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Berserk Official Guidebook

General Info

Berserk Official Guidebook logo
AuthorKentaro Miura
Genresdark fantasy, medieval
Book NameBerserk Official Guidebook
LanguagesJapanese, English
PublisherHakusensha (Japan) , Dark Horse Comics (US)
Release Date2016-09-23
Number of Pages200
Original Titleベルセルク ノ総合ガイドブック
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLwww.darkhorse.com
"The Official Guide to Berserk is a comprehensive resource for any fan or follower of the Berserk universe. Immerse yourself in the dark and beautiful world created by visionary author and artist Kentaro Miura with this comprehensive guide. The book provides intricate information on characters, plots. , , weapons and kingdoms, existing in the Berserk canon.Discover the tragic but resilient character Guts, his complex companions, and their epic battle against fate.Discover the symbolism, philosophy, and cultural influences used in the series. This guide effortlessly combines thematic analysis with beautiful illustrations as you explore Berserk's incredibly compelling story. It's the ultimate immersion for any dedicated follower and a definite draw for newcomers, offering both the broad landscape and the finer details of the Berserk universe.


The Official Guide to Berserk offers an in-depth exploration of the dark and grim fantasy world depicted in Kentaro Miura's acclaimed Berserk manga series. Immerse yourself in the chaotic journey of Guts, a lone mercenary with a turbulent past, and his relentless quest for revenge. This guide masterfully unravels the complex story and multifaceted characters, giving fans new insights into their favorite wandering character and the terrifying enemies he faces on his relentless quest.
In addition to detailing the fascinating life of Guts, this guide also includes special sections covering treacherous landscapes, basic lore, and the rules of magic and mythology in the Berserk universe. This comprehensive guide reveals the intricate world-building and compelling character development that Berserk is celebrated for. Detailed character profiles analyze the motivations, strengths and weaknesses of the main players, and provide insight into their actions and growth throughout the series. Intricate illustrations, early sketches, and behind-the-scenes content bring the complex artwork to life, making The Official Guide to Berserk a must-have for fans new and old. Enjoy exploring the rich story, intense action and captivating artistry of one of the most influential dark fiction epics of our time.


The Berserk series is a haunting story set in a tumultuous and harsh universe fueling relentless and unrelenting battles between its inhabitants. Our protagonist Guts, a feared mercenary known for his exceptional skills, finds himself in a vortex of fear as he experiences endless supernatural hardships due to his inextricable connection to Griffith, the charismatic and ambitious leader of the mercenary. group. The Hawk Group.
The plot of Berserk revolves around a gut-wrenching quest for vengeance and survival while battling demonic beings known as Apostles from a sinister realm known as the Astral Realm. This realm is full of evil and vile creatures, and its terrifying components begin to mix with reality, posing many threats to both Gut and his friends.
What sets Berserk apart is its focus on human nature and its ability, or lack thereof, to persevere in desperate circumstances. The inclusion of morally gray characters adds depth to the plot, leading to tense psychological dilemmas and internal conflicts.
In addition, Berserk strongly emphasizes the destructiveness of obsession and ambition, profitably embodied in the figure of Griffith and his catastrophic transformation into Femto, one of God's hands, the main enemies of the story. The fall that followed drastically changes the destinies of our heroes and marks a significant turning point in history.
At the same time, the plot illustrates Guts' growth from a traumatized and lonely figure to someone capable of meaningful relationships. His unwavering determination and perseverance against overwhelming odds is a testament to the fragility and resilience of the human spirit and is central to this intense, often poignant story. The Berserk saga brilliantly intertwines its intricate world-building with lingering themes, navigating treacherous realms of suffering, revenge, and redemption. Ultimately, it's a grim exploration of adversity and perseverance, offering a thrilling, harrowing yet harrowing journey that will move readers deeply.


In the Development section of the official Berserk guide, we take a closer look at the intricacies and evolution of this dark fantasy structure. Set in a European-inspired medieval world, the idea was first conceived by renowned mangaka Kentaro Miura. His vision was to create a story that delves deep into human nature against a backdrop of horror, despair and fantasy.
The main character, Guts, is portrayed as the personification of human struggle and resilience. Raised as a mercenary, the story of Guts unfolds as a whirlwind journey marked by a merciless struggle against fate. His journey to free himself from a demonic curse and protect those he cares about has intrigued and captivated fans around the world, building a passionate fan base.
Miura's artistry is not only in the dynamic storytelling, but also in the design and details of Berserk's world. Her meticulous inking brings intense detail and emotion to every page. Subtle details in the characters' faces and their surroundings bring the raw harshness of his world to life. The series' intricate character designs and demonic performances are legendary for their uniqueness and play an integral role in Berserk's compelling narrative. Berserk's creative process required extensive research by Miura, mostly in the fields of medieval art and architecture. Many of the iconic scenes featured in this series pay homage to artists such as Jheronimus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel and MC Escher. These influences bring out the mythic, surreal and nightmarish aspects that have become the cornerstone of Berserk's story.
Over the course of its development, Berserk has evolved into a deep saga that weaves philosophy and psychology into a harsh, apocalyptic fantasy world that tackles themes of isolation, companionship, and the inexplicable nature of existence. It's this fusion of depth and demonicness that is at the heart of Berserk's enduring appeal.


The Publishing section of the Official Berserk Guide is dedicated to in-depth exploration and understanding of the world of Berserk. It takes an in-depth look at a robust universe and touches on the finer details that make up the greatness of a graphic novel series.
This volume is packed with exclusive insider content, from character genesis and inspiration to scene dissections and story arcs. It also educates the reader about Kentaro Miura's creative process: his illustration techniques, character creation anecdotes, and the twisting narratives that contribute to the entire Berserk universe.
An invaluable resource for any Berserk enthusiast, the guide reveals many secrets hidden within intricate illustrations. The book teaches readers about the symbolism, metaphysical influences, and themes woven into the layers of the narrative. It also features an exclusive interview with Kentaro Miura, giving a deeper insight into one of the Mangaka's masterminds.
The guide acts as an illustrated encyclopedia, including a comprehensive character synopsis, tracing character relationships and outlining the individual stories of the Berserk saga. It also features artwork, maps, and frame-by-frame breakdowns of the most epic battle scenes.
The Official Guide is a testament to Berserk's artistic brilliance, narrative depth, and cultural importance. It invites readers to delve into a dark and fantastical world, making it an essential addition to the Berserk series. With unique insight and uncompromising depth, this guide will surely appreciate the genius of Kentaro Miura. Experience Berserk like never before with this must-have guide.


Inspired by visceral action, the Berserk Official Guidebook has impressed fans since its release. This installment is a detailed and intimate exploration of the vast Berserk universe, offering fascinating insights for both newcomers and avid fans alike.
The guide is packed with intriguing character profiles, detailed location descriptions and detailed behind-the-scenes facts. Experience the relentless intensity of the Guts saga from a whole new perspective. From the Black Swordsman's dashing past to the tumultuous battle strategies of the future, unravel the complex layers that make up the swirling storm of Berserk's history. Beautiful artwork is another important aspect that you should not miss. Sensitive sketches and never-before-seen full-page illustrations will delight any manga lover. Explore the stunning brutalist imagery that is at the heart of Berserk's identity and feel the visceral power of every line, every shadow, etched by master Kentaro Miura.
Also included are insights from the author that shed light on the creative process, sparking the reader's interest in the scholarly art behind manga creation. Discover Miura's influences, inspirations and philosophies that shaped Berserk to its iconic status. Make no mistake, the Official Berserk Guide isn't just an add-on to the Berserk universe; is a streamlined, in-depth exploration that offers a new, rich and insightful journey into the world we thought we knew. Discover hidden treasures and uncover intricacies, shatter myths and mysteries, and experience the Berserk saga like never before. Unleash your inner warrior, grab your sword and dive into the enchanting world of Berserk.


The Official Guide to Berserk is a comprehensive compendium widely appreciated by fans of Kentaro Miura's groundbreaking work. It was praised by critics and fans alike for its broad and in-depth exploration of the Berserk universe. The guide manages to provide detailed information about the complex elements of the story and the characters living in a dark and creepy world.
Delving into the imaginative and dark world of Berserk, the guide is a testament to Miura's artistic brilliance and brings much-desired clarity to the cult classic's unique universe. Berserk's "grotesque characters, complex story, and painstakingly detailed medieval setting" are cleverly laid out in the guide. It's invaluable to fans who have often had to grapple with the deep and complex mythos of Miura's birth.
The book's many details, along with Miura's stunning illustrations, have made the official guide a fan favorite. Readers have expressed great satisfaction at being inextricably immersed in the world of Berserk, giving them a better understanding of the complex plot points, character arcs, and overall ethos that the manga represents. The guide really enhances the in-depth Berserk experience.
The Official Guide to Berserk certainly enriched the Berserk fantasy, hailed as not just a supplement, but an extension of the Berserk universe. It sounds like the final sweet note of Miura's profound and haunting symphony, a huge success in the manga world and a must for any Berserk fan.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of the Berserk manga series has been deep and far-reaching, influencing not only manga and anime but also wider pop culture. With the release of the Berserk Official Guide, fans around the world have gained an unprecedented insight into the unique universe of Berserk.
Since 1989 first published by Kentaro Miura, Berserk captivated audiences with its dark aesthetic, complex characters, and complex plot. Its influence can be felt across industries and media platforms. In the gaming industry, iconic franchises like Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma have openly acknowledged the influence of Berserk's dark fantasy setting. Berserk's impact on the manga and anime industry is beyond doubt. He redefined the genre with his unequivocal exploration of the darkest recesses of the human psyche. The desire to challenge convention and push boundaries has fueled a newfound sense of freedom among manga and anime creators.
The Official Berserk Guide features detailed analysis and exclusive commentary from Kentaro Miura himself. It's an immersive journey into the making of this epic saga, allowing for a deeper appreciation of Miura's mastery. It also contributed to fueling fan debate and discussion, further cementing Berserk's place in the cultural discourse.
In the larger realm of pop culture, Berserk ranks among the most iconic franchises known for its grit, ethical complexity, and innovative world-building. A testament to the enduring relevance and far-reaching impact of Kentaro Miura's work is the fact that Berserk's cultural resonance remains strong decades after its appearance in the manga universe. The official guide's role here cannot be understated as it embraces and celebrates the legacy of the cultural phenomenon Berserk.