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Faction NameVagos
The Vagos, also known as the Los Santos Vagos, are a violent street gang in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Based in the sunny city of Los Santos, their businesses range from drug dealing to brutal turf battles. The gang is believed to have its roots in southeast Los Santos and is made up mostly of Mexican-Americans. Known for their yellow clothing, Vagos are often found in the city's slums, where they fiercely defend their turf against rival gangs. The gang's pervasive dominance and influence lives up to the name Vagos, which translates to "nomads" or "nomads," a well-organized gang of drifters who thrive in the chaos of the city. They play an important role in the plot and provide the player with important encounters and challenges. Their street-smart nature and ruthless aggressiveness bring authenticity to the gritty streets of Los Santos. Competing with their power is not a task for the faint of heart.


The Vagos, also known as the Los Santos Vagos, are one of the largest Hispanic street gangs in Los Santos in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Their origins date back to the 1980s and since then they have exerted considerable influence and control over the East Beach and Las Colinas areas. Notorious for violence, criminal activity and aggressive development policies, Vaga's residents wear the gang's traditional colors of yellow or gold, symbolizing danger and dominance.
Vagos is mainly involved in drug trafficking, but is also involved in various criminal activities such as arms trafficking, prostitution and extortion. Despite their highly erratic and criminal behavior, Libras are incredibly loyal to each other and adhere to a strict code of brotherhood. Throughout the GTA universe, they are known for their dangerous rivalry with other gangs such as the Grove Street Families and the Ballas. These violent feuds often escalate into public shootings, causing damage and endangering the environment. However, their powerful presence and resilience make them formidable opponents and key players in the exciting world of Grand Theft Auto.


The Vagos are a notorious Spanish street gang that is very important in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Hailing from Mexico, the Vagos first appeared in Los Santos, San Andreas, where their fearsome reputation has grown out of favor since the 1990s. Established in illegal activities ranging from drug trafficking, murder, robbery and extortion, the Vagos are a dangerous group to deal with.
The founders of the gang emigrated to the United States in search of a life free from the violence and poverty of their homeland. But they found the streets of Los Santos equally hostile, so they formed a gang to protect themselves. Thus was born the Wags, who fiercely defended their turf against other rival gangs such as the Ballas and the Grove Street families.
Vaga's rise to power is a story of shrewd strategy and ruthless violence. They used their connections in Mexico to set up a drug trafficking network. It turned out to be incredibly profitable, allowing the Vagos to accumulate wealth and expand their business. As their power grew, so did their list of enemies. A bloody decade-long gang war with the Aztecs, another Spanish gang, is clear evidence of their relentless pursuit of supremacy.
Many leaders rose and fell during these tumultuous years, each of whom left an indelible mark on Vaga history. Prospective members are inducted into the gang through a grim "jumping" ritual performed as a test of loyalty and bravery.
In recent years, Vagos have added robbery and cybercrime to their repertoire, indicating a shift to more sophisticated forms of crime. Their story is a clear example of the vicious cycle of poverty and crime and shows the dark underbelly of Los Santos street culture. Despite ongoing law enforcement efforts, the Vagos remain a major force in the GTA's underworld.

Notable Members

Member #
Big Poppa
Esteban Jimenez
Pedro Luna
Gustavo Mota


Vagos live mostly in the poor neighborhoods of East Los Santos. Their territory, traditionally an immigrant enclave, stretches from El Corona in the south to El Burro Heights in the northeast. Yellow-themed graffiti adorns the white walls, a testament to Vaga's dominance.
Ironically, the Vagos are in fierce competition with the neighboring Grove Street Families, who, despite their less extensive territorial claims, are a deep point of contention, leading to various gang conflicts and violence.
A cacophony of Latin American music fills the streets of Vago Patrol, punctuated by the distant sound of sirens or gunshots. Like the menacing Yellow Tide, Vaga members can often be seen on the streets keeping an eye on rivals.
The neighborhoods they occupy are full of dilapidated houses and dilapidated businesses, reflecting the socio-economic hardships in these regions and the thriving gang lifestyle there. However, despite the prevalence of crime and filth, life goes on with street vendors and ordinary people struggling to live their daily lives amidst the tension.
It's the heart of Vagos, a testament to the survival of the fittest culture that reigns supreme in the uncompromising urban jungle landscape of Los Santos.

Legacy and Impact

Formally known as Los Santos Vagos, the Vagos heavily shaped the cultural and criminal landscape of Los Santos in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Their lasting legacy remains evident in the graffiti-infested city walls, turf clashes and, most importantly, the game. As the main group of antagonists in the game series, they contributed to the complex story and mission objectives, introducing elements of pure tension and urban conflict. In GTA: San Andreas in particular, Vagos launched intense gang wars that challenge the player strategically and morally, taking the gaming experience into the realm of unpredictability. Vago's impact is not limited to gameplay and story. They highlight the power dynamics that exist within illegal urban organizations, subtly revealing the social and political conditions that foster such an environment. That's why Vagos aren't just antagonists in the game series; are essential threads in the tapestry of the Grand Theft Auto universe.