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General Info

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Job TitleNurse, Bodyguard, Guide
Birth PlaceHyrule
Knows aboutHyrule history, Sheikah tribe secrets, Princess Zelda
Character NameImpa
Member of OrganizationSheikah tribe, Royal Family of Hyrule
A noble figure in the Zelda series, Impa stands out for her unwavering loyalty and undying devotion to Princess Zelda. Impa, a Sheik guardian and intelligence agent, is rooted in Hyrule's history and destiny. With extensive knowledge of ancient lore and fighting skills, she often accompanies Link on his quest to defeat evil. Sometimes depicted as an old woman, sometimes as a formidable warrior, Impas' character varies throughout the Zelda series. Regardless of his form, he remains an invaluable mentor and protector, a constant force to preserve the peace and prosperity of Hyrule. Her sense of duty and immense skills make her an iconic video game character.


Born in the kingdom of Hyrule, Impa is a guardian tasked with protecting Zelda, the main character in the Legend of Zelda universe. The character of Imp, a formidable but wise warrior, embodies the perfect combination of strength and wisdom. Characterized by unwavering devotion and loyalty, she spends many lifetimes serving Zelda, helping her navigate the difficult dynamics of Hyrule.
The character of Imp comes from the Sheik tribe, a secretive and ancient group known for their exceptional skills in stealth and mastery of magic. With amazing strength, deep wisdom, and unwavering devotion, he is an important figure in the game series, helping players on their heroic journeys. Impo's design varies from series to series, from a young ninja in Ocarina of Time to an elderly councilor in Skyward Sword. This demonstrates the series' narrative flexibility and offers a deep dive into the tribe's culture and traditions. She has a number of special abilities that make her a formidable force against her enemies.
Throughout the series, Imp's roles range from caretaker, mentor, and guide to Zelda, cementing his iconic status in the game. As a caretaker, he ensures Zelda's safety; as a mentor, he provides training in magic and combat; and as he directs his wisdom directs the journey. The character of Impos perfectly embodies how courage, wisdom and strength can serve the well-being. His immersive storytelling across multiple games has not only added to the game's story, but has had a profound impact on fans around the world.


The main character in The Legend of Zelda universe, Impa is the wise and wonderful guardian of Princess Zelda. He comes from the Sheik tribe and is the most important link that connects all the parts of the vast Zelda universe. Unwaveringly loyal to the royal family, Impa often acts as an advisor, revealing obscure secrets and truths about the kingdom of Hyrule.
Born and raised in the village of Kakariko, the Sheik's settlement, Impa displays pure physical prowess and strategic brilliance. However, they are complemented by her vast reservoir of wisdom and understanding, which has made her not only a protector of the main character Link, but also a teacher in many games in the series. Provides essential training, support and guidance to help Link complete his epic missions.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sees a young Impa take care of Princess Zelda as her nanny and guide. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, portrays Imp as a warrior from the past who travels through time to help fight dark forces. His character is dynamic, alternating between confidant, warrior, sage and oracle, playing different roles in different time zones, each time leaving an unforgettable impression.
Shown with her gray hair neatly pulled back into a huge bun and the Sheikah's signature red eyes, Impa exudes a clear and dignified appearance. Her sharp features and strong personality combined with her calm demeanor make her one of the strongest female characters on the show.
The character of Impos in the Legend of Zelda series, full of mystery, charm and strength, reflects the complexities of his duty to Zelda, their kingdom and the hero Link. She is a stern but caring figure who guides them through peace and chaos, embodying the indomitable spirit of Hyrule. Over time, she has gained immense respect and admiration from fans who respect her beyond just being a supporting character.

Creation and Development

Impa is a main character in the Zelda universe and has appeared in several incarnations of the series. His character development over the years reflects the franchise's changing priorities and narrative sophistication.
The original concept of Impa was fleshed out in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where she played a small role as Princess Zelda's possessed handmaiden. She was portrayed as a helpless woman, a common trope in games of the time. However, her character showed potential deep when she entrusted the main character Link with the task of saving the kingdom of Hyrule. Imp's major change came in Ocarina of Time, where she was transformed into a tough and capable War Sheik. As Zelda's bodyguard, Impa played a vital role in the development of the game's plot. This portrayal reinforced Imp's character as a strong and skilled warrior and mentor to Link, changing the dynamic of the characters.
In Skyward Sword, the producers expanded his character arc even further. Impa was introduced as a time-traveling agent of the goddess, showcasing a mystical aspect of her character that was not revealed in previous games. The creators took a big risk by radically changing his role, which was greatly appreciated by the fans.
In Hyrule Warriors, Impa was featured as a main character and her warrior appearance was greatly improved. This version of his character was the result of a new, more active role in the fighting game.
Overall, the representation of Impa in the Zelda games is varied and multifaceted, reflecting the changing perception of female roles in video games. Over the nearly thirty years of the series, Impa has evolved from a passive character to a dynamic force in the game, an important aspect of the development of the Zelda universe.

Character Profile

Impa, a character synonymous with the Legend of Zelda franchise, embodies wisdom and courage across multiple timelines. Born into the mysterious Sheik tribe, she is often portrayed as Princess Zelda's loyal guardian and bodyguard, with the great responsibility of protecting Hyrule's royal lineage.
The Impo character is always ready for battle and has great agility combined with the strength of a seasoned warrior. Using his martial prowess, he makes effective use of weapons such as the naginata, katana, and magic spells, which prove to be a formidable ally against the waves of darkness.
Impa's great wisdom transcends war. He often acts as a guide during Link's journey and contributes to major story developments. His deep knowledge of the legends and prophetic visions of Hyrule is crucial to maintaining peace in the kingdom.
Impa's strong sense of duty is complemented by a caring attitude. This is evident in his interaction with Zelda, emphasizing a bond that goes beyond mere service. Her iron will combined with her caring heart make her a character beloved by Zelda fans. Endlessly mysterious, different interpretations of the Impa character can be seen in the different games in the franchise, each contributing to his rich and attractive personality. Despite these differences, her essence remains consistent: Sheika's brave warrior, wise leader, and loyal friend.

Story Arc

As Zelda's loyal and devoted protector, Impa has a dramatic and vital history throughout the Zelda universe. Hailing from the Sheik tribe, a group renowned for their mystical abilities and warrior prowess, Impa is often the last line of defense for the royal family of Hyrule. Time and continuity alter and change his character, but his spirit remains steadfast.
From being a sage in Ocarina of Time to playing Zelda's guardian in Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild, Imp's character development is characterized by unwavering loyalty to royalty. Although generally considered a stoic and serious figure, she has an underlying warmth that comes out when she interacts with Zelda and Link. In Skyward Sword, Impa serves as Zelda's guide, guiding her through the dangerous expanses of the Surface. He does not hesitate to risk his own safety to ensure the well-being of the princess. During this journey, Zelda discovers Impa's power and forms a deep connection.
In Breath of the Wild, Impa is found in the village of Kakariko, continuing his role as the keeper of Zelda's secrets. The ancient Impa represents the wisdom and teachings of the Sheik tribe and activates Link's lost memories. His ability to preserve these memories and the history and culture of the Sheik tribe is the focal point of the final battlefield.
In Ocarina of Time, Impa plays a central role in the plot as one of the Seven Sages. Help Link uncover the secrets of the Temple of Shadows by showing his courage and bravery. The final act of revealing herself as the Shadow Sage further enhances the dramatic resolution of her character arc.
Impos' plot is framed by Zelda's resilience, protection, and her central role in the Sheik tribe. His constant struggle with time clashes and battle reinforces the essence of his stories throughout the Zelda universe. Through the changing tides of the game, Impa is firmly established as the steadfast guardian of Hyrule's legacy.

Cultural Impact

Impa, a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series, has greatly influenced the franchise's cultural impact. Impa originally appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, serving as a nanny and close confidant to the royal family for the protection and well-being of Princess Zelda.
Her role expanded the concept of girl power and heroism in video games. In addition to being a caring figure, Impa is also a skilled Sheikah warrior. She subverts traditional assumptions of women's vulnerability and powerlessness, striking a balance between compassion and struggle. Imp's influence is not limited to the game, as she remains one of the few black women in the series, and her dark complexion reflects several racial structures rarely explored in fantasy games. Her cultural significance is also embodied in her tattoos with Sheikah iconography, which depicts her as a symbol of cultural identity and tradition.
The fact that video games feature strong older women, an often overlooked demographic, adds another layer of cultural impact. Impa is ageless, sharp-tongued, and full of wisdom across multiple timeline iterations.
In conclusion, Impa's impact in the Zelda universe is multi-layered, challenging traditional roles and increasing representation on multiple fronts. He is more than a character; is proof of how video games can shape perceptions and challenge social norms.


Impa belongs to a clan that serves the royal family of Hyrule. She is known for her unwavering devotion, intelligence and deep loyalty. This loyalty aims to protect Zelda during her formative years. This ancient character has helped shape the history of the Zelda universe through various iterations. She has played many different roles and ages over the years, but all have shared the common goal of protecting and guiding Zelda. In addition, she often gives Link useful advice and sometimes plays a crucial role in his journey. Her appearance ranges from a calm old woman to a fierce warrior. But despite her appearance, her legacy is definitely one of preserving Hyrule and serving the monarchy, making her one of the most memorable characters in the Zelda franchise.