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Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight

General Info

Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight logo
AuthorMakoto Fukami
GenresDark Fantasy
Book NameBerserk: The Flame Dragon Knight
LanguagesJapanese, English
PublisherDark Horse Comics
TranslatorDuane Johnson
Release Date2017-04-05
Number of Pages192
Original Titleベルセルク 炎竜の騎士
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Berserk: Knight of the Flame Dragon delves into the menacing world of Midland and follows the journey of Grunbeld, a warrior whose bravery and reputation are unmatched. Deeply affected by the collapse of the great astral world, Grunbeld's life takes an unexpected turn and catapults him to the rank of an invincible apostle. Torn between duty and survival, he leads his squad of mercenaries against insurmountable odds. This book provides insight into the code of chivalry that enshrines him and the reasons for his unwavering loyalty to Griffith, the Hand of God's devoted servant. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind tale of honor, sacrifice and inevitable chaos in the fantasy world of Berserk. Explore the dark recesses of a heroic soul plagued by the curse of fate as she prepares to light a flame on the brutal battlefields of the Midlands.


Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight delves into the rich past of one of Guts's deadliest enemies, Grunbeld. The story takes place in a world of chaos and war, gently drawing back the curtain on the great apostle's formative years. Born into the nobility, Grunbeld's life takes a drastic turn when his home is destroyed by enemy forces. This event catalyzes his transformation from hot-headed youth to fearsome warrior. His path is littered with terrifying obstacles and devastating enemies, but it also reveals to him the power of friendship and the value of devotion. Among this arsenal of relationships is a special acquaintance with the fire dragon, which further distinguishes him from the ordinary warriors of this age. Amidst the endless violence and turmoil of the age, Grunbeld's journey slowly illuminates the origins of his transformative abilities and unrelenting fortitude. This novel reveals the layers beneath the surface of Grunbeld's character from the original series, making it a compelling read for any Berserk fan. Serving as a tantalizing bridge between the regular Berserk universe and the character's intriguing tumultuous past, the story extends the expansive tapestry of Kentaro Miura's world.


The story of Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight takes the reader into the fiery abyss of the Land of Dragons. Grunbeld, our hero, tells his story at a time when his homeland is under attack from aggressors who seek to control his rich country.
Born into a noble but war-torn family, Grunbeld's childhood was marked by constant carnage. Become an early warrior driven by the primal need to protect your friends. His transformation from noble child to fearsome Knight of the Flame Dragons leads him through labyrinthine paths of friendship, betrayal, love and loss. When Grunbeld obtains the crimson behelite, his fate is intertwined with the divine hand and he stands as an apostle. His monstrous armored fire dragon form is a terrifying sight to his enemies. But behind this monstrous facade lies a man with an undying loyalty to his fallen country and an unwavering determination to avoid its enslavement in the future.
Meanwhile, a parallel story reveals a Flame Dragon that ruled the land long before humans set foot on it. A colossal beast, silenced to sleep, becomes an unwanted pawn in human wars. The final confrontation between Grunbeld and the Flame Dragon reveals a dramatic climax, testing human resolve against an ancient force.
Berserk: Knight of the Flame Dragon carefully weaves the tragic story of man and beast bound together by fate, yet on opposite sides of the battle line. It is a thrilling exploration of loyalty and sacrifice, revealing the ruthless aspects of the power-hungry human psyche and the undying spirit of those who dare to resist.


In "Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight", the main character Grunbeld follows a difficult path of development. Raised as a noble knight in his homeland, Grunbeld's character development is largely driven by the turmoil and strife he encounters. Her noble spirit, fiercely hardened in the furnace of merciless battles, grows as she valiantly defends her homeland against invaders in a devastating three-year war.
Devastating personal losses during the war strike deep chords of desolation and compassion in Grunbeld, sublimating his character to new heights. However, her pain is not only an end, but also a means to an end: it becomes a means of a complex process of radical transformation. As the story unfolds, Grunbeld transforms from a noble knight to a formidable apostle, one of the most powerful beings in the Berserk universe. This transition convincingly illustrates the ambiguity of the concepts of "good" and "evil".
In addition, Grunbeld's journey provides unique insights into the Berserk universe, shedding light on the unknown regions and eras of this dark fantasy world. His character development allows readers to ponder themes of power, principle, betrayal, sacrifice, and the human survival instinct. At its core, Berserk: Knight of the Flame Dragon is not only a fascinating continuation of the original Berserk story, but also a deeply evocative exploration of its deepest themes and subtexts.


In Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight, Kentaro Miura reveals the saga of Grunbeld, one of the main antagonists of the main Berserk series. First published in 2016. in June, this new expansion sheds light on Grunbeld's past and deepens our understanding of his stoicism and relentless pursuit of glory and honor.
Coming from a family known to serve the Hawk Flock, Grunbeld soon encounters adversity, war, and tragedy that make him a formidable apostle on the battlefield. He devastated opponents with his towering height and flame-throwing shield, and was compared to the "Flame Dragon Knight". Throughout the novel, Miura gradually weaves his story, revealing Grunbeld's motivation behind his desire for power through constant bloodshed. Through the character of Grunbeld, Miura explores the harmony of humanity's survival instincts. Grunbeld's survival, even at the expense of others, underscores dogged persistence in the face of adversity. It encourages readers to explore the lengths they would go to protect their survival and the sacrifices they would make.
Additionally, Miura's excellent work expands the Berserk universe by making Grunbeld an intriguing character rather than a one-dimensional antagonist. The battles of conscience and desire, loyalty and self-preservation are artfully portrayed against the backdrop of a violent and chaotic world, making Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight a valuable addition to any collection. It brings out the magnificence of the Berserk universe and makes the journey an engaging and immersive experience. The release of this novel marks a new exploration of familiar territory, making it a must-read for Berserk fans and newcomers alike.


The "Launch" chapter reveals that Berserk: Knight of the Flame Dragon has had a unique revelation in the literary world. A novel written by Makoto Fukami in 2017. June 23 First published in Japan by Hakusensha. Notably, this release marks a major expansion of Berserk's dark fantasy universe. The story revolves around Grunbeld's character, shedding light on his past and enriching the series' overall story.
The English version of the book came about thanks to the laudable efforts of the publisher Dark Horse Comics. The American audience warmly accepted the 2019 release. April 3 Transcending the boundaries of the original manga storylines, the novel has been hailed as a major contribution to the breadth and depth of Berserk's narrative world. Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight captured the imagination of Berserk fans worldwide with its meticulous ethos and meticulous attention to character development. Still looking for those who want to dive into the ruthless, yet fascinating world of Berserk.


Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight was highly anticipated by fans of the Berserk universe, and its reception in the literary market did not disappoint. Critics often comment that the rich story successfully expands the world of Berserk and adds more depth and context to the ruthless world that fans have come to love and fear. The character study of Grunbeld, known as one of the show's greatest apostles, was especially praised. The book's decision to delve into Grunbeld's past resonated well with readers, allowing them to better understand his transformation and inner psyche.
Despite its independence, the book was praised for preserving typical Berserk elements. The themes of strength, survival and the resilience of the human spirit against great adversity remained consistent. Many readers reported that the gloomy and dark atmosphere of the book mirrored the original manga series. The intense and action-packed fight had readers on the edge of their seats and once again highlighted Kentaro Miura's skills in creating heart-pounding fight sequences.
However, some critics have expressed displeasure that Berserk does not have any main characters. A small flaw, which, however, is overshadowed by the overall presentation of the book. Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight managed to please even die-hard fans of the franchise and marked another successful expansion of the Berserk universe, ensuring its enduring popularity and appeal.

Cultural impact

Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight carries the torch of Kentaro Miura's provocative and profound universe, and the book's cultural impact feels like a sword thrust into the heart of popular fantasy literature. The book delves into the dark realm of fantasy branched off from the original manga series, exploring themes of human instinct, morality, and the complexities of existence.
In this book, the story of Apostle Grunbeld, known for his draconic form, speaks to our inextricable desire for power, courage in the face of despair, and always the right cause for sacrifice. Such intense topics have had a great impact, inviting discussion on blogs, forums and fan communities in philosophical aspects. This has led many readers to question their own understanding and interpretation of morality and destiny. The book has also influenced storytelling in games, graphic novels, and anime series. Many authors, knowingly or not, have cited references to the Berserk universe, incorporating Grunbeld's thunderous violence and complex essence into their stories. This highlights that Miura's work has made a significant impact, attracting the attention of creators in a variety of media. In addition, it influenced the reader's view of the dark side of the fantasy genre.
Ultimately, this book is a testament to Miura's ability to create a parallel but related story to his seminal masterpiece, Berserk. It confirms the enduring magic of Miura's original work, the universality of its themes, and ensures that his Berserk universe will continue to burn in literary history. Knight of the Flame Dragon is an indelible chapter in the catalog of dark fantasy literature, highlighting just how culturally relevant and influential the Berserk universe is.