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General Info

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Faction NameFatui
The Fatui faction lives in the cold, sovereign nation of Snownaya, a vast universe of Genshin's influence. They are known for their sinister operations, aligned with Carica, Archon of Krio, who rules the faction with an iron fist. Despite their reputation, the Dutch play a vital role in the continent's politics, economy and culture, wielding enormous power and influence. With their incredibly skilled group known as the "Eleven Envoys," the Dutch have a power structure that is judged by the skill and loyalty of their members. Cruel and ruthless as they may seem, the Dutch's main goal is Snow White's welfare and prosperity, making them a very complex and intriguing faction.


The Netherlands are one of the most influential groups in all of Teywata, known for their undisputed power. They hail from Snezhnaya, one of the seven great city-states and controlled by the Czar, Cryo Archon, in the world of Genshin Strike. The actions of the Reluctant are often seen as dishonest, and their agents, known as summoners, do not shy away from manipulation or outright violence to achieve their goals.
Despite their reputation, the Dutch are unashamed and act in the belief that they are upholding the will of the Tsarina. They want to collect the gnosis of the seven archons for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery. Than other fighters throughout Teyvat ensure this mission is accomplished at the will of the heralds and often appear as opponents in your path.
The Netherlands are a threat not only on the battlefield, but in politics as well, and have considerable influence in Lieu and Mondstadt. They skillfully navigate diplomatic and social situations, subtly but relentlessly advancing their cause. Don't let their smart clothes and sophisticated manner fool you; these diplomats are as dangerous as the brawlers lurking in the shadows.
Their complex operations and agility in both physical and social confrontation make them a group that simply cannot be ignored. The Netherlands are a faction that will never be able to challenge the traveler, making the journey through Teyvat even more dangerous and exciting.


Also known colloquially as "Tyron's Final Fury", Fatui is shrouded in a complex historical association that adds depth to the plot of Genshin's impact universe. The Netherlands, founded by the current Tsaritsa, Krio Archon, represents the administration of Snezhnaya, one of the seven nations of Teyvat.
There is no doubt that Fatui is one of the most influential political entities of our time. But he didn't start out in the position of power he holds today. Early on, the Empress recognized the potential of her nation, given its hardworking citizens, abundant resources, and favorable geographical location. Unfortunately, he saw the people of his country in trouble, which he quickly tried to remedy.
The Tsarina quickly realized that a centralized organization was necessary to steer the country in the right direction. Therefore, she gave birth to dwarves with the help of the power of the cryo-wielders to increase the country's growth and prosperity. With the support of the Heralds, the Tsarina's most powerful and loyal subjects, the Dutch were able to quickly overturn Snezhnaya.
But the Wisps' rise to fame was not without controversy. The organization uses brutal and ruthless tactics to obtain Gnosis from the other six territories, often resulting in conflict with other nations. They were known for their diplomatic manipulations and even espionage to ensure that their goals were achieved.
At the same time, they fostered impressive scientific growth and innovation and became the epicenter of technological growth in Teyvat. This earned them respect and increased their influence exponentially.
Indeed, the Northerners' complex history and dynamic nature make them an important part of the Genshin Impact universe. Despite their dubious methods, their determination and refusal to bow to more established powers shows a fierce resilience and belief in the possibility of a brighter future. As the game's universe expands, one can only guess what role Fatui will play in the Teyvat saga.

Notable Members

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Based mostly on the northern continent of Snowy, the Fatui faction controls one of the seven nations ruled by the Tsar. Snežnaya is famous for its sharp climate contrast with long, harsh winters and short summers. The inhabitants live in snowy landscapes and cold mountain regions that directly reflect the tenacious and resilient nature of the dwarves. This chilled geography led the Dutch to develop advanced cryo-technology and adapt perfectly to different environments.
The Netherlands is also present in other Teyvat regions, establishing diplomatic relations and often controversial agreements with other nations. They have embassies, important buildings and branches even in hot climates, such as the bustling cities of Liyue and Mondstadt. However, their manipulations and dishonest tactics tend to cause discord, undermine existing peace in the name of the Tsarina, and often give them the appearance of glory.
Essentially, the geographical reach of the Fatui faction is a testament to their influence, adaptability, and unwavering drive for power, which led to their slogan "For Snow White!"

Legacy and Impact

The Netherlands, a powerful governing entity of the Seven Nations of Snowy, left an indelible mark on the history of Teyvath. Under the leadership of Tsaritsa, Archon of the Cryo, they tirelessly support her unique vision: to gather all seven Gnosis. Dutch pragmatism and uncompromising measures have earned them the fear and awe of other nations. But their quest for power plays a vital role in keeping the balance between the Seven, shaping Teyvat in ways never seen before. They illustrate how fierce ambition and presumption can bring about fundamental change in a world bound by divine order. The full extent of Dutch influence remains to be seen, but their legacy is one of ruthless determination and influence that is redefining the geopolitical landscape of Teyvat.