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Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game

General Info

Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game logo
WritersCinco Paul, Ken Daurio
Game NameDespicable Me 3: The Mobile Game
ComposersHeitor Pereira, Pharrell Williams
LanguagesMultiple Languages
PlaymodesSingle Player
Directed ByPierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Game EngineIn-house Engine
Produced ByJanet Healy, Chris Meledandri
Release Date2017-06-29
Game PlatformsAndroid, IOS
Publisher NameGameloft
Country of OriginFrance
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.gameloft.com/
Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game takes you on a hilarious journey through the misadventures of Gru, the world's cutest super villain. This addictive game combines elements of strategy, action and comedy straight from the popular Despicable Me franchise. Embark on an exciting journey full of hilarious minion moments, grim encounters with villains and unexpected twists. Lead Gru and his minions on exciting missions, collect cool items and power-ups, and create clever strategies to outwit your opponents. This exciting mobile adventure offers a completely new gameplay experience and a fascinating storyline with the latest graphics, attractive game mechanics and many surprises. Enjoy the thrills of the Despicable Me universe at your fingertips!


'Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game' game screenshots
'Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game' game screenshots
'Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game' game screenshots
'Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game' game screenshots
'Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game' game screenshots
'Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game' game screenshots


"Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game takes you on an exciting journey through the whimsical world of Gru and his lovable minions. The game offers an immersive experience that captures the fun and fast-paced energy of popular cartoons. The player has the option to choose to take on the role of Gru, a lovable villain turned agent of good. Along with minions, players take on comical missions and challenges that require skill, strategy and a healthy dose of mischief.
An important aspect of the game is collecting mischievous minions. Each minion offers unique skills and abilities that can be upgraded to increase their effectiveness in missions. From puzzling obstacles to boss battles, minions are the key to victory.
The game features stunning visual design that stays true to the bright and colorful aesthetic of the Despicable Me franchise. With top-notch graphics, it brings quirky characters, imaginative locations and quirky gadgets to life.
Whether you're a fan of the Despicable Me movies or just a fan of fun mobile games, Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game offers a mix of excitement, humor and immersive gameplay. Expect to be enthralled from the moment you begin your despicable adventure!



In Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game, players enter the strange world of Gru and his gang of minions. It's a vibrant and colorful universe where mischief reigns, and funny adventures are always waiting around the corner.
Gameplay mostly revolves around running through iconic movie locations, collecting bananas and avoiding obstacles. Players control a minion and can swipe left or right to move between lanes, swipe up to jump, or swipe down to slide under obstacles. The goal is to run as far as possible and collect as many bananas and power-ups as possible. These bananas are used as currency to upgrade and unlock more game content.
Along the way, you will come across several interesting improvements, each with its own unique characteristics. For example, "Fluffy Unicorn" will take you on a fantastic ride where you can collect bananas. Then there's the Mega Minion power-up, which when activated turns your minion into a giant that crushes everything in its path.
There are also a number of tasks for players to complete. These missions range from collecting a certain number of bananas to running a certain distance or using a certain power a certain number of times. Completing these missions will give the player experience points, which will level up the player. Each new level brings more challenging missions and exciting rewards.
Another fascinating aspect of the game is the minion racing. In this multiplayer mode, players can compete against real players from around the world to show off their high-speed dodging skills and powers. Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game is full of colorful graphics, weird sound effects and addictive gameplay. The various elements make it much more than just an endless running game; it's an enchanting immersion into a strange universe that will keep players hooked for hours.

Gameplay video


In Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game, players enter the strange world of everyone's favorite reformed super villain Gru. Now a member of the Anti-Villain League (AVL), Gru and his rogue henchmen are on a mission to save humanity from the latest brutal threat.
Gru's peace is suddenly shattered when he learns about his long-lost twin brother, Dru. Dru, a rich and handsome character, tries to lure Gru into the exciting world of villains. Instead, they decide to use their unique abilities to stop the new villain Balthazar Bratt's plan. When an '80s star kid turns evil, Bratt sets out to dominate the world.
The game begins with Gru and Dru teaming up to try to infiltrate Bratt's heavily fortified lair. During their adventures, they cross different locations in the Despicable Me universe, from the suburban village of Freedonia to the bustling streets of Hollywood. Gru uses his cunning strategies, Dru uses flashy gadgets, and the minions contribute their chaotic attitude to overcome the many obstacles and henchmen.
In addition to the adventurous quests, players take part in exciting activities such as running minion races through iconic locations, participating in Candy Crush-style jelly matching, and customizing minions and secret hideouts. As players progress through these mini-games, they learn more about Gru and Dru's brotherly relationship and their efforts to save the world.
Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game isn't just about fighting bad guys and completing missions. It's about family relationships, twin bonds, and standing up for what's right. Packed with the show's signature humor, action, and heartwarming moments, we offer fans a delightfully interactive experience of the Despicable Me universe.


When developing Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game, the developers focused on user engagement, creating a rich, engaging and fun experience for young and old alike. The game takes players into a large-scale world modeled in detail after the beloved Despicable Me universe.
The game not only allows you to interact with the well-known characters of the series, such as Gru, Lucy and Minions, but also introduces new exclusive characters in the game that further enrich the gameplay experience. The game's environments are filled with iconic locations from the Despicable Me movies, perfectly matched with the original soundtrack of the universe, ensuring a seamless integration into the story and an authentic Despicable Me experience.
Complex game mechanics are designed to challenge and excite players. Inspired by the movie, the game features several espionage themed missions, puzzle solving and of course the trademark villain. These missions reveal the game's unique story, filled with unique humor, making the gaming experience as fun as the movie.
Special care has been taken to ensure the ideal balance between easy play for younger viewers and a strategic level for older audiences. The developers have invested heavily in creating intuitive controls so that even the youngest fans will have no problem controlling their favorite characters, while providing the strategic complexity to keep adult players engaged.
Innovation and authentic representation of the much-loved Despicable Me brand were at the forefront of the development of Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game. The result is a dynamic, feature-rich mobile game that showcases the technological capabilities of today's mobile games.


Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game was released to much hype and anticipation from a global audience. Created by acclaimed developers Illumination and the innovative team at Gameloft, this addictive mobile game offers fans a wonderfully immersive experience set in the fascinating universe of the beloved Despicable Me franchise.
The game captures the charm of cartoons and offers addictive gameplay full of humor, quirkiness and mini-quests. Players can take on the roles of beloved characters like Gru or the lovable minions and embark on their own mischievous antics, fun adventures and daring deeds, bringing minion mayhem right in the palm of their hand.
The third part is not just an update, it is a complete evolution of the franchise in the gaming world. With a huge universe to explore, tons of new characters to meet, and tons of exciting quests to complete, this free-to-play game embodies the iconic spirit of Despicable Me. It pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming with cutting-edge graphics and smooth, responsive gameplay.
It has received rave reviews since its release and quickly climbed the charts on Android and iOS platforms worldwide, cementing the franchise's place in the hearts of fans around the world. With Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game, you're sure to get your fill of Minion madness at home, on the go, or anywhere in between!


The reception of Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game in the gaming community has been overwhelmingly positive. Players loved the game for its charming combination of addictive gameplay, unique style and the ability to interact with their favorite characters from the Despicable Me series. The game's design and navigation has been praised for its simplicity and efficiency, making it highly accessible to players of all ages and skill levels.
The successful combination of fun and strategic gameplay elements has helped to gain a large fan base among both casual players and die-hard gaming enthusiasts. Known for its stunning graphics and quirky sound effects that are a hallmark of the Despicable Me universe, the game raised the bar for mobile games based on popular film franchises. Critics and players praise the game's customization and impressive array of unique features and activities that keep the game fresh and interesting.
The numerous mini-games within the main game and the engaging storyline have been widely acclaimed, successfully recreating the charm and humor of the film franchise. Players have also praised the game's developers for seamlessly integrating in-app purchases that don't interfere with gameplay. Overall, Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game has cemented its position as a notable addition to the mobile gaming realm and a fitting tribute to its big screen counterpart.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game is significant as it has not only captivated a global audience, but has led to a fun and compelling entertainment based on the popular animated franchise. The game capitalized on the familiarity of beloved franchise characters like Gru and the Minions, engaging fans around the world as well as introducing the characters to those unfamiliar with the Despicable Me universe.
In addition, Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game has taken social engagement to a new level. People of all ages interacted with each other all over the world with a multiplayer feature that gave the game a competitive edge. This social aspect played a key role in accelerating the game's popularity, making it part of pop culture. In addition, the game made a significant contribution to mobile gaming with high-quality animations that replicated the vivid and immersive visuals of the film. This focus on aesthetics helped set new standards for mobile gaming.
In addition, the free-to-play model with in-app purchases set a major trend in the industry. Notably, it has demonstrated a sustainable model that can deliver a great gaming experience while being commercially successful.
In a broader cultural context, the game also taught young players about friendship, strategy, and problem solving in a fun and entertaining environment. As such, Despicable Me 3: The Mobile Game made a positive impact on mobile gaming culture, engaging fans and non-fans alike, and influencing mobile games to follow.