLeadership, Physical Strength, Lunar Knowledge
Alternate NameNumber One, Spaceboy
Character NameLuther Hargreeves
Member of OrganizationThe Umbrella Academy
Luther Hargreeves, also known as Number One, is the first adopted member of the enigmatic Hargreeves family at the Umbrella Academy. Imbued with superhuman strength and endurance, Luther is the de facto leader of the team and is often seen taking it upon himself to live up to his father's expectations. His physical appearance becomes decidedly unique after a failed mission: his father saves his life by injecting him with an experimental serum that causes his body to mutate and take on the characteristics of a specimen. Luther's journey is marked by emotional trials as he struggles with strained relationships, self-esteem issues, and his duty to the Umbrella Academy. Luther's calm resilience and loyalty, devoted brother and underrated hero are the cornerstones of his character.


A towering figure and the natural leader of the Umbrella Academy, Luther Hargreeves, also known as Number One or Space Boy, is full of depth and complexity. As the first child adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, he carries the burden of responsibility on his broad shoulders, which often leads to strained relationships with his other siblings.
In a tragic mission accident, Luther was badly injured, and in order to save his life, Reginald injected him with a serum that altered his body, giving him a gorilla-like physique. This disturbing event, in addition to his physical changes, made Luther feel alienated and insecure, further reinforcing his withdrawn nature.
Despite these challenges, Luther's loyalty and strong sense of duty to his father's cause and family never waver as he works tirelessly to mend the broken bonds between his siblings and protect them from harm. Falling under the trope of the tragic hero, Luther's journey is a testament to fortitude and unwavering devotion. His compelling character growth, tender moments of vulnerability, and emotional intensity make him one of Umbrella Academy's standout characters.


Luther Hargreeves, aka Number One, is one of the main characters and the de facto head of the Umbrella Academy. He was the first of seven children adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves to teach them how to save the world. Of all the Hargreeves' sons, Luther was always the most loyal to their father's vision and fervently believed in their difficult destiny.
As a child, Luther received a serum from his father that transformed his torso into that of a Martian, giving him superhuman strength and durability. This drastic measure came after a near-fatal mission that would have ended Luther's life. The changes greatly affected Luther's psyche, so he lived in isolation on the moon for four years at the behest of his father.
Despite his physical strength and stoicism, Luther has a kind and protective nature. He often takes on the role of protector of his family, in which he is deeply immersed, sometimes to his own detriment. She has a naivety and innocence that can be both endearing and frustrating, especially in matters of the heart, as evidenced by her complicated relationship with her adoptive sister, Allison.
Luther struggles with feelings of betrayal and disillusionment as he navigates a world where his father's actions are shrouded in darkness and a fate he has struggled with his entire life. Ugly cynical of the world, Luther clings to his belief that their strange existence has a higher purpose, continuing the ideology passed down by his father.
Central to Luther's journey is the story of self-acceptance. He walks the path between his human self and his supernatural self, trying to bridge the chasm that seems to widen with every turn. Gifted with fortitude by life's harsh lessons, Luther learns to adapt and accept his reality, drawing strength from the unshakable bond he shares with his less-than-ordinary siblings.

Creation and Development

Luther Hargreeves, also known as Number One or Spaceboy, is a main character in both the Umbrella Academy comic series and its subsequent Netflix adaptation. Created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, he is depicted as physically superhuman. Luther's creation story follows the common origin of the members of the Umbrella Academy: he was one of 43 children inexplicably born to unrelated women who showed no signs of pregnancy. The mysterious scientist Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of these unique children with the intention of teaching them how to save the world from an unknown threat.
Considered the leader of the team, Luther's character was designed to be characterized by unwavering loyalty and devotion to duty, often to his own detriment. Basically what sets him apart is his astronaut physique. This was not typical, but the result of a rescue procedure that Hargreeves performed after a near-fatal mission. After being injected with an alien gorilla serum, Luther gained superhuman strength and an ape-like physique. This physical transformation is an important part of Luther's storyline, highlighting his complicated relationship with his adoptive father and the other members of the Umbrella Academy.
In translating Luther to the small screen, some of his character was toned down while retaining his essence. Interestingly, this physical appearance was created through a combination of muscle suits, prosthetics and special effects, highlighting the amount of time it took for the production to accurately recreate the comic character. Despite these changes, the core of Luther's character remains the same: his toughness, innate leadership qualities, and struggle for acceptance make him a universal and appealing part of the Umbrella Academy universe.
This universe, both in the comic book series and the Netflix adaptation, invites viewers into a world of superhuman weirdness, and Luther, with his superhero abilities, leadership struggles, and search for connection, is definitely the centerpiece of the story.

Character Profile

Luther Hargreeves, also known as Spaceboy or Number One, is the stoic leader and leader of The Umbrella Academy. Born as a result of a mysterious phenomenon where 43 women around the world give birth at once, Luther is adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Growing up with six other equally gifted brothers, Luther always stood out for his strength and dedication to the cause.
Luther's strength made him invaluable on team missions, but his loyalty to his father led him to become the victim of an accident that resulted in his head being transplanted into the body of a Martian gorilla. This traumatic experience shaped him both physically and emotionally, prompting him to move to the moon in self-imposed exile for several years. At heart, Luther is a compassionate and loyal person who longs for acceptance and belonging to a family. His relationship with his siblings is complex, with moments of conflict, friendship, and ultimate love. His relationship with his sister Allison in particular is filled with romantic tension, adding another layer of complexity to his character. Despite internal struggles and external challenges, Luther continues to embrace his role as a leader, always striving to keep his unconventional family together in the face of impending doom.

Story Arc

Luther Hargreeves, also known as Number One or Spaceboy, is a very deep character in The Umbrella Academy universe. As the oldest and seemingly most loyal member of the Hargreeves family, Luther's storyline is characterized by his challenges, struggles and changes.
The story begins with the sincere and lovable Luther, a devoted soldier who unquestioningly follows his father's orders. After a terrible mission accident, Luther's life takes an unexpected turn. His father, Reginald Hargreeves, finds himself in a dire situation and makes a risky decision: he injects him with a serum that alters his physiology, causing his body to become bulky, ape-like. His father sends him to the moon on what later turns out to be a futile mission, establishing a theme of betrayal and broken trust that becomes central to Luther's story. She struggles with feelings of guilt, shame, and alienation that become synonymous with her character. Luther's plot then revolves around self-discovery, acceptance, and the search for love.
Returning to Earth, Luther eventually encounters his father's ghostly manipulation and deception. Her journey turns into the complexities of her sibling relationships, especially the bond she shares with her sister Allison. Despite his colossal appearance, his delicate sensibility shines through in these moments, revealing his vulnerability.
In the face of an impending apocalypse, Luther's character arc changes from blind follower to thoughtful leader questioning authority. His transformation throughout the series is a metaphorical journey from the moon to earth, representing his journey from isolated exile to vital member of his family, finding his place in the world along the way.
Luther has to endure many emotional and physical complications and faces each test with courage and perseverance. Her character arc embraces the reality of human foibles and the quest for transformation, proving that despite life's common challenges, the journey of self-discovery and acceptance is a worthwhile journey.

Cultural Impact

Luther Hargreeves, also known as Number One or Space Boy, has had a major impact on popular culture since entering the Umbrella Academy universe. Representing themes of duty, loyalty, and sacrifice, Luther resonated with audiences because of his complex personality and inherent struggle with personal identity.
Having devoted his entire life to his father's mission, his experiences served as narrative commentary on the consequences of blind obedience and the importance of individuality. Her journey, marked by a loss of innocence, a deep sense of betrayal, and a physical transformation, has sparked discussions about acceptance, introspection, and strength.
Furthermore, his close relationships with his adoptive parents and sisters, especially his romantic feelings for Allison, reflect the human desire for connection and acceptance. Struggling with emotions and battling insecurities, Luther embodies vulnerability and encourages conversations about mental health among viewers.
Additionally, her post-transformation physical appearance, symbolizing her inner turmoil and loneliness, was a means of promoting social recognition of physical differences. In addition, her journey to her new shape has reignited the debate about body positivity and self-love. His resilience to life's sudden changes and fortitude through adversity further reinforces his impact on pop culture.


Among the members of The Umbrella Academy is Luther Hargreeves, codenamed Number One, a formidable symbol of unwavering loyalty and resilience. After an experimental serum that altered his physique, Luther assumed the mantle of leader with a deep sense of responsibility.
After a disastrous mission that led to his lonely exile on the moon, he struggled with the burden of being the last line of defense against imminent existential threats. Luther embodies the tragic hero: he carries the weight of his father's expectations and the despair of failure. Struggling with personal guilt, deep-seated fears, and an unrequited love for Allison, his massive personality is met with vulnerability, leaving behind a compelling character. The fusion of his human consciousness with the inhuman strength of an ape symbolizes the paradox of his existence. His plot revolves around fighting to reconcile his humanistic desires with his war-induced instincts. Luther reminds us that behind every hero is a vulnerable person who longs for love and acceptance.