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The Commission

General Info

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Faction NameThe Commission
The Commission is the main secret agency in the Umbrella Academy universe. Their role is very important as they work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the time balance in all aspects. Their agents, or agents of time, carry out missions to correct anomalies and restore order to the time continuum. The impossibly powerful Commission has time and space manipulation threads capable of changing events and manipulating timelines to maintain a predetermined status quo. Their purpose may seem noble at first, but when we dig deeper, we realize the deep consequences of their actions. Their blind devotion to "maintaining order" can lead to conflicting decisions, adding an interesting mix of moral complexity to the series. Despite their monstrous power, they are not invincible and face great resistance from our characters. Their compelling storyline adds a new layer of intrigue to the fascinating and complex history of Umbrella Academy.


In the diverse universe of Umbrella Academy, there is an organization that oversees the timeline and ensures that every event happens as it should. This very important entity is called the "Commission". Due to its status and influence, the Commission occupies a unique place in the cosmic system of the Umbrella Academy universe. Led by time-traveling assassins and officers, the Commission's primary mission is to maintain the natural order of events, however devastating.
Standing out from all other factions, the Commission operates in a completely paradoxical way. While they depend on the necessity of catastrophic action to preserve time, they are also staunchly opposed to rewriting history. This creates a whirlwind of struggle, tension and confusion in the overall Umbrella Academy saga.
Commissioners are imbued with unshakable loyalty and follow grim orders without blinking. They support major events that appear catastrophic to the outside world, transcend personal feelings, and ensure the continuity of time. Despite its seemingly nefarious actions, the Commission's existence is inseparable from the universe of the Umbrella Academy, a faction that is as fierce as it is fascinating.


In the Umbrella Academy universe, the Commission is the most important temporal authority charged with the enormous responsibility of protecting the sanctity of the timeline. Enigmatic yet powerful, their tentacles of control touch the fabric of time and the present.
Set somewhere in the 20th century. timeline, their origins are mysterious. However, their intentions are quite clear: they maintain the chronology of events and prevent changes that could upset the balance of existence.
Over the decades, Commission agents have been networked, armed with lethal briefcases and pinpoint accuracy. These artifacts speed up time travel and allow agents to ensure that events occur as preordained. Their method, while often ruthless, serves the greater good and avoids the catastrophic consequences that temporary disruptions can cause.
Number Five, one of the Hargreeves brothers, was once the Commission's most valuable agent. As a highly trained assassin, he was their lethal weapon, altering events and eliminating targets to keep the timeline intact.
The enigmatic Handler, who hides an iron fist in her velvet gloves, ensures the smooth running of the Commission. His manipulative strategies and cold demeanor force the Leap Agents to stick to the script and eliminate threats to the timeline with callous indifference.
Despite central authority and omnipotence, the Commission's power dynamics have changed dramatically. After a series of events caused by the Umbrella Academy, control of the Commission falls to the unsuspecting Herb, an analyst who has become the de facto leader.
The commission's role in the ongoing drama depends on keeping the timeline "correct." But as we've seen, alliances shift under the umbrella of intrigue and the ebb and flow of power. Whether he buckles under a monumental task or buckles under the pressure, it's a story to be seen on the vast, unfolding canvas of Umbrella Academy.

Notable Members

Member #
The Handler
A.J. Carmichael


The Commission is a powerful organization in the Umbrella Academy universe that exists in a non-timeline realm. This location allows them to reach any time they want, making their influence seem endless. Although not marked on any geographic map you would normally imagine, the headquarters of the Commission, known as the Temps Commission, is a vast and varied maze of halls, rooms, and offices dedicated to managing and maintaining the timeline.
The Commission's area is outside the usual geographical boundaries. It is a dimensional hub that allows them to quickly and easily access any place at any time. The interiors are characterized by a vintage aesthetic mixed with futuristic technology. This is a metaphor for their perception of time: everything happens simultaneously, so the presence of past, present and future is everyday.
Around the Commission's headquarters, staff are watching every second, ready to intervene if reckless actions threaten to alter the predetermined schedule. They boast a special army of field agents assigned to maintain the historical timeline, able to travel anywhere and anytime when needed.
Aside from the headquarters, the geography of the Commission's realm is largely unexplored in the series, leaving fans intrigued by the possibilities of unexplored realms in this mysterious dimension of space and time.

Legacy and Impact

At the heart of the Umbrella Academy universe, the Commission leaves a lasting legacy and impact. Creating portfolios that control time radically alters the space-time continuum. Additionally, the Commission's ingrained emphasis on keeping the timeline alive directly determines the fate of The Umbrella Academy, throwing the characters into a series of complex time-shifting adventures. Their unrelenting dedication greatly emphasizes the complexity of time disruptions and provides an opportunity to explore existential themes and the butterfly effect. In addition, it affects public perception of predestination and free will, causing public reflection throughout the universe. The Commission's reach spans the globe, and their actions have far-reaching effects, ultimately becoming the driving force behind the history of the Umbrella Academy. Their legacy continues to evolve and has an indelible impact that extends far beyond the immediate storyline. Irrevocably woven into the fabric of this universe, the Commission drives both conflict and resolution, creating a plot that captivates audiences.