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Faction NameSheikah
The Sheik, also known as the Shadow Nation, are a secretive and mystical tribe in the Zelda universe. Known for its deep ties to magic and shrouded in mystery, this group is best recognized by its red eyes and the sheikh's eye symbol. As loyal servants of the royal family of Hyrule, they are entrusted with the most important tasks, including the protection of the Triforce. They are also known for their advanced technology, especially displayed in the shrines and towers of Breath of the Wild. The Sheika's wisdom, stealth, and martial prowess make them ruthless defenders of Hyrule, respected and feared in equal measure. They add a deep layer of depth and intrigue to the Zelda universe.


The Sheiks, commonly referred to as the Shadow People, are a vital group in the broad lore of the Zelda universe. Distinguished by their stunning white hair and red eyes, these ancient creatures possess unparalleled abilities, including stealth, combat, and unique magic. Their unwavering loyalty to the royal family of Hyrule embodies the unparalleled honor of a sheikh.
Sheiks are everywhere in Hyrule and are known for their mysterious yet noble stature. Their influence permeates the entire realm, evident in invaluable tools such as the Sheikah Slate and Sheikah Towers, which have greatly accelerated protagonist Link's quest. In addition, their prolific knowledge of arcane technology reveals the mystery behind the divine beasts and guardians, ancient machinations armed against the calamitous Ganon. The Sheika's contribution is not limited to battle, they also master advanced healing techniques and skills to predict ominous prophecies.
But the story of the sheikh tells the story of the victim. Many sheikhs have fallen and defended Hyrule from unspeakable evil. Their innate heroism is a testament to their unwavering loyalty to the realm. Despite the trials they face, the sheikhs remain steadfast, demonstrating their resilience and dedication to their cause.
Sheikah's complex history and indomitable spirit continue to intrigue and inspire players around the world, cementing their place at the center of the Zelda universe. Their strength, courage, and unwavering loyalty are a beacon of hope when Hyrule is going through its darkest times.


Often referred to as the "Shadow People", the Sheiks are a distinctive tribe in the Zelda universe, best known for their devotion and unwavering loyalty to the royal family of Hyrule.
Set in an early age, Sheikah's story is steeped in mysticism, covert operations, and a deep understanding of magic and technology. Their origin is closely related to the birth of Hyrule and their fame rose during the Age of Chaos. As loyal defenders, they protected the Triforce from the horrors of war and earned the respect and privacy of royalty. The Sheikah knew where the Triforce was and its great power, a secret they guarded with invincible determination. Their story went through a dark period during the Invaders War. Accused of betraying the realm, several sheikhs were exiled to the Twilight Realm, where they turned into the Twili tribe. Despite the terrifying event, the Sheikah's loyalty never wavered and she continued to protect the kingdom of Hyrule and its monarchs.
The Sheikah's mystical ability has led to innovative inventions such as the Sheikah Slate, an example of advanced technology. The tribe also underwent rigorous training, specializing in combat and espionage, earning them the title "Shadows of the Hylians." Despite the sheikhs' fluctuating periods of prosperity and darkness, they maintained an unwavering devotion to the crown, and their loyalty echoed throughout the ages. Their immeasurable contributions have shaped Hyrule's history, embodying resilience, loyalty, and a timeless quest for peace.

Notable Members

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The Sheikah, also known as the Shadow Folk, are geographically widespread throughout the Zelda universe, often living in remote areas or hidden villages. The important location is in the village of Kakariko, which is located in the refuge of Death Mountain, a sacred place in the land of Hyrule. This ancient race also migrates to the Lanayru region where they found the technologically advanced village of Haten.
The Sheikah's incredible magical and technological abilities reflect the greatness of the regions they inhabit. The village of Haten, with its workshops and tall windmills, reflects the sheikh's penchant for progress. In contrast, Kakariko Village, with its rustic charm and deep-rooted traditions, is imbued with their spiritual reverence.
Recently, they have expanded into the Hebra region, where the sheikh tests his skills against a harsher nature. Each place where a sheikh resides has a shrine that demonstrates their unwavering devotion to Hilia, the goddess they serve.
From the cold highlands of Hebra to the fertile plains of Lanayru, the geography of the sheikhs' abodes is as varied as their capabilities. Although the Sheik appear physically scattered, their shared dedication to protecting Hyrule unites them, making geography only one aspect of their charmed existence.

Legacy and Impact

Often referred to as the Shadow People, the Sheik helped shape the history of Hyrule in the Zelda universe. Trusted protectors of the royal family, their mysterious and elusive nature resonated with the player base, adding an intriguing mix of mystique and intrigue.
Perhaps their biggest impact was the Sheikah technology introduced in Breath of the Wild. Sheika's wide array of structures, weapons, and machines expanded the gameplay and narrative possibilities, deepening the series' overall world-building.
Their portrayal of loyalty and sacrifice, while often portrayed as isolated and misunderstood figures, adds emotional depth and complexity to the series. This balance has resulted in Sheika being one of the most endearing and endearing characters, contributing greatly to fans' enduring love and appreciation for the Zelda universe.