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Asriel Dreemurr

General Info

Asriel Dreemurr logo
Job TitlePrince
Birth PlaceUnderground
Knows aboutSoul manipulation, Transformation, Magic
Alternate NameGod of Hyperdeath, The Absolute, Flower
Character NameAsriel Dreemurr
Member of OrganizationRoyal Family
Asriel Dreemurr, the daughter of Toriel and Asgore Dreemurr, is a main character in the Undertale universe. Contrary to his cute and harmless appearance, he has incredible strength and is the final boss of the game in the True Pacifist Path. Originally a kind-hearted and sympathetic character, her personality changes dramatically when she is resurrected as "Flower Floats", unable to feel love or empathy. Asriel portrays complex emotions that go through many stages, from innocence and fear to resentment and aggression, to ultimate redemption and regret. This transformation depicts the severity of his tragic past, making him a memorable character in the Undertale universe. Her transformation and storyline underscore the game's theme of empathy and forgiveness.


Asriel Dreemurr is the tragic central character of the Undertale universe, known for his compelling storyline and profound transformation. Born as the son of King Asgore and Queen Toriel, this young and innocent character is full of compassion and childlike innocence.
However, this purity is not meant to last. Asriel meets a fateful end that plunges him into an abyss of despair and transforms him into a figure of terrifying power: Flowey. This mischievous and manipulative character with a perpetual smile bears little resemblance to the kind Asriel of yesteryear. Despite her menacing personality, fragments of the original Asriel shine through Flowey's monstrous facade. Moments of vulnerability occasionally pierce his shield of cruelty, revealing a trace of his lost innocence. These glimpses of vulnerability are symbolic reminders of the heartbreaking tragedy that underlies Asriel's transformation. Ruthless, but understanding his actions will allow players of the Undertale universe to fully understand the depth of Asriel Dreemurr's character.
As the story progresses, Asriel eventually reveals a shining sliver of redemption, recapturing the essence of grace and love that marked her original character. This evolution adds nuance to Asriel's personality, proving that light can touch even the darkest corners. It represents hope, forgiveness, and the power of true friendship. Overall, Asriel Dreemurr's story embraces the compelling themes of the Undertale universe and creates a story as complex and passionate as the game itself.


Asriel Dreemurr is the main character of the Undertale universe. Against an intriguing background, the young metro prince truly embodies the theme of the game: love, pain and morality.
Born as the biological son of King Asgore and Queen Toriel, Asriel is the beloved prince of Monsterkind. He is known to be kind, cheerful and always ready to help those in need. Asriel exudes an aura of innocence and purity that wins hearts, despite the tragic end that evokes the sympathy of players. Prince's life took a drastic turn when he found Char, the first person to fall from the subway. Asriel becomes inseparable with them and considers Char as a brother. This strong bond sets the stage for a tragic chain of events that leads to Asriel's untimely death and subsequent transformation into Flowey, a character unable to feel love and compassion due to a lack of SOUL.
Asriel as Flowey introduces players to the world of Undertale for the first time. At first, he deceives the players with a friendly facade until his true intentions are revealed, teaching a harsh lesson about mercy and violence that rules the rest of the game. While Asriel is full of joy and tenderness, Flowey is cold and manipulative. However, Asriel's true personality emerges in the game's final encounter. The boss battle with Asriel is one of the most interesting encounters in the game, as it reveals the tragic story of a young prince trapped in the body of a flower.
Ultimately, despite her actions, players cannot empathize with Asriel. His story is a sad amalgamation of love, sacrifice and redemption. This reinforces the moral dilemma that makes Undertale such a unique gaming experience. Asriel Dreemurr, while physically absent for most of the game, remains a soul that allows players to immerse themselves in the emotional journey that is Undertale.

Creation and Development

The character of Asriel Dreemurr was primarily inspired by Toby Fox's love of classic storytelling and painful family dynamics. As the son of King Asgore and Queen Toriel, Asriel's storyline revolves heavily around themes of family, sacrifice, and redemption, a plot designed to create an emotional connection between the player and the Undertale universe.
Fox began developing Asriel's character by first envisioning her final form, the Bullet Hell Boss, God of Hyperdeath. He wanted players to experience Asriel's massive transformation and truly understand the depth of her despair and untapped power. After laying the groundwork for Asriel's final state, Fox set about creating a compelling story that would complement this climactic battle and allow Asriel's character to have a greater impact on players. The death of Asriel's human friend Chara was a major turning point in her life. Fox took pains to portray Asriel's raw emotions and subsequent actions leading up to her death and transformation. When Asriel absorbed Chara's soul and brought their body back to his village, the people attacked him and he did not fight back, an act of innocence that ultimately led to his death.
But Asriel's character development didn't stop there. In a true pacifist Undertale journey, players will discover the deepest layers of Asriel's character. Her role as Flowey, her regret for her actions, and her eventual self-sacrifice all portray Asriel as a very complex character that adds significant emotional weight to the gameplay of Undertale.
The creation and development of the character of Asriel Dreemurr was thus a mixture of classic plot elements and deep psychological understanding. His struggle between nature and breed and brute force became the core of Undertale's unique storytelling experience and marked his place in the video game storytelling hall of fame.

Character Profile

Asriel Dreemurr is a tragic figure in the world of Undertale. Asriel, the biological son of King Asgore and Queen Toriel, symbolizes hope and despair and embodies the eternal struggle between good and evil. After suffering a tragic death in his early life, Asriel reappears in the game as Flowey, losing the ability to love or empathize with others, causing him to act sociopathic throughout his journey.
But Asriel's character isn't all doom and gloom. There is a spark of goodness inside him. His early years were marked by kindness, compassion and courage. His bond with the game's first human, Chara, demonstrated his ability to build deep relationships based on trust and shared experience. Their tragic divorce added complexity to Asriel's character, turning her into an angry embodiment of indifference.
But Asriel remains an iconic character in the Undertale universe not despite his flaws, but because of them. They highlight the range of human emotions that a character can struggle with. It's hard not to sympathize with a character who has lost the ability to love and has fallen into a pit of despair and become the epitome of chaos as a result. His journey is a powerful reminder of the profound impact that loss, grief, and loneliness can have on a person's morale, making Asriel Dreemurr an unmatched depth and relatable character in the Undertale universe.

Story Arc

In the Undertale universe, Asriel Dreemurr projects an unforgettable story of impressive depth. Born an underworld prince, the son of King Asgore and Queen Toriel, Asriel delves into themes of lost innocence, great power, and redemption.
Asriel's story takes a tragic turn when she befriends the first human to fall into the Underworld, Chara. In an attempt to break the barrier and wage war against humanity, Chara convinces Asriel to eat them and merge their souls. Although Asriel gains immense power, she maintains her pacifist ideals and dies of human-inflicted wounds, a martyr and a symbol of hope for the monster child. Asriel returns as Flowey, losing her compassion and gaining the ability to reset time and manipulate events for her own pleasure. This dark and haunting episode serves to highlight the brutal reality of what happens when kindness is punished and benevolence abused, painfully altering her character development.
Asriel's redemption occurs during the player's pacifist run, where she regains her true form, battles the main character, and finally realizes her mistakes. Touched by the memory of the friendship he once shared with the main character, he ends the fight and overcomes the barrier, freeing the monstrous species from captivity.
This gripping ride on Asriel's morally gray journey from innocent prince to repentant villain is reminiscent of a complex coming-of-age story. Every transition, every twist in his character development is seared into players' minds and leaves a lasting impression on the Undertale universe.

Cultural Impact

Asriel Dreemurr, a character in the video game Undertale, has had a major cultural impact since its release. Its multi-layered character arc, childlike innocence, and heart-wrenching story of friendship and sacrifice resonated with gamers around the world and was a talking point across platforms. Players are confronted with Asriel's struggle between morality and survival in a hostile environment that is often mirrored in the real world. His character provoked thoughtful discussions among players about the complex nature of these topics, transforming a video game from simple entertainment to a tool for philosophical discussion.
Asriel Dreemurr's cultural impact is evidenced by film adaptations, fan fiction, cosplay, and fan art. Also, users share their experiences and interpretations of the prince of the monster kingdom, which shows how emotionally involved the players are. Asriel represents more than just a character in the game; it has become a symbol of emotional resilience, friendship and the ethical dilemmas faced in difficult times. As a character, Asriel Dreemurr has inspired countless people and transcended the realm of gaming, creating a strong cultural presence that continues to influence and inspire fans around the world.


Asriel Dreemur, the young prince of the underground, is a character remembered for his pain and tormented existence. Originally, he was the kind-hearted son of King Asgore and Toriel and a loving friend to fallen man. But after absorbing a human soul, Asriel transformed into a being of unimaginable strength and ever-increasing desperation. Dubbed the Slayer by humans on the surface, Asriel retreated deep underground, eventually becoming the feared god of Hyperdeath. Despite his monstrous form, Asriel still retained a fragment of his gentle nature. In the end, he sacrificed himself in an attempt to repair the damage he had done and turned back into an innocent flower. Her story is a stark reminder of lost innocence and the dire consequences of refusing to let go. Despite her tragic end, Asriel's legacy remains a beacon of hope in the monster community, symbolizing the possibility of redemption and the power of forgiveness.