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Grove Street Families

General Info

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Faction NameGrove Street Families
The Grove Street Families, also known as the GSF, are a Los Santos street gang in the GTA universe. Above all, they have a strong sense of loyalty and are one of the main factions in the game, with Grove Street as their usual location. This group is symbolically represented in the game by a bright green color and the letter "G". They compete fiercely with other rival gangs, such as the Ballas and the Vagos, mainly for control of territory. The group includes memorable characters such as Carl "CJ" Johnson and his brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson. Immersed in communal unrest and land disputes, the families of Grove Street remain defiant, demonstrating their togetherness and resilience. They truly reflect the grim reality of gang culture and offer an intriguing exploration of betrayal, loyalty and survival.


The Grove Street Families, also known as The Families or GSF, are one of the most iconic gangs in Grand Theft Auto, especially in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Around Grove Street, a low-income residential neighborhood in the fictional city of Los Santos, members are known for their green clothing and fierce sense of loyalty to their neighborhood, friends, and collective ethos.
Known as formidable street soldiers, members engage in activities ranging from gang warfare and robberies to drug dealing and graffiti tagging. They are known to drive low-slung vehicles that symbolize their deep love for West Coast culture. Despite their nefarious activities, they display a strong sense of brotherhood, and the storyline shows many examples of how they are willing to sacrifice personal rather than collective well-being. Their main rivals are the Ballas and the Vagos, rival gangs that share territorial boundaries with them. Throughout the story, the families of Grove Street face dangerous missions against them as they try to reclaim their territory and restore power in Los Santos. While the Grove Street Families often paint a bleak picture of gang life, their sense of unity and resilience against existential threats make them a compelling group in the GTA universe.
The two-fold essence of the gangster story is really close to the families of Grove Street. They symbolize the struggle for power and recognition and the tireless bond of brotherhood amidst violence and chaos. Their journey unfolds into a dark story that captures the essence of life on the notorious and ruthless streets of Los Santos.


The Grove Street Families, also known as The Families or GSF, are a faction in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Grove Street Families own the turf in the Grove Street neighborhood of Los Santos, which has a green strip color.
The roots of Grove Street Families go back to the 1970s, when drugs had not yet invaded the streets of Los Santos. Families only existed for neighborhood loyalty and strength through unity. They shared a friendship and were deeply committed to protecting their community. In the 1980s, things began to change dramatically. Drug traffickers infiltrated families and divided them into feuding factions. The split led to internal strife, the growth of the Ballas gang and the weakening of the grip of the Grove Street families. The faction was further weakened when some members fell into the lure of drugs, which further weakened the unit that was the foundation of their strength.
In the 1990s, the Grove Street families lost traction and split into three distinct groups: the Grove Street families, the Seville Boulevard families, and the Temple Drive families. Each set is in a different neighborhood, but all consider themselves "families."
But even in the midst of chaos and division, some members hold fast to the unified and powerful vision of the Family. Leaders like "Sweet" Johnson work tirelessly to pick up shredded kits, reclaim the city's flu, and eradicate drugs from their streets.
Grove Street Families continues to embody the struggle between maintaining the old values ​​of unity and loyalty in an environment constantly threatened by corruption, drugs and rival gangs. The Story of a Faction presents a realistic and compelling portrait of the complexities of gang life in urban America.

Notable Members

Member #
Carl 'CJ' Johnson
Sean 'Sweet' Johnson
Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris
Lance 'Ryder' Wilson
Jeffery 'OG Loc' Cross
Kendl Johnson
Brian Johnson
Beverly Johnson
The Families OGs
Cesar Vialpando


Located in the heart of Los Santos, the Grove Street families rule the Ganton neighborhood. Grove Street itself is an iconic cul-de-sac of six houses, with a bridge at the north end to represent the unity of this faction. West of Grove Street is the busy stretch of East Beach; the sunny sand provides an ironic contrast to the otherwise busy environment. To the south, the gritty, gritty neighborhoods of Playa del Sevilla and eastern Los Santos regularly challenge the turf.
An interesting aspect of Ganton is the large concrete chute that separates the neighborhood, a symbol of metaphorical division and fractured unity within the gang itself. Then there's a panoramic view of the huge crown, adorned with the Vinewood sign, which provides a stark contrast to the gritty streets of Ganton.
Despite the constant war and gang violence that plagues the area, Grove Street exudes charm. The red sunsets that keep the busy days at bay and the inherent camaraderie of Grove Street families create a sense of belonging and home. This defined geography unites the families of Grove Street, creating an unbreakable bond between its members.

Legacy and Impact

The immense influence of the Grove Street families on the GTA universe cannot be overstated. They are living proof of the raw, unfiltered street life that Rockstar Games masterfully captures in their virtual worlds. From intense gang warfare with the Balas to a unique sense of brotherhood, the families ultimately shaped much of San Andreas' history. Players from all over the world are drawn to characters like Carl 'CJ' Johnson and his struggle to navigate the dangerous world of organized crime while trying to keep his family together. This unique street culture embodied by CJ and his crew has since etched itself into the consciousness of fans, leaving a lasting legacy. The influence of families is not limited to history alone. Due to its popularity among gamers, it has also had a significant impact on merchandise, add-ons, and fan-made content. Indeed, the Grove Street families remain one of the most iconic and memorable aspects of the GTA series. Their legacy lives on and remains true to GTA's spirit of realism, imbued with a touch of the extraordinary.