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Dragon Age: Origins Series

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Dragon Age: Origins Series logo
AwardsPC Game of the Year (2009) – Spike TV, RPG of the Year (2009) – Spike TV
ArtistsMatt Rhodes, Matt Goldman
WritersDavid Gaider, Drew Karpyshyn, Lukas Kristjanson
Game NameDragon Age: Origins
ComposersInon Zur
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Game EngineEclipse
Produced ByDan Tudge
Release Date2009-11-03
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/dragonage/, https://twitter.com/dragonage
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X
Publisher NameElectronic Arts
Country of OriginCanada
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.ea.com/games/dragon-age/dragon-age-origins

The Dragon Age universe is an important setting in the fantasy role-playing game series developed by BioWare. This fascinating world is deeply steeped in rich history, complex lore, and confusing geopolitics. It consists mainly of the continent of Thedas, home to races such as elves, dwarves, humans, and Korari.

Dragon Age storylines are dynamic and influenced by player decisions. From the scourge that wreaked havoc in Dragon Age: Origins, to the Mage Rebellion in Dragon Age II, and the world-shattering events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, players will experience an expansive story marked by conflict. intrigue and magic.

The Wandering the Dragon Age universe is an exploration of themes of power, faith, survival and identity. It's not just about fighting dark beasts or dragons, it's about the complexities of society, often divided by class divisions, racism and political manipulation. Dragon Age is a memorable experience for any RPG enthusiast, constantly challenging characters and players alike.


Widely acclaimed for its rich storytelling and immersive world-building, the Dragon Age universe is a massive fantasy setting created and published by BioWare. It features multiple video games, novels, comics, and more all tied together by a deep and confusing story.

The series takes place mainly on a continent called Theda, which has a different culture and geography. Legend has it that Ted is filled with magic and inhabited by many mythical races: humans, elves, dwarves and the beastly Qunari, each with their own characteristics and stories.

The games are known for their complex storylines surrounding major events such as the Blights, devastating invasions by demonic Dark Families. Characters face moral choices that shape the world and its politics, often blurring the line between good and evil.

Dragon Age skillfully creates a compelling story that interweaves political intrigue, ancient prophecies, and personal redemption, with every choice echoing the story of the Dragon Age world.


Dragon Age: Origins
2009-01-01 | Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,OS X
Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
2010-01-01 | Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,OS X
Dragon Age II
2011-01-01 | Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,OS X
Dragon Age: Inquisition
2014-01-01 | Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4,Xbox 360,Xbox One


Dragon Age is a high fantasy role-playing video game series developed by BioWare. The show's fantasy world known as Thedas is a deep and richly detailed narrative environment filled with compelling characters, grand politics and a deep, evolving story.

In Dragon Age, players take on the role of Thedas, the hero of the movie. Each game offers a different protagonist with a unique background, skills, and storyline that often have a profound effect on the world's political landscape. The world of Teda is filled with different races such as Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Kunar, each with their own unique culture and history.

The series was critically acclaimed for its complex character relationships, moral decision-making, and complex branching narrative. Each player's decision can have far-reaching effects on the world, affecting the political balance, personal relationships, and the wider course of the story.



Dragon Age is a popular universe created by Bioware. It's a high fantasy world that draws on both classic and modern fantasy elements. The world is set on the continent of Thedas, a land filled with diverse and labor-intensive cultures and societies, including the nobles of Ferelden, the Dalish and city-elves, and the Kunar and dwarves of Orzammar. The political intrigue is similar to Game of Thrones, with different factions competing for power and influence. A recurring theme in the games is The Fade, a dream world involving magic. Also central to the story is the constant threat of the Blemish, a recurring event in which monstrous creatures known as darkspawn emerge from the depths, led by a near-immortal archdemon, to wreak havoc on Theda. The main characters, who are always different from game to game but connected to an overarching story, must deal with these threats and help shape the future of Thedas.



Dragon Age is a legendary high fantasy RPG series developed by BioWare. Set in the rich, immersive and dark world of Thedas, the Dragon Age universe is steeped in medieval charm and filled with diverse cultures, political intrigue and epic narratives. It has a dynamic storyline that is heavily influenced by player actions and decisions.

The story explores the chronic battle between wizards who are empowered to use magic and the Templars, a warrior order tasked with controlling them. Classic fantasy elements such as elves, dwarves, dragons and supernatural forces blend seamlessly with nuanced political conflicts and moral dilemmas. The dragons that the era is named after have returned and pose a great threat to the world.

From the scourge that threatens Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins to the global conflict in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the series takes players through monumental events, personal quests and deep character development.