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Borderlands: The Fallen

General Info

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AuthorJohn Shirley
GenresScience Fiction, Action
Book NameBorderlands: The Fallen
PublisherPocket Star
Release Date2011-11-22
Number of Pages416
Original TitleBorderlands: The Fallen
Country of OriginUnited States
Borderlands: The Fallen is an intriguing work of literature that transports readers into a tangled world of chaotic and immersive adventure. Written by John Shirley, this novel offers a vivid glimpse into the exciting Borderlands universe and the fascinating stories of four characters. The story immerses readers in the lives of the unpredictable Roland, the secretive Mordechai, the fiery Lilith and the muscular Brick. As the foursome venture into dangerous terrain and fierce battles, they uncover secrets that test their bonds and endurance. Borderlands: The Fallen showcases the perfect combination of intense action, strategic combat, dark humor and a unique take on the famous video game world. This is a must-read for fans who want to delve deeper into the complex history of Borderlands.


Borderlands: The Fallen is a thrilling interpretation of the acclaimed futuristic video game series Borderlands. The book delves into the game's immersive world and focuses on the experiences of ex-Marine John Shirley, exploring his troubled past, personal conflicts and hard-won victories.
The story continues beyond Pandora, expanding the reader's journey through an unforgiving universe. Filled with unexpected alliances and unattainable horrors, each twist reveals the raw desperation and resilience of those living on the frontier; torn between dreams of freedom and a life chained by constant struggles.
While the story is deeply rooted in the history and mythology of the Borderlands games, it doesn't alienate newcomers; making it a compelling read for avid game fans and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. The novel features beautiful illustrations of the harsh landscapes, deadly wildlife, powerful weapons, and unpredictable individuals that make up the game's universe.
With its brutal plot and complex characters, Borderlands: The Fallen brings an intriguing human dimension to the epic saga, deepening the audience's connection to the chaotic universe and fueling the desire for future revelations. Whether you're new to the franchise or a veteran, the book will leave you with an unforgettable impression of the desperation, hope, and indomitable spirit that characterizes the Walls.


Borderlands: The Fallen explores an immersive universe infused with thrilling sci-fi elements and intense shooting action. The main character, a seasoned veteran named John Shirley, engages in a merciless struggle for survival in the wilderness of Pandora, full of brutality and lawlessness.
The story begins with Shirley and her friends being summoned by a mysterious being known as a Guardian Angel. They embark on an unexpected quest to unearth an ancient alien vault believed to contain priceless alien technology that could change the balance of power in the universe. But Pandora's harsh terrain, bloodthirsty creatures and ruthless bandits stand in their way, plunging them into relentless battles for survival. As the team ventures deeper into the barren wasteland of Pandora, the difficulty of their mission becomes clear. In addition to being coveted for wealth, alien technology is vital to stopping a rogue corporation bent on using the power of the Vault to seize control of Pandora—and possibly beyond.
Constrained by limited resources and mounting adversity, Shirley and her team confront their past, confront bitter enemies, discover unlikely alliances, and tap into an undying spirit of perseverance. The story is full of thrilling chases, bloody battle sequences and gruesome encounters with the hideous creatures of Pandora.
Borderlands: The Fallen delves into themes of loyalty, sacrifice and redemption, testing how far you're willing to go to keep your home from falling into the wrong hands. Shirley's journey is not just an odyssey into the heart of a foreign wilderness, but an exploration of courage, enduring abuse, resilience on the brink of despair, and hope in the midst of doom. This book emphasizes a resounding ethos: on the frontier, you're not just surviving, you're fighting to save humanity.


Creating Borderlands: The Fallen is a long process filled with creative brainstorming, imaginative world building, and deep character. Writer John Shirley had the monumental task of capturing and telling a story that was originally a visually rich and compelling novel. In this adventure, he dived into the vast Borderlands universe to create a compelling story.
The development stage featured complex realism infused with fantastical elements. The characters took their essence from the game, fleshing out their personalities and motivations to fit a more narrative style. Familiar settings such as Pandora have been explored in more depth, and the author has added layers of visual complexity and expansion to captivate readers.
Shirley got to put herself in the shoes of the characters, experiencing their journey through the game through a different lens, while ensuring that the essence of the award-winning game remained intact. He cleverly adapted the game's unique aesthetic into a text format, capturing the game's humor, shocking action, and frantic pace within its pages.
The thrilling adventure presented in Borderlands: The Fallen is a testament and tribute to the Borderlands universe. Successfully progressing from development to release, the novel introduces readers to a reinvented Pandora and delves into the quirky personalities and epic adventures players have come to love in the game franchise. The creation of this novel-turned-video game is an admirable initiative to combine unique storytelling techniques to create immersive experiences for fans.


Borderlands: The Fallen immerses readers in one of the most enigmatic and interesting landscapes in gaming literature. Set in the dystopian world of Pandora, this novel masterfully weaves a story of perseverance, friendship and survival. Protagonist Roland is one of Pandora's elite military corps, seeking redemption and the daunting task of finding a long-lost vault filled with incredible power and wealth. Driven by determination, Roland teams up with fellow citizens Lilith, Mordechai, and Brick against their common enemy, the Hyperion Corporation, creating a complexity that is both intriguing and compelling. The novel's focus is on character development and atmospheric world-building, a testament to the appeal and depth of the game's immersive story. Jessica S. King does an exemplary job of turning this video game universe into a rich literary setting, perfectly capturing the typical Borderlands humor and charm. This is a must-read not only for fans of the game, but for anyone interested in a compelling story of conflict, friendship, and overcoming adversity against all odds, set in a surreal yet deeply fascinating universe.


in 2011 Borderlands: The Fallen, released to the public in November, has earned its place in the acclaimed Borderlands franchise. Written by John Shirley, this gripping novel is an emotional journey through the dystopian world of Pandora. The book is an epic adventure that takes readers on a journey beyond the harsh and desolate landscapes depicted in the video game series. Packed with action and mystery, the story draws on the universe's rich history, introduces memorable characters, and explores complex and morally ambiguous themes.
The release of Borderlands: The Fallen was warmly received, with fans of the franchise praising the book for its straightforward storytelling and faithful depiction of the game's atmosphere. The novel was praised for the way it delved into the game's world, providing a beautiful picture of Pandora that captured readers' imaginations. Dark humor, a staple of the series, was also extremely important in the novel and kept the spirit of the franchise alive.
The book created quite a stir when it was released, effectively bridging the gap between video games and literature. Gaming enthusiasts and avid readers, even those unfamiliar with the Borderlands universe, will find the book intriguing and entertaining. The novel's success added an important chapter to the Borderlands story, showing that the franchise's appeal extends far beyond electronic entertainment. Borderlands: The Fallen is a landmark in how story-rich video games can make an impressive transition into the realm of literature.


After its release, Borderlands: The Fallen received widespread acclaim from fans of the original game series. Readers praised the story as a faithful continuation of the beloved franchise and praised the author's ability to capture the essence of Pandora's desolate yet charming setting. The book's action sequences, marked by Borderlands humor, have been cited by many critics as highlights.
Special emphasis was placed on complex character exploration. Fans loved the deeper insight into Roland's psyche and the further development of his composite character. Critics also pointed out that the author successfully portrayed other familiar faces, such as Lilith's commendable sharpness and Mordecai's tormented calm.
But he was not without his critics. Some readers found the story a bit predictable and lacking the element of surprise typical of the game series. There have been criticisms that Borderlands' usually sharp humor felt forced in places, sometimes detracting from the main plot.
Overall, Borderlands: The Fallen is widely regarded as a worthy addition to the franchise. While it may not have completely replicated the unpredictability of the game's storyline, it more than made up for it with engaging character development and compelling action sequences. Highly recommended not just for Borderlands, but also for sci-fi fans who appreciate a mix of action, humor, and thought-provoking existential themes.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Borderlands: The Fallen was instrumental in shaping the changing landscape of video game adaptation. Based on the hit video game, the book surpasses its source material and offers a nuanced exploration of human resilience in a bleak, dystopian future. John Shirley's stories brought complex characters to life that appealed to readers outside the gaming community.
Borderlands: The Fallen's influence can be seen in how it bridged the gap between gamers and fans of the literature. Its success sparked interest in the world of video game literature, prompting publishers and authors to explore this previously untapped crossover potential. The book also pioneered the portrayal of diverse characters, challenging the traditionalist perspective of the genre. Characters such as Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, and Brick have been praised for their distinct personalities and development throughout the story, reflecting society's growing need for complex, multi-dimensional characters.
Additionally, the book's dystopian setting resonated with audiences at a time when society is worried about the future. The bleak and desolate world of Pandora was a thrilling backdrop to human drama, reflecting the darkest sides of our reality. As readers learn more about the main characters' struggles and victories, the story's themes of survival and human resilience become more relevant. On a larger scale, Borderlands: The Fallen was an important step in legitimizing video game literature within the larger literary community. He added to the argument that video games could be more than mindless entertainment, but also stimulated a critical discourse about the narrative potential of this interactive medium.
In conclusion, the cultural impact of Borderlands: The Fallen was multifaceted. By offering a compelling story based on a video game, it has increased literary appreciation in the gaming community, showcased the diversity of characters, and fueled conversations about the possibilities of video game adaptation.