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Treasure Hoarders

General Info

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Faction NameTreasure Hoarders
The Treasure Hoarders are a gang of opportunists spread throughout Teywata in the Genshin Impact universe. This mysterious group is famous for illegally digging up relics and melting down ancient artifacts. The motivation behind their actions comes from the belief that any powerful or valuable treasure is rightfully theirs. Their structure is slightly different, members operate in different geographical areas. But when they land on something big, hoarders band together and present a formidable challenge. Under the motto "No treasure too dirty, no artifact too common", they rescue precious items from the most dangerous and undead infested areas, showing their audacity and ingenuity.


The Treasure Hoarders are an infamous but fascinating faction of the Genshin Impact universe. Founded by a motley crew of criminals and criminals, this group is known for its constant pursuit of wealth and fortune. Practicality and survival guide this greedy group as they explore the Earth in search of treasure and precious artifacts.
Their logo, a coin with a hole in the middle and two keys crossed behind it, is infamous and symbolizes everything rich in the world. Their activities are not limited to Teyvat as they are known as the Mining of the Seven Nations and are always one step ahead of adventurers like you. From ancient ruins to gloomy caves, these treasure hunters willing to risk their lives for the glimmer of gold are nowhere to be found.
However, it should always be remembered that they are prohibited by society. While the thrill of treasure hunting may seem enticing, their methods involve theft, deception, and even violence. Despite the enticing tales of treasure and riches, engaging in their activities or aiding their salvation has dire consequences. So, as an adventurer, be careful when dealing with treasure hunters. Always be alert because you never know what these cunning rogue thieves are up to.


The Treasure Hoarders, a notorious gang of villains, are not organized crime in the traditional sense of Genshin Teiwat's world. Instead, their story paints a more complex picture.
The Faction was formed as a loose association of like-minded individuals who shared a common passion for treasure hunting. Hailing from the Seven Nations of Teywat, this motley crew of adventurers followed a simple rule: treasure belongs to whoever finds it. This mantra created a unique culture of competition and camaraderie that crossed national and social boundaries and drew many into its ranks. As their reputation grew, so did their numbers and ambitions. From humble beginnings, hoarders expanded into mining and trading rare artifacts, quickly becoming a thorn in the side of every nation's government. However, their decentralized nature made them difficult to suppress, and over time they became a powerful force capable of challenging even the most powerful regimes.
But despite their infamous reputation, hoarders have remained true to their roots: a society of free-spirited adventurers driven by the thrill of treasure hunting. Their story, though marked by conflict and resistance, is ultimately a testament to the unpredictable and courageous spirit of Teyvat's treasure hunters. From their beginnings as an association of treasure hunters to their rise as a powerful criminal organization, the history of treasure hoarders is as fascinating as the riches they seek. They find their place in the fascinating world of Genshin Impact and continue to add color and complexity to Teyvat's rich tapestry of characters and factions.

Notable Members

Member #
Jack Harkness


The Treasure Hoarders are an infamous group in the world of Teyvat, operating mainly in the Mondstadt and Liyue regions. Their activities span across the two nations, disrupting the peace and causing many problems for the local population. In Mondstadt, they are mostly found around the Whispering Woods and in the region west of the city. In Liyue, the focus is on Lingju Pass and Luhua Basin.
This group uses various geographical features to gain an advantage in treasure hunting. The varied landscapes of Mondstadt, full of verdant forests and tall cliffs, provide plenty of hiding places for their prey. In contrast, the Liyue region, rich in minerals and coveted ore deposits, is a prime location for treasure hunting.
Despite the intense surveillance of the Favonian Knights in Mondstadt and Qixing Liyue, the treasure hunters continue to thrive and their activities are largely unchecked. Their ability to identify profitable locations and move their businesses quickly reflects their geographic versatility and adaptability in the large world of Teyvat.

Legacy and Impact

The rise of the Treasure Hoarders faction in the Genshin Impact universe reveals a multifaceted impact on Teyvat. Their existence plays an important role in shaping the aspirations of adventurers and other factions. This faction embodies the spirit of freedom and the unrelenting quest for treasure and gives the game a unique dynamic. They add charm with their covert operations, hidden hideouts and different character profiles, greatly enriching the story. Driven by their desire for treasure and artifacts, their quests often outweigh their sense of danger, causing great tension and tension, making them formidable enemies during their quests. Their presence encourages greater engagement and enriches the overall gameplay, making them crucial components of Teyvat's narrative structure. Thus, the indelible legacy of treasure hoarders leaves a tangible impact on the adventurous and mystical ethos of the Genshin Impact universe.