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Triss Merigold

General Info

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Job TitleSorceress
Knows aboutMagic and Alchemy
Character NameTriss Merigold
Member of OrganizationLodge of Sorceresses
Triss Merigold is a vibrant figure in the Witcher universe, known for her red hair and daring deeds. A talented witch, she has a wealth of knowledge in magic and healing, making her an invaluable ally. Triss also loves Geralt very much, and their complicated relationship adds a lot of depth to her character. Despite the scars of her past battles, she is undaunted and determined to fight the Wild Hunt. From her unflinching courage to her kindness and overwhelming kindness to others, Triss Merigold is a beacon of hope in the tumultuous world of The Witcher.


The heroine of the Witcher universe, Triss Merigold, is a fearless sorceress with a caring heart. Known for her bright red hair and bright blue eyes, Triss is not only beautiful, but extremely powerful. Her impressive magical skills make her a formidable ally and foe.
Applying her nuanced knowledge of the arcane arts, she can repel enemies, heal the wounded, and manipulate the elements to her advantage. Aside from her immense magical talents, Triss' most important quality is her compassion. His work to help victims of World War II shows a deep-seated altruism.
Described as fiercely independent, Triss doesn't hesitate to make tough decisions. She is also a member of the wizarding lodge, and like other witches, Triss cannot have children, which plays a very important role in shaping her character's feelings.
Fiercely loyal, brave and wise, Triss is a character that leaves a lasting impression. This charming enchantress is more than just a pretty face. Triss experiences tremendous personal growth throughout the series, proving her resilience. One cannot discuss the Witcher universe without acknowledging the instrumental presence of Triss Merigold.


Triss Merigold, also known as "The 14th of the Mountain", is a powerful character in the Witcher universe. A loud and fiercely independent witch, she is beloved for her unwavering loyalty to Geralt of Rivia and her perseverance in the face of adversity.
Born into a simple merchant family, Triss had a humble upbringing. She was lucky enough to discover her magical abilities as a child, which allowed her to enter Arethusa's magical academy and then join a secret brotherhood of wizards. While wizards were often feared by the common people, Triss used her talents for the betterment of society, cementing her status as a beloved figure in a world that often teetered on the edge of chaos. Triss Merigold's pivotal role in the Battle of Sodden Hill, where she was considered one of the fourteen fallen magical defenders, left a deep impression on her both physically and emotionally. Although she survived the ordeal, the horrific event scarred her for life and left an indelible mark on her existence.
Triss is distinguished not only by her magical prowess, but also by her extraordinary courage and compassion. Despite living in an age of brutality and social and political discord, she constantly exudes kindness, whether it's her efforts to find a safe haven for abused elves or her determination to help Geralt find her ward, Ciri. His unwavering commitment to these goals, despite the barrage of obstacles, is a testament to his indomitable spirit. When it comes to relationships, Triss' complicated juxtaposition with Geralt is an important part of the Witcher saga. While their relationship vacillates between friendship, love, and occasional dissonance, the depth of their connection is undeniable, and it significantly shapes their identity throughout the story.
The character of Triss Merigold is increasingly recognized not only for her role in plot development, but also for her contribution to the show's ethical explorations. As such, Triss not only embodies magic and power in the Witcher universe, but also embodies the essence of resilience, kindness, and the pursuit of justice, making her one of the most influential figures in the Witcher's journey.

Creation and Development

A beloved character from the Witcher universe, Triss Merigold has a detailed history of creation and development. An integral part of the Witch books and video games, the character of Triss was originally written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Extremely fiery and independent, Triss is portrayed as a character known for her fiery red hair and bright green eyes.
Triss's character has evolved significantly in the transition from books to video games. While the books portray her as a young, confident sorceress with an unrequited love for Geralt, the video games portray her as a confident, headstrong woman who plays a pivotal role in the events of the story. This transformation was intended to engage players more meaningfully and align her more closely with Geralt.
As for the physical presentation, the developers at CD Projekt Red have spent a lot of time perfecting its appearance. In The Witcher 1, she has long hair tied on top of her head in a braid. In The Witcher 2, the braid is gone, her hair is loose and falling down. In The Witcher 3, its design was greatly improved and the graphics were better. Her striking red hair now falls over her shoulders and her outfit is more detailed. The distinctive green eyes remained an integral part of her throughout the series, simulating a charming charm.
His personality development was carefully crafted. While she reportedly suffers from low self-esteem in the books, her video game counterpart has a high level of emotional intelligence. She appears as a strong-willed woman, quick-thinking and able to cope with emotionally difficult situations. This transformation has made her one of the most beloved characters, displaying a wide range of emotions, from joy and humor to empathy and heartfelt determination.
Triss Merigold's design and development make her an integral part of the Witcher universe. His character is the perfect blend of strength, intelligence and vulnerability, creating a dynamic figure loved by fans around the world.

Character Profile

Triss Merigold, a prominent sorceress and important figure in the Witcher series, is known for her fiery red hair, deep blue eyes, and prominent freckles. However, her seductive face hides bright intelligence, wit and immense magical abilities. Triss is known as a member of the Witches' Lodge, a powerful and secretive group of female magic users with significant political influence.
Triss exudes charm, warmth and endearing clumsiness. Unlike her more cynical counterparts, she's imbued with earnest idealism and a strong moral compass that often puts her at odds with the political machinations around her, making her an unlikely ally for series protagonist Geralt. She also has a caring side to her personality, often caring for war orphans and offering an empathetic ear to those in need.
Triss, a generous character, is not without her flaws. She is very insecure and often struggles with self-doubt, both in her personal life and in her magical abilities. But these struggles only make her more relatable and human to the audience.
Throughout the series, Triss grows and develops dramatically. From a somewhat naïve sorceress to a mature and determined figure of strength, her journey is inspiring. The character of Triss Merigold greatly adds to the depth and complexity of the Witcher universe.

Story Arc

In the Witcher universe, Triss Merigold's plot is full of complications, dynamic changes and radical decisions. Triss, a young powerful sorceress, is an important member of the Witch Lodge. His involvement with Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher himself, is a big part of his story.
Triss quickly falls in love with Geralt. However, her relationship with Geralt is complicated and overshadowed by Geralt's stormy relationship with the sorceress Jennefer, a close friend of Triss. Either way, Triss's feelings for Geralt led her to help him throughout the Witcher saga.
His plot takes a tragic turn during Thanedd's coup. Triss is seriously injured in the chaos and presumed dead. He survives, but his magical powers are initially suppressed. He fights to regain his strength and shows his determination and perseverance. This experience, though heartbreaking, only hardened and strengthened his resolve for future struggles.
In addition to her personal involvement, Triss plays a crucial role in world politics. She is a staunch supporter of the Northern Kingdoms and works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure their future. His dedication to ensuring a brighter future for magic and his homeland is a testament to his strength of character.
But perhaps the most significant part of Triss' arc is her participation in the witch hunts. With the rise of the Church of the Eternal Fire, Triss helps wizards and non-humans alike, often at great risk to herself, showing her unwavering loyalty and compassion.
From her passionate relationship with Geralt to political maneuvering and displays of bravery, Triss Merigold's storyline is a rollercoaster of adventure, heartbreak and heroism. Her story is a tribute to her complexity and contradictions, making her one of the most compelling characters in the Witcher universe.

Cultural Impact

Triss Merigold, a spiritual sorceress and one of the main characters of the Witcher universe, continues to have a major impact on pop culture. It helps promote the representation of strong, intellectually powerful women in the fantasy genre. Triss is best known for her bright red hair, with which she defies the typical "blonde or brunette" stereotype of the main character. Additionally, the complexity of her character, torn between her love for Geralt and loyalty to her friend Yennefer, creates a raw and emotional depth that appeals to audiences around the world.
In addition to appearing in the critically acclaimed Witcher books and video games, the character of Triss has also been featured in various forms of fan art, costumes, cosplay, and even internet memes, showing her great appeal and love among fans. Actress Anna Shaffer's portrayal of the character in the Netflix series adaptation further highlighted her cultural impact, sparking more conversations about female empowerment. Triss Merigold is a beacon of fierce independence, emotional strength and ethical complexity, reflecting the changing expectations for women in modern fantasy stories.


Triss Merigold has become famous throughout the Witcher universe not only for her fiery hair and vibrant personality, but also for her indomitable spirit and her role as a freedom fighter. His legacy is cemented in his contributions to the betterment of the wizarding community, particularly his continued advocacy for wizards and wizarding law enforcement. As a member of the secret Lodge of Witches, he played an important role in various political machinations to maintain balance and harmony in a world full of murky morals and uncertain alliances.
Her courage, tenacity and self-sacrifice were on full display in the Battle of the Valley of Flowers, where she defended non-humans from discrimination and oppression, earning her the title of "The Fourteenth Mountain". Despite her often strained relationship with Geralt, their bond remains one of the most striking aspects of her story, demonstrating her ability to love and repay in the face of adversity. Fiery red hair and heart, Triss Merigold remains an unforgettable figure in the great tapestry of the Witcher universe.