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Vox Machina Origins Volume II

General Info

Vox Machina Origins Volume II logo
AuthorJody Houser
GenresAdventure, Fantasy
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorOlivia Samson
Issue Number1-6
Release Date2019-07-10
Number of Pages168
Original TitleVox Machina Origins Volume II
Comics Issue NameVox Machina Origins Volume II
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Immerse yourself in the exciting adventures of Vox Machina before they became legends in Vox Machina Origins Volume II comics. The story continues as our young heroes become increasingly entangled in the political machinations of Emon, a city full of danger and mystery. In the midst of this turmoil, personal searches and hidden pasts offer exciting encounters not to be missed. Immerse yourself in a world where friendship is forged in the heat of battle. Traverse treacherous dungeons, battle massive enemies, and enjoy terrifying one-liners in true Vox Machina style. Created by acclaimed author Jody Houser, with a collection of stunning artwork by Olivia Samson and colors by MsassyK, this book is captivating with its narrative gravitas and visual appeal. This is an absolute must for any Critical Role fan! Choose as you guide Vox Machina through their formative years and witness the origins of their heroic story. Get ready for an exhilarating roller coaster ride that reaffirms the essence of teamwork, resilience, and most importantly, role-playing!


Vox Machina Origins Volume II is the continuation of the amazing story of a group of misfit adventurers on their way to becoming legends. Our reliable heroes travel to the vibrant town of Stilben, where they are hired by a desperate businessman grieving the mysterious death of his twin brother. As they delve into the city's shadows and the nefarious underbelly that lies beneath, the team must unravel a complex web of corruption, deceit, and possibly something far more sinister. From fending off unexpected threats to tangled webs of intrigue, the group must constantly stay on their toes.
This series perfectly showcases the early antics of these beloved characters, their budding camaraderie, their untested skills, and their raw experiences before they become Exandria's protectors. Written by Jody Houser and featuring the passionate artwork of Olivia Samson and MSASSYK, Vox Machina Origins Volume II is an immersive visual treat that perfectly captures the essence of our heroes. Whether you're an avid fan or new to the Critical Role universe, this series is sure to captivate you with its compelling story and captivating artistry. Immerse yourself in a journey full of adrenaline, thrilling emotions and unexpected twists, a prelude to an epic that has yet to unfold.


The Vox Machina Origins Volume II comic series follows the legendary group before they become the heroes of the Tal'Dorei. After escaping the ill-fated clutches of the Illithids, the disparate group, shared by bonds of danger and camaraderie on the battlefield, decide to form their own group. Now known as Vox Machina, the adventurers made their way to the bustling city of Westruun in hopes of making some easy gold.
But their dreams of a peaceful quest fade as they encounter cunning thieves, black market magic dealers and deadly assassins. With their personal lives tainted by grief, secrets, and personal demons, the members of Vox Machina are forced to confront their past before they can envision a peaceful future. As misfit adventurers delve into the mysterious labyrinth of Westruun, they unwittingly draw closer to a sinister force plotting the city's downfall. They must rely on their budding friendship and trust in each other to survive and protect the city they call home. Vox Machina Origins Volume II offers a thrilling mix of adventure, danger and personal growth, revealing the true origins of the beloved group of heroes.


Throughout the production phase of Vox Machina Origins Volume II, the creators worked constantly to maintain the spirit and essence of each character in the Critical Role universe. Working closely with the voice actors and taking into account the detailed narrative of the original story, the creators provided insights on how to best express each character's personality through art and dialogue.
An inevitable challenge in any adaptation is to preserve the essence of the original while translating it into a new medium. However, the production team took this challenge head on and created a visually appealing comic series that stays true to the essence of the source material. The comic series brings the dynamics of the original D&D campaign to the world of comics by combining intricate artwork with interactive dialogue. These comics offer Critical Role fans an exciting new way to experience the adventures of Vox Machina. From big fights to intimate conversations, each episode's events and dialogue are meticulously illustrated to infuse every panel with the spirit of a critical role. Whether you're new to the Critical Role universe or a longtime fan, the Vox Machina Origins Volume II comic series is a rewarding retelling of the popular D&D campaign.


Vox Machina Origins Volume II, an amazing and complex comic book series, delves into the fascinating stories of our beloved band of adventurers. Witness their thrilling journey from a raucous but unruly band of bums and solo artists to a raucous band that leaves no stone unturned. The stories are full of surprising twists and turns as dark secrets and hidden pasts are revealed, forcing our heroes to journey together into the vast trenches of uncharted lands. With beautifully detailed illustrations that reveal the vast world of Exandria, and gorgeous colors that bring each illustration to life, this book is a feast for the eyes and imagination. Whether you're a long-time Critter or a new fan looking to experience the magic of the Critical Role universe, this thrilling installment of the Crucible's Chronicles is a true must-read. Embark on an extraordinary journey: drive through mysterious areas, fight menacing enemies and soar into the endless sky of limitless possibilities with the trusted team of Vox Machina!


After the undoubted success of the first volume, Vox Machina Origins Volume II in 2019. July. has been officially released to passionate fans. This second installment continues the story of our beloved characters and returns to the epic roots of the role-playing party. The series explores the daring exploits of these charming characters as they fight against all odds in a world full of ruthlessness, danger and mystery.
As the bonds of friendship between this unlikely group of heroes grow, each character is explored individually, revealing complex backstories and varying levels of personal growth. Fan favorites such as the mysterious half-elf twins, Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan, Goliath Grog, the wily fairy Scanlan, the secret investigator Tiberius, Keyleth, the cute half-elf druid, and last but not least, the squire. Percival, they are all distinctive and eye-catching. Volume II also introduces us to new hostile forces, sending readers into a whirlwind of adventure and suspense. It ingeniously combines the camaraderie and humor that has become the hallmark of the Critical Role brand with darker, more intense storylines.
In addition to the captivating story, fans around the world are captivated by the visually stunning art and immersive world-building that lives up to the spirit of the original show. This comic series is truly a must-have collection for Critters and the uninitiated alike. Vox Machina Origins Volume II reaffirms Critical Role's commitment to delivering compelling stories filled with adventure, camaraderie, and wholesome humor.


Vox Machina Origins Volume II was well received, with fans and critics alike praising its compelling story, fascinating characters, and stunning visuals. Critics praised it as a great follow-up to the first volume, praising its clever writing and successful adaptation of the critical moments of the Critical Role campaign.
Readers were captivated by the development and complexity of the characters they adored. They praised how the comic portrayed the dynamic and camaraderie of the original Vox Machina team, saying it definitely created a charm and charisma that critical audiences fell in love with.
Although the book is aimed primarily at those already familiar with the franchise, newcomers praised it for its ability to present the characters and world of Exandria in an understandable and engaging way. This is due to the comic's tight and well-rendered narrative, as well as the intricate and engaging artwork that brings the land of Tal'Dorei to life.
Many critics also praised the artwork, mentioning how it perfectly combines color and light to show a magical universe. The clever use of shadows gives depth and texture to both the characters and the background, helping the reader feel more connected to the story.
All in all, Vox Machina Origins Volume II offers a compelling story accompanied by undeniably rich visuals that sets the bar high for future installments. Critics conclude that it's a must-read if you're a new fan, a seasoned Critter, or a fan of fantasy comics in general.

Cultural impact

Volume II of Vox Machina Origins contributed greatly to the popularity of the graphic narrative fantasy genre. He brought to life the pre-broadcast adventures of beloved characters from the Critical Role web series, bringing depth and insight into their origins. The series gave fans, especially Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts, a chance to explore the universe of Exandria through a different medium. This second installment showed the fantasy that comics can be as engaging as games or shows. The combination of an engaging story, intricate graphics, and charming dialogue made the comic a great reading experience, showing that the Critical Role universe transcends its original platform. The comic's success also helped boost the popularity of tabletop RPGs, inspiring many readers to explore their creativity in similar pursuits. The VOXM comic series continues to be an important part of the growth of the Critical Role franchise, further cementing its impact on pop culture.