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General Info

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Job TitleHorse
Birth PlaceHyrule
Knows aboutLink, Ganon
Character NameEpona
In the Legend of Zelda universe, Epona is a symbol of loyalty and a trusted companion to the hero of time, Link. She is a beautiful mare with brown fur and a white mane and serves as a top aid in many missions. Whether it's fast travel or jumping over obstacles, Epona handles it all with grace and agility. Her master, Link, beckons to her with the soothing melody of "Epona's Song," which evokes peaceful meadows, reinforcing their unspoken bond. True to its name, derived from the Celtic goddess of horses, it has all the strength, agility and reliability expected of a divine steed. Basically, Epona is more than just a horse; she is Link's brave companion on his terrifying adventures.


Epona is an iconic character from the influential video game series The Legend of Zelda. First introduced as a humble farm horse in Ocarina of Time, Epona has since become a long-term companion to series protagonist Link in many games. Named after the Celtic goddess of horses and fertility, Epona embodies freedom and loyalty.
Epona is best known for her speed and agility, traits that Link often used to navigate the game's vast landscapes. By playing an ocarina tune, Link can summon Epona to almost any remote location, adding a unique mechanic to the game's open-world exploration. Despite not speaking, Epona creates an emotional connection with players, emphasizing the bond between Link and his trusty steed. Through challenging missions and fierce combat, Epona stands firmly by her friend's side, while her unerring neighbor shows her readiness for the journey.
The introduction of Epona in Ocarina of Time has given players a sense of nostalgia, given her central role in the game's plot. In later generations of the series, Epona's gaze became nothing more than a comforting reassurance, a beacon of hope in Link's ongoing quest for peace in the land of Hyrule. Over time, Epona transcended her original playful nature and became an integral part of the larger Legend of Zelda.


Epona isn't just a horse in the world of Hyrule; is a character with personality, loyalty, and an unbreakable bond with the series' main character, Link. Named after the Celtic goddess of horses, Epona symbolizes her importance to the series beyond just being a vehicle.
The revived Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was raised at the Lon Lon Ranch and was initially cared for by Malon, the character Link taught Epona the song. This tune would serve as a magical summon for Epona throughout the series. From the beginning, Epona's loyalty to Link is shown as she only allows him to ride her, symbolizing the unspoken union between the two. Their journey continues to Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess, with Epona rescuing Link from dangerous situations more than once. This bond between Epona and Link is based not only on utility, but also on mutual understanding and trust, making Epona one of the sweetest characters in the Zelda universe.
Over time, Epona also brought a sense of comfort and familiarity to the changing landscape of Hyrule. Wherever Link's adventures lead, the whistle of Epona's song signals the arrival of a trusted friend. The bond that Link and Epona share doesn't lose its depth in Breath of the Wild either. Although Epona is not a permanent character in this game, the player can revive her using amiibo.
In essence, Epona is an iconic companion that symbolizes an unbreakable connection that goes beyond words. Throughout the franchise, Epona remains a constant and reliable friend who is always just a step away from you. Today, he is one of the characters in the Legend of Zelda series and is undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters.

Creation and Development

Epona, Link's faithful horse companion in the Zelda universe, was first conceived in 1998. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, her roots go back to Celtic mythology, where Epona is the protector of horses, donkeys and mules. . Its name comes from the Gaelic word "epos", which means "horse". Integrating this real-world mythology added depth and resonance to the character.
The Ocarina of Time development team wanted to make sure that Epona was not just a vehicle, but an important character that Link could bond with. To achieve this, they implemented a side quest that showcases Link's relationship with Epona, highlighting the bond that has developed over the course of the game. This feature was so successful that it led to the inclusion of Epona in future games.
In Twilight Princess, Epona's role was expanded. The developers focused on creating more realistic movements and animations, developing a stronger connection between the player and the horse. Epona helps with various tasks such as herding goats and assisting in battles, adding strategic depth to the game.
Epona's creation and development from a mere horse character became an integral part of the Zelda story. This evolution highlights the franchise's ability to create rich, multi-layered characters that captivate players not only through gameplay, but also through empathy and emotional connections.

Character Profile

Epona is a famous character from The Legend of Zelda series, loved for her loyalty and bravery. This faithful mare is not only a vehicle for the main character Link, but also his faithful companion on many dangerous journeys.
Epona first appeared in The Ocarina of Time. He is exceptional in many ways, starting with the stunning burnt coat of the Wall and his incredible speed. Growing up on the Lon Lon Ranch, she befriended Link at a young age, and the bond they formed was unbreakable. Epona is known for her ability to recognize a specific tune, Epona's song, played on the ocarina, and run alongside Link in any situation.
Epona is not just any horse. It serves a much larger story purpose, often helping Link avoid dangerous situations and reach his goal faster. Heroic and fearless, Epona plunges into battle with Link, leaping over tall obstacles with ease and showing unwavering courage in the face of danger.
In many ways, Epona is a symbol of hope and freedom in the Zelda franchise. Her unwavering loyalty to Link not only helps him on his adventures, but is also a testament to their friendship. He's not just a character; Epona is the epitome of trust, loyalty, and courage and embodies the core values ​​of The Legend of Zelda series.

Story Arc

In the vast canon of the Zelda universe, Epona stands out as a character of loyalty and courage. His arc from humble country horse to trusted hero horse is a multi-game journey, his story inextricably intertwined with Link's.
Epona, born in the peaceful forest of Kokiri, was a wild horse with an indomitable spirit. It wasn't until she met young Link that her life took a dramatic turn. Epona recognized a kindred spirit in the young hero and formed a deep bond with him. She not only became his mountain, but also his faithful companion during his dangerous quests. Epona's story throughout the series revolves around Link's adventures in the kingdom of Hyrule. In Ocarina of Time, they travel together through treacherous terrain, and in Majora's Mask, Epona helps Link prevent a disastrous moon landing. In Twilight Princess, she accompanies him through the harsh desert to face the dangers lurking in the twilight kingdom.
The powerful side quest Breath of the Wild treats Epona's death as a tragedy, further reinforcing her importance throughout the story. Despite her death, it is implied that her spirit lives on, providing Link with additional lifelines on his quest. Building Epona isn't about power or transformations, it's about story based guidance. Her true evolution is reflected in her unwavering loyalty, transforming her from a humble country horse to a full-fledged warrior.
Over the years and many adventures, Epona shows the true partnership and deep connection between the hero and his horse. It's a journey of courage, growth from humble beginnings to a central role in the Zelda universe. Her story permeates the history of the Zelda series, her loyalty unwavering at every important moment, making her an iconic character and enduring symbol of courage.

Cultural Impact

A major character in the Zelda universe, Epona has had a major cultural impact. Introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, she quickly became a beloved figure, a symbol of unwavering loyalty and an example of the deep bond between humans and animals.
In addition to her presence in games, Epona has influenced not only gaming culture, but also wider popular culture. It embodies the nostalgic simplicity of the countryside, which contrasts with the technological complexity of the modern world. This image resonates with many gamers who appreciate the escapism that rural fantasy provides. Also, Epona has become something of a pop culture icon. Artwork, fiction, and merchandise have been created in her honor, and she is referenced in other media.
Epona is a leading model of positive relationships and coexistence with animals, subtly promoting the ideas of animal rights and animal welfare. Although Epona is a pixelated figure in the game, Epona's cultural significance extends far beyond the gaming world and has a profound influence on public perception and attitudes.


A symbol of freedom and loyalty, Epona holds an important place in the legacy of the Zelda universe. The hero's iconic friend Link earned him recognition as a reliable steed and appeared in several episodes of the game. Epona's arrival took place in Ocarina of Time, where her bond with Link became an example of friendship. This image expanded into "Majora's Mask", which increased her role and impact. This brown-haired and white marten mare dominated the post-Ocarina era, serving not only as a means of transportation, but also as a vital ally to aid Link in his battles. Her relationship with Link only grew stronger over time, symbolizing her eternal journey. Epona has a legacy of courage and camaraderie in the world of Hyrule and is a legend in her own right.